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Chapter I
He Proclaims the Greatness of God, Whom He Desires to Seek and Invoke, Being Awakened by Him.
Chapter II
That the God Whom We Invoke is in Us, and We in Him.
Chapter III
Everywhere God Wholly Filleth All Things, But Neither Heaven nor Earth Containeth Him.
Chapter IV
The Majesty of God is Supreme, and His Virtues Inexplicable
Chapter V
He Seeks Rest in God, and Pardon of His Sins.
Chapter VI
He Describes His Infancy, and Lauds the Protection and Eternal Providence of God.
Chapter VII
He Shows by Example That Even Infancy is Prone to Sin.
Chapter VIII
That When a Boy he Learned to Speak, not by any set Method, but From the Acts and Words of His Parents.
Chapter IX
Concerning the Hatred of Learning, the Love of Play, and the Fear of Being Whipped Noticeable in Boys: and of the Folly of our Elders and Masters.
Chapter X
Through a Love of Ball-Playing and Shows, He Neglects His Studies and the Injunctions of His Parents
Chapter XI
Siezed by Disease, His Mother Being Troubled, He Earnestly Demands Baptism, Which on Recovery is Postponed—His Father not as yet Believing in Christ.
Chapter XII
Being Compelled, He Gave His Attention to Learning; But Fully Acknowledges That This was the Work of God.
Chapter XIII
He Delighted in Latin Studies and the Empty Fables of the Poets, but Hated the Elementss of Literature and the Greek Language.
Chapter XIV
Why he Despised Greek Literature, and Easily Learned Latin.
Chapter XV
He Entreats God, that Whatever Useful Things he Learned as a Boy May be Dedicated to Him.
Chapter XVI
He Disapproves of the Mode of Educating Youth, and he Points out why Wickedness is Attributed to the Gods by the Poets.
Chapter XVII
He Continues on the Unhappy Method of Training Youth in Literary Subjects.
Chapter XVIII
Men Desire to Observe the Rules of Learning, but Neglect the Eternal Rules of Everlasting Safety.

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