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Chapter I
Concerning that Most Unhappy Time in Which He, Being Deceived, Deceived Others; and Concerning the Mockers of His Confession.
Chapter II
He Teaches Rhetoric, the Only Thing He Loved, and Scorns the Soothsayer, who Promised Him Victory.
Chapter III
Not Even the Most Experienced Men Could Persuade Him of the Vanity of Astrology, to Which He was Devoted.
Chapter IV
Sorely Distressed by Weeping at the Death of His Friend, He Provides Consolation for Himself.
Chapter V
Why Weeping is Pleasant to the Wretched.
Chapter VI
His Friend Being Snatched Away by Death, He Imagines that He Remains Only as Half.
Chapter VII
Troubled by Restlessness and Grief, He Leaves His Country a Second Time for Carthage.
Chapter VIII
That His Grief Ceased by Time, and the Consolation of Friends.
Chapter IX
That the Love of a Human Being, However Constant in Loving and Returning Love, Perishes; While He who Loves God Never Loses a Friend
Chapter X
That All Things Exist That They may Perish, and That we are not Safe Unless God Watches Over Us.
Chapter XI
That Portions of the World are not to be Loved; but that God, Their Author, is Immutable, and His Word Eternal.
Chapter XII
Love is not Condemned, but Love in God, in Whom There is Rest Through Jesus Christ, is to be Preferred.
Chapter XIII
Love Originates From Grace, and Beauty Enticing Us.
Chapter XIV
Concerning the Books Which He Wrote "On the Fair and Fit," Dedicated to Hierius.
Chapter XV
While Writing, Being Blinded by Corporeal Images, He Failed to Recognise the spiritual Nature of God.
Chapter XVI
He Very Easily Understood the Liberal Arts and the Categories of Aristotle, but Without True Fruit.

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