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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 12

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dot.jpg St. Johnsbury scales manufacturing company
Dr. Bob worked young man 1902-1904 (D 24)

dot.jpg St. Thomas Cocktail
mixture alcohol & sedative [paraldehyde] (S 96,104)

dot.jpg St. Thomas Hospital Guild
hosted annual May Ball (D 63)

dot.jpg St. Vincent's Charity Hospital
became home Rosary Hall, took alcoholic patients single rooms, Sister Victorine established ward there (A 8) (G 24) (H 204)

dot.jpg Stan Hywet Hall
Welsh name meaning "Rock found here", name Frank Seiberling's madison (P 138)

dot.jpg Statesman
individual who discriminate when & when not get people what they want, recognizes large majorities can be dead wrong (H 288)

dot.jpg Steam Club
speakeasy (P 96)

dot.jpg Stepping Stones
name Wilson's house New Bedford New York, location Bill's studio; name acquired house Wilson's saw (C 8) (G 11) (P 260)

dot.jpg Suggested Code Traditions A.A. General Headquarters
memo Bill sent Alcoholic Foundation trustees, proposal change makeup General Service Office (P 326)

dot.jpg Surrender Versus Compliance Therapy
Dr. Tiebout paper 1953 (A 319)

dot.jpg Susie
rubber doll Bill had when child, tried to cut head off (L 74)

dot.jpg Taking a tunk
Vermont expression for taking a walk (P 136)

dot.jpg Taylor Bates & Company
Gardner Swentzel firm; husband Lois Wilson's younger sister Kitty (P 90)

dot.jpg Teaneck New Jersey
home Hank & Kathleen P. (P 162)

dot.jpg Term treatment
Sister Ignatia's constant reinforcement alcoholism treated not cured began custom referring hospitalization portion recovery process "treatment", used to dispel myth of cure cause it said treatment (S 91-92)

dot.jpg The Ark
Dr. Bob's car The Pierce Arrow (D 99)

dot.jpg This Believing World
book Bill valued, Lewis Browne (G 22)

dot.jpg Tobey & Kirk
stockbroker firm Bill associated with (P 82)

dot.jpg Towns-Lambert Treatment
belladonna treatment; hourly dosage mixture belladonna, hyoscyamus, xanthoxylum 50 hours, about 3 hours vigorous catharsis C.C. pills & blue mass, end treatment abundant bilious stools castor oil given thoroughly clean intestinal tract (W 164)

dot.jpg Trustees
no body authority, act general service committee, guardians A.A. funds, custodians A.A. Traditions & general policy, mediators, represent collective A.A. conscience (H 388)

dot.jpg Tugboat Annie
movie, Wallace Berry hid bottles booze stocking tops (D 42)

dot.jpg Twelve Suggested Points for A.A. Tradition
Fellowship's accumulated experience, now long form Twelve Traditions (H 2) (N 113)

dot.jpg United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company
Bill worked 1919 (P 64)

dot.jpg Uniquely American Phenomenon
Fortune magazine article published February 1951, helped A.A. grow (H 135)

dot.jpg Upper Room
meditation book (D 151)

dot.jpg Upper Siberia
2nd story room farm house belonging Bob & Bag V. Bog Hollow Monsey New York; so cold called Upper Siberia (A 11) (L 122) (P 218)

dot.jpg Uriah Heep
Bill expression humility, wearing cloak false humility called force feeding humble pie (G 44)

dot.jpg Vagrant types
Charlie Towns believed lack occupation greatest destroyer men, called them vagrant types (W 163)

dot.jpg Varieties Religious Experience
book written William James, published 1902; not popular Akron A.A.'s, Dr.s Bob's favorite (A 64) (D 306) (H 197,279,298) (N 20,23,33-34) (P 124) (W 172)

dot.jpg Vox populi
voice of people (P 321)

dot.jpg Washington Society
started Baltimore, organization flourished 1840's, helped alcoholics, quickly failed due lose singleness purpose (A 124) (L 158) (P 366)

dot.jpg What's on your mind
briefing session given April 1951 delegates (MS 18)

dot.jpg We The People
popular radio program 1939 (P 208)

dot.jpg Welcome Guest
poem written Emily Wilson while pregnant with Bill (P 13)

dot.jpg West Hill group
Oxford Group, Dr. Bob & Anne regular attenders, Thursday nights (D 56)

dot.jpg Westchester Country Airport White Plains New York
Bill departed to Miami January 24, 1971 (G 2)

dot.jpg Westchester hospital
Bill was before going Miami Heart Clinic January 24 1971 (G 2)

dot.jpg When pupil ready teacher appears
saying Bill latched on to after leaving Towns Hospital last time (B 226)

dot.jpg William James & Alcoholics Anonymous
Robert J. Roth wrote based discussions & sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

dot.jpg Wit's End
small cement-block studio near Stepping Stones, Bill spent lot time writing (P 304)

dot.jpg Works Publishing Inc
A.A.'s 1st publishing company; Bill & Hank P. formed early 1939 publish Big Book, incorporated June 30 1940; dispute naming, some say for Akronites' favorite quotation James [Faith without works dead], others say favorite slogan fellowship [It works!]; 600 shares, par value $25, 49 subscribers, 1/3 Bill, 1/3 Hank P.; major condition turning interest Alcoholic Foundation 1940 Dr. Bob & wife receive royalties Big Book life retroactive 1940;, became A.A. Publishing, Inc 1953 (A 157) (E 18) (G 70-71,79) (H 144) (L 129,198) (MS 10) (N 68) (P 194-195) (W 160)

dot.jpg Yale School Alcohol Studies
Dr. Haggard & Dr. Jellinek organized 1943 (H 188)

dot.jpg Ye Old Illegal Bar
speakeasy (P 96)

dot.jpg X factor
what Dr. Foster Kennedy referred to what is inside alcoholics that make them quit drinking, what we call God (A 45)

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