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Joe & Charlie (34 MP3 Files)

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study - (Tap To Expand)
# Discussion
1. AA History 19:37
2. AA History 17:52
3. AA History 19:17
4. AA History 14:58
5. Doctor's Opinion 22:19
6. Doctor's Opinion 24:54
7. Doctor's Opinion 9:51
8. Bill's Story 26:14
9. Bill's Story 25:26
10. There is a Solution 23:28
11. Spiritual Experience 17:24
12. There is a Solution 12:59
13. More about Alcoholism 20:53
14. More about Alcoholism 12:42
15. We Agnostics 20:28
16. We Agnostics 17:29
17. How it Works 28:01
18. How it Works 32:16
19. The 3rd Step 7:15
20. The 4th Step 20:15
21. The 4th Step 27:07
22. The 4th Step 15:23
23. Freedom from Bondage 13:37
24. The 4th Step 31:24
25. The 4th Step - list of fears 22:33
26. The 4th Step - sex list 25:57
27. The 4th Step - list of harm 7:28
28. The 5th Step 16:16
29. The 6th and 7th Step 13:46
30. The 8th Step 9:27
31. The 8th and 9th Step 29:45
32. The 10th Step 8:34
33. The 11th Step 17:17
34. The 12th Step 16:33
About Joe & Charlie Audio Tapes
Joe M. & Charlie P. were long time recovering members of Alcoholics Anonymous. These tapes were recorded in 1998 at their workshop in Laughlin, Nevada when they agreed that their work should be made public.

Joe & Charlie Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (151 MB)
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Talks By Father Martin (4 MP3 Files)

Talks by Father Martin - (Tap To Expand)
# Discussion
1. Giving His "Chalk Talk" 82:25
2. Twelve Steps 53:56
3. Feelings 68:53
4. His Story 69:48
About Father Martin Tapes
Joseph C. Martin (October 12, 1924 – March 9, 2009) was a Roman Catholic priest, recovered alcoholic and renowned speaker/educator on the issues of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Father Martin AA Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (112 MB)

Sandy B. - Saturday Morning Live (12 MP3 Files)

Saturday Morning Live 12 Steps - (Tap To Expand)
About Sandy B, Saturday Morning Live Tapes
These tapes were recorded at the Saturday Morning Live group of Alcoholics Anonymous in Washington D.C. in the 1994. Sandy B. was an old timer whose 12 step study are a tribute to our 12 step program.

Saturday Morning Live Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (112 MB)
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Other Talks By Sandy B. (4 MP3 Files)

Other Talks By Sandy B. - (Tap To Expand)
About Sandy B
Richard John 'Sandy' Beach was an icon of Alcoholics Anonymous who spread the message of hope to hundreds of thousands. He passed away on Sept. 28, 2014

Motiion Films (2 Movies)

My Name is Bill W. - The true story of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous
A Garner-Duchow Productions. Starring James Woods as Bill Wilson, James Garner as Dr. Bob Smith and JoBeth Williams as Lois Wilson.

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When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story
A Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie. Starring Winona Ryder as Lois Wilson, Barry Pepper as Bill Wilson, Adam Greydon Reid as Ebby Thatcher.

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The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (14 MP3 Files)

Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous - (Tap To Expand)
About AA Big Book Tapes
The Big Book is a 1939 basic text, describing how to recover from alcoholism, primarily written by one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Bill W.

AA Big Book Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (158 MB)
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Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith (25 MP3 Files)

Talks by Bill W. & Dr. Bob S. - (Tap To Expand)
About Bill W. & Dr. Bob S.
Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob Smith were the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935.

Bill W. AA Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (310 MB)
Dr. Bob S. AA Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (34 MB)

Clarence Snyder Tapes (4 MP3 Files)

Talks by Clarence Snyder - (Tap To Expand)
About Clarence Snyder Tapes
Clarence H. Snyder got sober in February, 1938, with the help of his sponsor, A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob. He was one of the forty Akron Pioneers who established A.A. as a reliable and effective spiritual program for recovery from, and cure of, alcoholism.

Clarence Snyder AA Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (45 MB)

Talks by Father John Doe (5 MP3 Files)

Talks by Father John Doe - (Tap To Expand)
About Father John Doe Tapes
Father Ralph S. Pfau, also known as Father John Doe (10 November 1904 - 19 February 1967) was the author of Sobriety Without End, Sobriety and Beyond and the Golden Book series. He is believed to have been the first Roman Catholic priest to enter Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Father John Doe Download MP3 - All Tracks As A Zip File (8.5 MB)

Other Audio Tapes (5 MP3 Files)

Other Speakers - (Tap To Expand)
About Other Speakers
Sister Ignatia Gavin and A.A.: Sister Ignatia Gavin, a tiny Irish-American nun, helped initiate medical treatment for alcoholics in Akron. It is estimated that during her career, Sister Ignatia helped over 10,000 alcoholics.

Lois Wilson: Lois Wilson, also known as Lois W., was the co-founder of Al-Anon, a support group for the friends and family of alcoholics.