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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 10

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dot.jpg Mount Aeolus
mountain behind East Dorset Vermont, named wind-god Greek mythology (P 18)

dot.jpg M.R.A.
Moral Rearmament (P 138)

dot.jpg Mr & Miss Anonymous
proposed name movie large motion-picture producer wanted to make, portrayed A.A. lopsided, changed name, A.A. thought of suing, didn't (A 126)

dot.jpg Multilith
copy original manuscript Big Book (G 131)

dot.jpg Murderers' Row
neighborhood Bill & Lois lived in, named because so many doctors every block (L 119)

dot.jpg Nameless bunch alcoholics
New Yorkers referred themselves since Oxford Group break (B 285)

dot.jpg National Committee Education Alcoholism
Marty M. connected with (H 100) (P 310)

dot.jpg National Rubber Machinery Company
builder rubber presses & other equipment used tire manufacturing; Bill involved due proxy fight led him Akron; founded 1909 Akron Rubber Mold & Machine Company reorganized 1928 combined 3 other companies (P 134)

dot.jpg National Theta Phi Alpha's St. Catherine Siena Award
awarded Sister Ignatia 1954 (S 185,240)

dot.jpg N.C.E.A.
National Committee Education on Alcoholism founded Marty M. October 2, 1944 became National Council Alcoholism; Grapevine, Dr. Bob, Bill endorsed (G 12) (H 100) (P 320)

dot.jpg N.R.M.
National Rubber Machinery Company (P 158)

dot.jpg National Committee Education Alcoholism
Marty M. founded, later National Council Alcoholism, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot.jpg National Council Alcoholism
from National Committee Education Alcoholism later National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot.jpg National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance
formerly National Council Alcoholism Marty M. founded, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot.jpg New undertaking Nell's
Bill's nickname Nell's A.A. Archives activities (G 16)

dot.jpg New York Times
carried Bill's death front page; gave Big Book good review 1939 (A 173) (B 369) (L 116) (MS 11)

dot.jpg Niacin
vitamin B-3 (G 54)

dot.jpg Noah
nickname Dr. Bob due old Cadillac coupe called Ark (C 118)

dot.jpg Not-God
published 1979 (N ii)

dot.jpg Open Switch
sherry & rubbing alcohol (D 198)

dot.jpg Orthodox Group
Henrietta Seiberling others 1950 against Bill's conference idea (G 51)

dot.jpg Oslo Norway group
founded Norwegian coffee shop owner Greenwich Connecticut; found A.A. himself 1947 (A 27-28) (B 349) (H 123)

dot.jpg Oxford Group
origin A.A. traced Oxford Group; begun First Century Christian Fellowship 1908, popular religious movement U.S., Europe; Frank Buchman Pennsylvanian Lutheran minister, started nondenominational, theologically conservative, evangelical movement streamline modern world 1921 after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; became Oxford Group 1928 from 1st Century Christian Fellowship, reamed Moral Rearmament [M.R.A.] 1938; wanted restore 1st century Christianity, wanted change world changing people; used early Christian methods; 5 procedures (1) surrender God (2) listen Gods guidance (3) check guidance others members (4) make restitution those harmed (5) careful self-examination confess defects others; appeal fellowship, home meetings; encouraged members still attend individual churches; Catholics prohibited engaging groups open confession; among 1st converts Dr. Sam Shoemaker & Sherry Day; responsible Bill's early sobriety; Dr. Bob attended meetings 2 1/2
years; considered drinking moral issue; too authoritarian for alkies (A 58,62,75) (B 233,262) (C 3) (D 56) (G 48,68) (H 196) (L 92) (N 9,48-49) (P 127-128,130)

dot.jpg Oxford Group 4 absolutes
absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness, absolute love (A 74,160) (B 229) (H 196,198,200) (L 92) (N 25,28,44,51) (P 114,127) (S 144)

dot.jpg Oxford Group principles
self-examination, acknowledgement faults, restitution wrongs done, constant work others (A 58,62) (B 228-229) (L 89,92)

dot.jpg Oxford Group split
2 reasons Frank Buchman comments praising Adolf Hitler & visits with Himmler, Catholic Cannon Law forbade Catholics joining other religious groups (W 174)

dot.jpg Oxford Squad
alcoholics meeting separate Oxford Group but joining others in opening, closing Oxford Group meeting; new person asked if they surrendered, if so taken apart by Dr. Bob or couple others in private do so (G 81-82)

dot.jpg Panel 1
delegates elected 2 year term odd years start 1951 (A 215) (H 163) (MS 18)

dot.jpg Panel 2
delegates elected 2 years term even years start 1952 (A 215) (H 163) (MS 18)

dot.jpg Pass it on
Bill's response people thanked him (G 120)

dot.jpg Passing hat
custom started 1940 (G 86)

dot.jpg Pathe Laboratories
developed new photographic process (L 83) (P 91)

dot.jpg Paulson & Weber
company Bill worked for selling wire rope (L 130)

dot.jpg Penick & Ford
corn products company (stock "XYZ") (P 85)

dot.jpg People's Hospital
became Akron General Medical Center, Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot.jpg Philip Wylie Jabs a Little Needle Into Complacency
article Philip Wylie wrote, said he alcoholic quit solo (H 97)

dot.jpg Pictures Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article Bill, Horace C., Helen P., Tom M., Tom B., Ruth Hock, Dick S., Ray W., Lois, Gordon M., Bob F. (P 247)

dot.jpg Pierce Arrow
Dr. Bob's car (D 95)

dot.jpg Pierce Governor Company
Anderson Indiana manufacturer automotive parts, Bill director (P 175)

dot.jpg Pigeon
word probably coined Dr. Bob referring newcomer or prospect (B 293) (D 146) (N 39)

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