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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 5

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dot.jpg Alcoholic Foundation
set up trust A.A. board directors August 11 1938 New York; 5 members, 3 nonalcoholics Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood; membership increased 7 January 1939, nonalcoholics still majority; became General Service Board 1st session
(A vii,ix,151,218) (E 18,20) (G 51) (H 126,143,168) (MS 106) (N 67) (P 188)

dot.jpg Alcoholic Squadron
Oxford Group meetings held Wednesday night T.Henry Williams house, Catholic's not permitted by priest (G 31) (N 55)

dot.jpg Alcoholics & God
article Liberty magazine Morris Markey September 1939 (A 17,177-178) (G 5) (H 62,145,180) (MS 11) (N 90)

dot.jpg Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age
Bill wrote, Tom P. editor, panorama everything happened A.A. from birth-St. Louis 1955 International Convention (G 27)

dot.jpg Alcoholism Manifestation Allergy
Dr. Silkworth's article 1937 Medical Record (P 102,407)

dot.jpg Alger books
children books (P 29)

dot.jpg Allergy theory
Dr. Silkworth's believe, alcoholism obsession mind coupled increasing physical sensitivity (W 156)

dot.jpg Alpha alcoholic
alcoholic from 1st drink (S 246)

dot.jpg Alumni Magazine
Dartmouth College magazine (D 22)

dot.jpg A.M.A.
American Medical Association (A 70) (B 240) (N 32)

dot.jpg Aeolians
band Bill played fiddle high school dances, special events (B 90)

dot.jpg Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age
published 1957 (A iv)

dot.jpg America
July 1965 magazine Robert J. Roth's article William James & Alcoholics Anonymous based discussions, sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

dot.jpg American Journal Psychiatry
printed paper Bill read annual meeting Montreal (MS 16)

dot.jpg American Medical Association Convention
convention Atlantic City, Dr. Bob attended event 20 years, began 1st week June, attended last 1 June 1935, got drunk (A 70) (B 240) (D 72) (N 32) (P 147)

dot.jpg American Public Health Association
presented A.A. Lasker Award (A ix,4,88,207,301) (B 350) (H 136,157) (N 112)

dot.jpg American Psychiatric Association
recognizes A.A. 1949 (A viii)

dot.jpg American Writing Paper Company
Frank Shaw interested, Bill investigated during motorcycle trip, pleased
with report put Bill on payroll (L 63,65)

dot.jpg Annual Bill's Birthday Dinners
New York, 1960's (G 20) (L 142)

dot.jpg Arlington High School
Bill went school year 1913-1914 Arlington Massachusetts prepare examinations Massachusetts Institute Technology (P 40)

dot.jpg As Bill Sees It
Bill wrote, Nell Wing Ed B., Janet G. assisted, collection quotations, excerpts Big Book, 12 & 12, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age, 12 Concerts World Service, Grapevine articles, letters (G 27)

dot.jpg Atlantic City
site 1934 American Medical Association Convention (A 70) (D 77) (N 32)

dot.jpg Aunt Jenny
radio soap opera involving alcoholic family member middle 1940's (G 8)

dot.jpg Awards Bill turned down
Poderello Award Steubenvile College given A.A. 1949, listing Who's Who 1951, Lasker Award 1951, Doctorate Laws Yale University 1954, cover story Time Magazine, state Vermont 1960, posthumously Doctorate Humanities Norwich University (H 205) (L 157,162) (S 138)

dot.jpg Basis 12 Steps
Oxford Group's self-surrender, conversion, honesty, restoration, witnessing, sharing, daily practice, essential principle A.A., fellowship meetings share common experience positive change directly Oxford Group; William James & Dr. Silkworth
(A 39,58,62,160) (G 20-21) (L 89,92)

dot.jpg Baylis & Company
stockbroker firm Bill associated with (P 82)

dot.jpg Bedford name
coincidences; Bill stationed New Bedford, bought house Bedford Hills, stayed Bedford Hotel, friends named Bedford
(P 324)

dot.jpg Bedtime story
name Bill's story of how A.A. began (G 17) (P 8,270,348)

dot.jpg Belladonna treatment
Towns-Lambert Treatment; hourly dosage mixture belladonna, hyoscyamus, xanthoxylum 50 hours, about 3 hours vigorous catharsis
C.C. pills & blue mass, end treatment abundant bilious stools castor oil given thoroughly clean intestinal tract (W 164)

dot.jpg Big Book
1st written record A.A. experience; fall 1937 Dr. Bob & Bill thought of book, started March or April 1938, Bill dictated Hank P.'s secretary, as chapters completed copied passed along for comments; September 1938 Frank Amos suggested show friend Gene Exman editor religious book Harper & Brothers; Bill & Hank P. edited stories New York members nickname book Alcoholics Anonymous; priced $3.50 1939 compensate price printed thick paper convince purchaser getting money's worth, bulky thus nickname; Ruth Hock thought easier person with shakes read no fine printing, pages; 1st edition 1st printing, cover red cloth, dust cover red & yellow called circus dust cover; final chapter 1st edition, 1st printing Lone Endeavor; 1st edition contained 400 pages, Tom Uzzel edited down from 800 pages; A.A.'s text book; published April 1939; available 30 languages, Braille, video American Sign Language; 2nd edition published 1955, 3rd edition published 1976 (A 144,153,159,170) (B 277-279,285) (E 16,26) (H 20) (L 104) (MS 11) (P 205-206) (N 76) (W 179,181)

dot.jpg Big Book proposed titles
100 Men, Empty Glass, Haven, Comes Dawn, Dry Life, Dry Frontiers, Dry Way, Way Out, B.W. Movement, William Wilson Movement, Alcoholics Anonymous proposed former New Yorker Magazine writer; Akron favored Alcoholics Anonymous, New York favored Way Out; more 100 titles considered (A 165-166) (B 285) (D 151) (E 25) (H 13,107) (L 114) (N 74,333) (P 202) (W 160,180)

dot.jpg Big Book stories 1st edition
16 Akron A.A.'s, 12 New York A.A.'s (P 200)

dot.jpg Bil-Lo's Break
working title Wilson's new house New Bedford New York (L 134) (P 264)

dot.jpg Bill & Lois Home Improvement Fund
fund help Wilson's, voted Hank's & Kathleen house, gave Wilson's additional $20 monthly (A 173) (L 125) (P 217)

dot.jpg Bill W. [book]
by Robert Thomsen 1975 (B iv)

dot.jpg Bill's burial
May 8 1971 small group family friends, East Dorset Vermont (G 3)

dot.jpg Bill's early remedy doctoring drunks
sauerkraut, stewed tomatoes, supportive conversation (S 20)

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