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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 4

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dot.jpg 2nd company Bill investigated motorcycle trip 1925
Giant Portland Cement Egypt Pennsylvania (B 152) (L 45,63)

dot.jpg 2nd largest A.A. selling book
12 & 12, editor Tom P. (G 14,16) (L 156)

dot.jpg 2nd Legacy
unity; insure unity Bill wrote 12 Traditions (A 213) (L 147,155) (P 347)

dot.jpg 2nd man recover Towns Hospital
Fitz M. (A 162)

dot.jpg 2nd Ocean Roundup [Cruise Without Booze]
Miami Bahamas back 1977, Al S. planned, executed (G 137)

dot.jpg 2nd person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help
Bill D., succeeded, met June 28, 1935 (C 5) (L 97) (N 37)

dot.jpg 3 Talks Medical Societies Bill W.
pamphlet printed talk Bill gave 1944 Medical Society New York 1944 annual meeting/1949 American Psychiatric Association annual meeting Montreal (A 204-205) (MS 15-16)

dot.jpg 3rd Legacy
service; anything whatever helps us reach fellow suffer (A 140) (H 137) (L 155) (P 347)

dot.jpg 3rd Legacy Manual World Service
explains A.A. structure, became A.A. Service Manual (G 26) (MS 35)

dot.jpg 3rd Legacy plan
Conference plan originally set up 1950 Bill & Dr. Bob, confirmed 1955 St. Louis 2nd International Convention (H 113) (MS 23)

dot.jpg 3rd Legacy procedure
special type electoral procedure election delegates (MS 41)

dot.jpg 5 C's
confidence, confession, conviction, conversion, continuance (N 48) (S 116)

dot.jpg 5 day hospital stay
day 1) reception, day 2) realization, day 3) moral inventory, day 4) resolution, day 5) plan future (S 106-108)

dot.jpg 5 Procedures Oxford Group
(1) surrender God (2) listen Gods guidance (3) check guidance others members (4) make restitution those harmed (5) careful self-examination, confess defects others (A 58,62) (C 3) (L 92) (N 49)

dot.jpg 6 Tenets
rumored basis 12 Steps came from Oxford Group, no evidence (P 197,206)

dot.jpg 12 Concepts World Service
represents best Bill's thoughts, written 1962, comprehensive description A.A. authority, responsibility, leadership interrelationship groups, trustees, conference, General Service Office, A.A. Grapevine Inc; adopted 12 Annual General Service Conference Alcoholics Anonymous April 26 1962, published 1962; short form prepared General Service Board 1974 (A x) (G 26-27) (L 158) (N 304) (TC i-ii)

dot.jpg 12 Lectures on Alcoholics Anonymous
pioneer A.A. conceived idea starting group by radio, came up with 12 Lectures on Alcoholics Anonymous to do it, modest results (A 130)

dot.jpg 12 Points Assure Our Future
A.A. experience codified, prior name 12 Traditions, 1st published April 1946 Grapevine (A 96,203,210) (G 20) (H 21,68,154) (L 147) (MS 15) (P 306,324) (TC iii)

dot.jpg 12 Steps
foundation stone of fellowship (B 284)

dot.jpg 12 Traditions
1st put on paper 1946, published Grapevine May 1946; 1st presented Fellowship in Grapevine, approved July 1950 A.A.'s 1st International Convention Cleveland; called 12 Points Tradition, 12 Suggested Points Assure Our Future, Suggested Code Traditions A.A. General Headquarters (A viii,43,96,203,210) (E 17,30,71) (H 68,113,125,154) (MS 15) (N 113,346) (S 141)

dot.jpg 12 & 12
written 1951-1952 during Bill's depression, Bill decided combine 12 Traditions written Grapevine essays hard-cover & new series Step essays applied living sober 1952, published January 1953, 25,000 October shipped, A.A.'s 2nd largest selling book, editor Tom P. (A ix,219) (E 26,30) (G 14,16,42) (L 156) (P 295,352,354)

dot.jpg 17 William Street Newark
Hank P.'s office 1936 (A 159) (G 82)

dot.jpg 24 Hours-a-Day book
Richmond Walker wrote, used God Calling outline, offered book Bill & A.A. 1950, General Service Conference refused, Pat Butler Hazelden Foundation Center City Minnesota acquired rights publish (W 177-178)

dot.jpg 30th Anniversary Convention
1965 Toronto Canada, 1st held outside U.S.; film Bill's Own Story shown 1st time (G 103-104)

dot.jpg 66th C.A.C.
Bill's army unit (B 112-113)

dot.jpg A.A.
largest user hotel rooms any world organization (G 95)

dot.jpg A.A. Everywhere-Anywhere
published 1995 (E 4)

dot.jpg A.A. God philosophy
God as you understand Him (S 110)

dot.jpg A.A. Grapevine
A.A. monthly magazine, meeting in print, mirror A.A. thought action, collective voice A.A., A.A.'s magic carpet; published June 1944, not 1st A.A. bulletin or magazine but caught on nationally; cost $.15, featured article nonalcoholic research team Dr. Howard Haggard & Dr. E.M. Jellinek, editorial Bill; 6 volunteers, 8 page bulletin, get A.A. news armed forces members; groups voted 1945 national A.A. magazine, 1st international issue December 1945; original group publishing Grapevine Marty, Priscilla, Lois K., Abbot, Maeve, Kay, helped by Grace O. & husband (A 201-202,324) (E 28) (H xiii,xv,387,395) (L 144) (MS 134) (P 304)

dot.jpg A.A. Preamble
based forward 1st edition Big Book, written 1st Grapevine editor 1946, originally appeared June 1947 (E 30) (MS 134) (N 254)

dot.jpg A.A. Publishing Inc
earlier name A.A. World Services Inc (G 88)

dot.jpg A.A. Service Manual
explained A.A. structure before 3rd Legacy Manual (G 26)

dot.jpg A.A. Way Life
abridged letters Bill wrote, published 1967 (B 356)

dot.jpg A.A. way living
term Canada church practice putting into action faith & power Alcoholics Anonymous help recovery other alcoholics (E 34)

dot.jpg A.A. World Services Inc
earlier A.A. Publishing Inc (G 89)

dot.jpg A.A.'s 3 Legacies
1st recovery, 2nd unity, 3rd service (A xiii,49,139,226) (B 348,352) (G 26) (H 304) (MS 30,35) (S 147)

dot.jpg Adirondack Light & Power steam plant
on Mohawk River, G.E. experimental station, Bill visited 1925 motorcycle trip (L 43)

dot.jpg Advisory committee
created same time Alcoholic Foundation August 11 1938, 8 members majority alcoholics, Bill on (P 188)

dot.jpg Akron Rubber Mold & Machine Company
founded 1909, reorganized 1928 National Rubber Machinery Company (P 134)

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