Lois W.

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A.A. Members & Writings of: Lois W.

Lois W.: Bill W.'s Wife -"I believe that people are good if you give them half a chance and that good is more powerful than evil. The world seems to me excruciatingly, almost painfully beautiful at times, and the goodness and kindness of people often exceed that which even I expect." -Lois W.

Bill's Wife Remembers When He and She and the First A.A.'s Were Very Young -"As the wife of an early A.A., some of our experiences and my reactions to my husband’s changed life may be interesting to other wives." -Lois W., Christmas 1944

...it might have been the time... -"I too needed spiritual development" -by Lois W., February 1950

How One AA Wife Lives the 12 Steps -Lois W., AA’s "first lady" as the non-alcoholic wife of Bill, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, tells the story of her own adventure in growth applying A.A. principles to her own life. -August 1953

In AA's First Five Years -Lois W., wife of AA’s co-founder, Bill W., recalls the time in AA when there were few members and no Big Book. -January 1967


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