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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 6

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dot.jpg Bill's head stone markings
William G. Wilson, 1895-1971: Vermont, 2D LT BRY C66 ARTY CAC, WORLD WAR I. Nov. 26, 1895-Jan. 24, 1971; no mention A.A.
(P 406)

dot.jpg Bill's Own Story
film shown 1st time 30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada 1965 (G 104)

dot.jpg Bill's paternal grandfather
had serious drinking problem until found religion (P 15)

dot.jpg Birds Feather
airline pilots nickname (G 93)

dot.jpg Black coffee & fruit juices laced vitamin B-enriched (S 11)

dot.jpg Bleeding deacon
remains convinced group cannot get along without him, constantly connives for re-election to office, continues consumed with self-pity (A 122)

dot.jpg Book Avec Les Alcooliques
Joseph Kessel stimulated A.A. growth France & Germany (A ix)

dot.jpg Book of James
favorite Bill,Dr. Bob, Anne (H 356)

dot.jpg Book Sister Ignatia
written Mary C. Darrah, 1992 (S iv)

dot.jpg Borton Group
1st all A.A. group formed Cleveland November 1939, named after T.E. Borton, wealthy Cleveland Heights nonalcoholic (A 21) (D 169,209)

dot.jpg Brave New World
Aldous Huxley book (G 75)

dot.jpg Breeze Spirit
book describes Bill & beginnings A.A., Irving Harris (G 70)

dot.jpg Bronx cocktail
usually concocted gin dry, sweet vermouth & orange juice, Bill's 1st drink age 22 (B 106) (N 13) (P 56) (W 146)

dot.jpg Brotherhood
term homeless men housed Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York; Dr. Sam Shoemaker Calvary Church operated; between 1926-1936 more 200,000 men visited (P 116-117)

dot.jpg Buick Roadmaster convertible
Dr. Bob's dream car (C 147)

dot.jpg Busto's
speakeasy (P 96)

dot.jpg Calvary Episcopal Church
headquarters Oxford Group, 4th Avenue renamed Park Avenue South, Bill, Lois, Shep Cornell, Ebby went Oxford Group meetings, ran mission 23rd Street (B 214) (L 91) (N 18)

dot.jpg Cantilever bridge
type bridge Bill identified when young (L 19) (P 19)

dot.jpg Care Alcoholics - St.Thomas Hospital & A.A. Started Movement Which Swept Country article October 1951 in Hospital Progress journal Catholic Hospital Association Sister Ignatia wrote (S 145)

dot.jpg Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese
reviewed advance copy Big Book, approved, asked word [heaven] changed Utopia (A 168-169) (B 286) (N 75) (P 210)

dot.jpg Catholic Cannon Law
forbade Catholics joining other religious law, part reason A.A.'s broke Oxford Group (W 174)

dot.jpg Cavalcade America
DuPont program created lot interest A.A., Al S. involved (G 89)

dot.jpg Cedar Avenue
1st black group Cleveland (D 247)

dot.jpg Cecil Hotel
where Mort J. hired meeting place Los Angeles (A 93)

dot.jpg Chapter 5 Big Book grudge list
variation game truth taught members Oxford Group (W 181)

dot.jpg Chapter 10 Big Book
believed Hank P. wrote it (P 200)

dot.jpg Chicago group founder
Earl T. (G 20)

dot.jpg Chinese job
position director fund-raising American Bureau Medical Aid China Bill applied for, didn't get (P 259,274)

dot.jpg Christian Science Founder
Mary Baker Eddy (G 25)

dot.jpg Church Street School
school Bill attended as child (P 20)

dot.jpg Circus dust cover
cover 1st edition, 1st printing Big Book, red & yellow (W 179)

dot.jpg Class A member
nonalcoholics on advisory committee (G 51)

dot.jpg Class B member
alcoholics on advisory committee (G 51)

dot.jpg Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland paper did A.A. series (A 134,178) (H 62,180,373) (N 83) (P 224)

dot.jpg Closed meetings
started 1st A.A. clubhouse 334 1/2 West 24th Street, originally aimed instruction newcomers which attended only admitted alcoholics (B 305)

dot.jpg Coast Artillery
branch Army Bill served WWI (P 54)

dot.jpg Code traditions
early idea Bill had statement principles (B 324)

dot.jpg Come Back Little Sheba
A.A. played major part making film (P 343)

dot.jpg Common denominators religious or conversions experiences
described William James calamity, admission defeat, appeal Higher Power (P 124)

dot.jpg Common items co-founders
tall Vermonters, political conservatives, drawn spiritism, extrasensory phenomena, interested medical matters, difficulty completing formal education, devised nicknames others, disliked pretense & phoniness, intelligent (P 156)

dot.jpg Conference Charter
substance informal agreement which made between A.A. groups Trustees
1955 (TC 61)

dot.jpg Conference plan
3rd Legacy plan originally set up 1950 Bill & Dr. Bob, confirmed 1955 St. Louis 2nd International Convention (H 113) (MS 23)

dot.jpg Cookie
word used Dr. Bob referring patient (D 146)

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