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A.A. Members & Writings of: Clarence S.

Clarence S. -Cleveland, Ohio, his story, "Home Brewmeister" appeared in the 1st three Big Book editions.

Mr. X and Alcoholics Anonymous -by Rev. Dilworth Lupton. This was a sermon preached on November 26, 1939 by Dilworth Lupton at the First Unitarian Church (Universalist - Unitarian), Euclid at East 82nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. X was Clarence S.

My Higher Power The Light Bulb -by Clarence S. 'My Higher Power The Light Bulb' was copied from the old web page of the Recover Or Die group that used to meet in Washingtonville, New York, not far from Cornwall, New York. The Recover Or Die group no longer exists. Never heard of Cornwall, NY? Read on.....

AA Sponsorship Pamphlet -This is the first pamphlet ever written concerning sponsorship. It was written by Clarence S. in early 1944. Its original title was to be "A.A. Sponsorship...Its Obligations and Its Responsibilities." (1944)

THE STEPS OF A.A. - AN INTERPRETATION -"Alcoholics Anonymous is not a "booze cure" or a psychological means of controlling one's excessive or obsessive drinking. A.A. is a program, a life-changing program, and, in a great part, we owe our inception as a fellowship to our origin in the Oxford Group movement during the mid 1930's." -Clarence S.

Correspondence -(pdf, file size-5.69 mb) On June 26th, 1944, Clarence Snyder wrote to The Alcoholic Foundation about the Book Book. This is a copy of the original document sent to Clarence from The Alcoholic Foundation , dated July 7th, 1944, in reply to the letter Clarence sent on June 26th - then a reply from Clarence dated July 21, 1944 (placed here for historical reasons).


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