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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 3

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dot.jpg 1st nonalcoholic members Alcoholic Foundation
Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood (E 18)

dot.jpg 1st official A.A. reception
probably given by Major Houde Montreal (A 85)

dot.jpg 1st overnight A.A. Smiths guest
Bill W., June 1935 (S 114)

dot.jpg 1st paid job subscription department Grapevine
Bill's half-sister Helen (L 139)

dot.jpg 1st permanent haven treatment
St. Thomas Hospital April 19, 1944 (A 7,9) (S 102)

dot.jpg 1st person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help
Eddie R., failed underlying mental illness (C 5)

dot.jpg 1st person split Akron meeting
Clarence S. (G 103)

dot.jpg 1st person tell Bill alcoholism illness
Dr. Silkworth (C 4) (L 85)

dot.jpg 1st professional intervention
1941 Charity Hospital, Dr. Harry Nash complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate (S 163)

dot.jpg 1st recognize program gays
1980 International Convention New Orleans (G 110)

dot.jpg 1st regional Trustees elected General Service Board
replaced Area Trustee 1963 (A x)

dot.jpg 1st rehabilitation home for alcoholics
Joy Farm April 21, 1940 (L 122,198)

dot.jpg 1st religious institution officially adopt permanent policy recognized rights alcoholics receive hospital treatment
St. Thomas Hospital (A 7,9) (B 346) (H 203,360,376) (S 87,110)

dot.jpg 1st religious leaders endorse A.A.
Father Edward Dowling S.J. & Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick 1940 (G 86)

dot.jpg 1st rotation duties
October 1939 Cleveland, central committee (D 202) (N 88)

dot.jpg 1st Scotland alcoholic find sobriety through A.A.
Glasgow 1946 (E 51)

dot.jpg 1st Scotland alcoholic achieve sobriety
1947 (E 51)

dot.jpg 1st secretary Bill
Ruth Hock 1936 (G 111)

dot.jpg 1st slipper
Ernie G. A.A. #4, 1st young person (D 96)

dot.jpg 1st Spanish-speaking A.A.
Dick P. Cleveland (D 249)

dot.jpg 1st Texan get & stay sober
Roy Y. (D 259)

dot.jpg 1st time Bill drinking escape & block mind remembering
middle May 1932 (B 184)

dot.jpg 1st time film Bill's Own Story shown
30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada 1965 (G 104)

dot.jpg 1st time Sister Ignatia Dr. Bob met
1928 (S 9)

dot.jpg 1st time world knew full identity co-founder A.A.
January 26 1971, New York Times front-page picture, obituary Bill, hundreds newspapers around world followed suit (G 3)

dot.jpg 1st time 12 Traditions put on paper
1946 (A 96,203,210) (H 154) (N 113,346)

dot.jpg 1st Toledo A.A. hospitalization
Mr. B obstetric ward Women's & Children's Hospital, only place take him (D 257)

dot.jpg 1st Toledo A.A. meeting
September 1, 1940 (D 255)

dot.jpg 1st Toledo group treasurer
Katie P. (D 256)

dot.jpg 1st triannual A.A. membership survey
1960's (G 90)

dot.jpg 1st true marathon meeting
45 anniversary 1980 New Orleans (E 76)

dot.jpg 1st Trustee's Archives Committee
October 24 1973; members George G. chairman professor communications Hofstra University, Reverend Lee Belford, Dr. Milton Maxwell nonalcoholic trustee, later chairman board (G 127)

dot.jpg 1st use retreat houses
Sister Ignatia used fortify spiritual recovery (S 225)

dot.jpg 1st visit abroad Wilson's
1950 (G 13)

dot.jpg 1st woman A.A. Los Angeles
Sybil C. (G 112)

dot.jpg 1st women alcoholics
didn't fare well fellowship, felt alienated & rejected, men didn't support, wives harshly judged; many didn't make it, those did through application A.A. principle not fellowship; double standards men & women (S 123-124)

dot.jpg 1st women respond Plain Dealer articles
Warren C., thrown out A.A. by wives (D 241)

dot.jpg 1st World Service Meeting
1967 brainchild Bill, held every 2 years start October 9-11 1969, 14 countries (A xi) (E 40) (H 341)

dot.jpg 1st World Service Office
Vesey Street New York February 1940 (A viii)

dot.jpg 1st written experience A.A.
Big Book (H 20)

dot.jpg 1st young person A.A.
Ernie G. A.A. #4, 1st slipper (D 96)

dot.jpg 2 nights Bill didn't come home when married
locked up Manhattan West Side jail drunkenness, stayed Naomi Hotel Harlem early 30's (L 75)

dot.jpg 2nd A.A. group
New York fall 1935 (A 10)

dot.jpg 2nd A.A. International Convention
20th anniversary St. Louis 1955; Hank G. structured & programmed; Bill turns A.A. to members, Dennis Manders prophesied Bill's final stepping down leadership take few years; Dr. Bob's daughter, husband A.A. #4 there; some speakers Father Edward Dowling S.J., Reverend Samuel Shoemaker, Dr. W.W. Bauer, Bernard Smith, Dr. Harry Tiebout; A.A. groups confirmed permanent charter General Service Conference; 5,000 attended; President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent telegram; 2nd edition Big Book
introduced; 5,000 attended (A 235) (C 7,12) (E 71-72) (G 9,76,97) (TC 1)

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