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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 11

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dot.jpg Politico
individual who forever trying get people what they want (H 288)

dot.jpg Poverello Medal
honors St. Francis Assisi patron College Steubenville (S 138)

dot.jpg Prince of the 12 Steppers
Dr. Bob (G 78)

dot.jpg Prohibition
began January 17, 1920 ended December 5, 1933 (P 122)

dot.jpg Promises written Bill family Bible
quit drinking; October 20, 1928, January 1929, September 3, 1930 (P 81,86)

dot.jpg Quaw & Foley
company Bill worked for January 1937-end year (L 107)

dot.jpg Queen's Work
Sodality's magazine Catholic publication editor Father Edward Dowling Jesuit priest from St. Louis (A 37) (H 365) (P 242)

dot.jpg Readers Digest
magazine Bill & Hank P. approached publishing A.A. story, didn't (A 157-158) (H 144) (L 112) (MS 10-11) (P 195)

dot.jpg Rescue
Canadian term church practice putting into action faith & power Alcoholics Anonymous use help recovery other alcoholics (E 34)

dot.jpg Road Back
Irish A.A. magazine (E 44)

dot.jpg Roger
Dr. Bob's dog, pit bull (C 23)

dot.jpg Role Psychiatry Field Alcoholism
Dr. Tiebout paper 1951 (A 319)

dot.jpg Romantic Stories
magazine Lois tried sell article, didn't (P 264)

dot.jpg Rule 62
don't take yourself too damned seriously (A 104) (G 117-118) (N 107)

dot.jpg Rum hound from New York
what Bill called himself when called Henrietta Seiberling (P 142)

dot.jpg Sacred Heart medallion
Sister Ignatia gave newly released St. Thomas patients alcoholic ward small religious token, sealed agreement patient agree return before 1st drink (D 195) (S 109,121,239)

dot.jpg Sadoz
Swiss pharmaceutical company, manufactured LSD (P 369)

dot.jpg Sandusky Ohio
home Annabelle's, Wally G's wife early Akron A.A., uncle helped 25 or 30 men (D 119,177)

dot.jpg Saturday Evening Post
magazine published 2 A.A. articles written Jack Alexander March 1, 1941, April 1, 1950; charted A.A. on map; national consciousness America's #1 family magazine; estimated 6,000 A.A.'s owe start sobriety article, retained prominence until 1950's suspended publication during 1960's later revived, never regained former reputation, circulation
(A viii,134,191) (D 348) (E 16-17) (H 1,63,148,181) (L 132) (MS 13) (N 101) (P 244,249,257) (S 140)

dot.jpg Search Ecstasy
article May 1958 Grapevine, Gerald Heard defined A.A. ad hoc church (G 75)

dot.jpg Serenity Prayer
origins obscure, may date Boethius philosopher lived about 500 A.D., Christians martyred before death imprisoned long time, wrote [Consolation Philosophy]; prayer usually credited Reinhold Niebuhr 20th-century theologian credited 18th-century theologian Friedrich Oetinger; Jack C. brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office June 1941; Horace C. suggested printing Serenity Prayer on cards, paid 1st printing (A 196) (P 252,258)

dot.jpg Sermon Mound [Emmet Fox]
required reading (D 151)

dot.jpg Set-up meetings
held Monday's prepare Wednesday meetings T. Henry Williams house (D 137)

dot.jpg Sharing Inc
fall 1936 Bill & Hank formed small company raise money Honor Dealers project (L 101)

dot.jpg Significant investigations Bill's motorcycle tour
Aluminum Company America, American Cyanamid, U.S. Cast Iron Pipe, Southern Power Company, Florida real estate situation (P 74)

dot.jpg Sister Ignatia & Dr. Bob things common
mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes (S 17)

dot.jpg Sister Ignatia's preadmission data
demonstration need for help & drinking long after known they had enough, drinking controlled their lives socially, economically, morally, powerless over alcohol any quantity or circumstances, wanting program (S 89)

dot.jpg Sister Ignatia's treatment model
blend basic science with simple spiritually effect lasting recovery, don't overprofessionalize treatment with psychological method & interpretation or alcoholic be distracted goal sobriety; essential ingredients treatment strategy 1) total abstinence alcohol & other drugs 2) dependence Higher Power 3) commitment Alcoholics Anonymous 4) frequent outreach those still suffering (S 5)

dot.jpg Slacker
1 managed avoid active military service (P 52)

dot.jpg Slogans
First Things First, East Does It, Live Let Live probable use originated Bill brought from Vermont (P 220)

dot.jpg Snifters
men who stood door sniffing men entering see been drinking (D 239)

dot.jpg SPARS
female wing of the Coast Guard that Nell Wing was in (G 6)

dot.jpg Speakeasies
saloons (P 96)

dot.jpg Spence-Chapin child-adoption agency
Bill & Lois tried adopt baby through, Bill's drinking reason turned down (L 35)

dot.jpg Spiritual retreats
patterned after Oxford Group house parties (W 130)

dot.jpg Spiritus
alcohol Latin, same word used highest religious experience, most depraving poison; Dr. Carl Jung wrote this Bill (B 363) (H 281) (P 384)

dot.jpg Sponsor your doctor
1 favorite expressions Dr. John L. Norris (E 67)

dot.jpg Spooning
necking (L 11)

dot.jpg S.S. Powhatan
March 1919 Bill boarded ship Bordeaux brought Bill New York harbor (B 121-122) (L 27)

dot.jpg St. Ignatius
spiritual discipline Jesuit Order (B 308)

dot.jpg St. Francis Prayer
Bill's favorite (P 404)

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