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A.A. Members & Writings of: Doctor Bob

I Saw Religion Remake A Drunkard -by D.J. Defoe "Through Liquor, this physician had lost his practice, his reputation and his self-respect. Then one night in a gathering in a private home, he found the way of escape." -The Doctor Bob interview with D.J. Defoe which appeared in the September 1939 issue of "Your Faith" Magazine, page 84.

On Cultivating Tolerance -"During nine years in AA, I have observed that those who follow the Alcoholics Anonymous program with the greatest earnestness and zeal not only maintain sobriety but often acquire finer characteristics and attitudes as well." -Dr. Bob (July 1944)

The Fundamentals-In Retrospect -"So with the question of anonymity. If we have a banner, that word, speaking of the surrender of the individual - the ego - is emblazoned on it. Let us dwell thoughtfully on its full meaning and learn thereby to remain humble, modest, and ever conscious that we are eternally under divine direction." -Dr. Bob S. (September 1948)

Dr. Bob's Last Major Talk -"Although a good many of you have heard or have read about the inception of A.A., probably there are some who haven't. From that brief story, there are things to be learned. So, even at the risk of repetition, I would like to relate exactly what did happen in those early days." -Dr. Bob (December 1948)

Dr Bob's farewell talk -From Dr. Bob's brief remarks on Sunday, July 30, 1950, at the First International A.A. Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Bob -His Only Monument Is a Plaque, but the Thousands He Helped Rescue From Alcoholism Will Never Forget Him. (March 1951)

Memorial Service for Dr. Bob -A meeting was held at the 24th Street Club House in memory of Dr. Bob. A recording of Dr. Bob’s last talk was played and a portrait of Dr. Bob was unveiled. Bill W. then addressed the meeting. (November 1952)

Robert H. S., M.D. -A Brief biogrophy, his story, "The Doctor's Nightmare" in 1st edition, retitled in the 2nd edition, "Doctor Bob's Nightmare" is in all four Big Book editions.


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