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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 2

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dot.jpg 1st annual Poverello Medal
awarded A.A. 1949, Founders Associates College Steubenville Ohio (S 138)

dot.jpg 1st apartment Bill & Lois
33 7th Avenue New Bedford (B 111)

dot.jpg 1st archives workshop International Convention
45th International Convention New Orleans 1980 (G 109)

dot.jpg 1st big-name breaking anonymity
Rollie H. nationally famous ballplayer, sobered up Cleveland group (B 299-300) (N 85,95)

dot.jpg 1st black A.A. Little Rock Arkansas
Joe McQ. 1962; participated Charlie P. Big Book seminars (G 112)

dot.jpg 1st black group
centered around Cleveland women, St. Louis January 24, 1945 (D 247) (N 361)

dot.jpg 1st break Oxford Group
Cleveland (D 161)

dot.jpg 1st Catholic clergyman recognize resemblance spiritual exercises
Sister Ignatius, Father Ed Dowling (H 365)

dot.jpg 1st Catholic recommendation A.A.
written 1940 Father Ed Dowling (A 253) (H 365)

dot.jpg 1st central committee
October 1939 Cleveland, 7 men, 5 women (D 202)

dot.jpg 1st Century Christian Fellowship
name Oxford Group early days until 1928 (P 130) (W 120)

dot.jpg 1st clergyman recognize A.A.
Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick (A 183) (H 177)

dot.jpg 1st company Bill investigated motorcycle trip 1925
General Electric Schenectady New York (B 149)

dot.jpg 1st Conference held
1951 (MS 9)

dot.jpg 1st draft 3rd Legacy Manual
1951 (MS 7)

dot.jpg 1st drink Bill took
party Grinnels New Bedford (W 145)

dot.jpg 1st drink brandy Bill took
July 20 1918 board ship Lancashire (B 115)

dot.jpg 1st editor Grapevine
Tom Y. (G 88)

dot.jpg 1st exposure Bill Wall Street
investigative work United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company 1921 (B 136)

dot.jpg 1st female alcoholic stay Bill's house
Florence R. (B 264)

dot.jpg 1st friend psychiatric profession
Dr. Harry Tiebout (MS 15)

dot.jpg 1st General Service Conference
April 1951, consisted 37 delegates (A ix,217,226) (G 88) (H 129,164,306,325)

dot.jpg 1st group read Chapter 5 Big Book
Cecil group Los Angeles around March 1940 (A 93) (H 113)

dot.jpg 1st group use A.A. initials
Cleveland group, Clarence S. started May 1939 (G 103)

dot.jpg 1st groups Florida west coast
Roy Y. started (D 259)

dot.jpg 1st house Bill & Lois
Stepping Stones Bedford Hills New York, after 23 years marriage (B 317) (L 118,133)

dot.jpg 1st house party
Summer 1918: Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman saw 1 Kuling China, became Oxford Group technique (W 117)

dot.jpg 1st house party Bill attended
December 1935, Richmond Virginia (L 103)

dot.jpg 1st Icelandic A.A. group meeting
April 15, 1954 (E 49)

dot.jpg 1st international A.A. Grapevine published
October 1958 (H 395)

dot.jpg 1st International Convention
15 anniversary 1950 Cleveland, 12 Traditions accepted, Dr. Bob's last talk; termed international cause Canadian members present (A viii,43,212) (C 7) (E 17,20,71) (G 13,83,88) (H 113,125) (L 155) (MS 15)

dot.jpg 1st Internationalist
Captain Jack (E 32)

dot.jpg 1st Internationalist Conference
Akron 1983, Captain Jack attended (E 32)

dot.jpg 1st issue A.A. Grapevine
June 1944 (A viii) (L 144)

dot.jpg 1st known A.A. prison meeting
1942 San Quentin Prison (A viii,89) (E 62)

dot.jpg 1st lady seek A.A. help
Lil, involved 13th step Victor (D 97)

dot.jpg 1st Legacy
recovery; embodied Big Book, Steps, person-to-person 12 Step work (L 147) (P 347)

dot.jpg 1st mail order group
Little Rock Arkansas, sprung up no personal contact (A 26) (B 295) (H 63) (N 102)

dot.jpg 1st major award cited A.A.
Lasker Award 1951 (A ix,4,88,207,301) (H 136,157) (N 112) (S 137-138)

dot.jpg 1st man killed on 12 Step call
upstate New York, called on women, husband work, husband shot with shotgun (D 246)

dot.jpg 1st marathon meetings
1980 International Convention New Orleans, Thursday midnight-Sunday morning (G 110)

dot.jpg 1st members 1st Board
May 1938, Dick Richardson, Frank Amos, Dr. Strong, Dr. Bob, New York A.A. who got drunk (A 152)

dot.jpg 1st mental hospital group
Rockland State Hospital, Dr. Russell E. Blaisdell in charge (A 12)

dot.jpg 1st military assignment Bill
Fort Rodman Massachusetts (W 145)

dot.jpg 1st movie portray middle-class alcoholic
movie Lost Weekend, based novel Charles Jackson middle 1940s, portrayed alcoholic 1st time not Bowery bum but successful middle-class businessperson reduced Bowery bum, helped educate public accurate picture alcoholic (G 8) (L 144) (N 120)

dot.jpg 1st National Clergy Conference Alcoholism N.C.C.A.
1949 (S 197)

dot.jpg 1st New York hospital set aside alcoholic ward
Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward just alcoholics, under A.A. sponsorship (G 87)

dot.jpg 1st non-American branch A.A.
formed Sydney Australia October 1944 (N 346)

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