The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Historical writings, documents, letters, events, people, places and references through-out the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Village Street, East Dorset, Vermont 05253

In 1846 this lot was vacant. Five years later the Barrows House opened as a hotel. When Bill Wilson was born here in 1895, his Grandmother Wilson owned the hotel, which had been in her family since it was built by her father. When she married Bill's grandfather, the hotel became The Wilson House.

bill's house
* Doctor Bob (Robert Holbrook Smith, 1879-1950) was also a native Vermonter, born in St. Johnsbury. His boyhood home is now a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center.

"Therefore nothing can matter more to the future welfare of AA than the manner in which we use this colossus of communication. Used unselfishly and well, the results can surpass present imagination." -Bill W., AA Grapevine 1960

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The great physician Dr. Silkworth deserves his own section on our website. Read articles like the Doctor's Opinion, letters by Dr. Silkworth, reclamation of the alcoholic, psychological rehabilitation, rx for sobriety and other grapevine articles by Dr. Silkworth.
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