Tribute to Frank M.

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Tribute to Frank M.

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Tribute to Frank M.

Former GSO, Archivist

Many knew Frank better than I. First we met at the Seattle Convention in 1990. We corresponded and phoned. Then I asked Frank to speak at a large historical A.A. conference in California called "A Day in Marin." There were some 800 present; and the audience was so enthralled, they asked Frank to speak twice that day. What inspired me most is that before we began the conference itself, Frank suggested and led us in prayer. Then, after the conference, Frank suggested I write a book. And now, fourteen titles later, I am indebted to him.

Frank was always supportive, prayful, informative, and helpful. He let me stay at his apartment for ten days when I was doing research at Stepping Stones, General Services, Peale Center, and a good many other places. He read and made comments on some of my earlier manuscripts. When I needed something at GSO archives, I would write a request, forward it to Frank, and then find it cleared by him through the Trustees Archives Committee. Frank supported historical research in every way he could.

My view of an archivist is that he or she is neither critic, nor censor, nor advocate. Just a servant in the vineyard. Frank saw it that way, I believe, and he furthered the cause of much-needed A.A.research by simply making himself available with a cheery attitude. I shall miss him deeply and spoke to him by phone not long before his death. He was still friendly, cheery, and helpful. AAs owe Frank M. much.


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