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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 7

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dot.jpg Cooking up soggy
Bill's slang not feeling good (G 120) (P 156)

dot.jpg Cornwall Press
printed 1st edition 1st printing Big Book, firm Cornwall New York (A 156) (B 286-287) (H 145) (L 115) (P 194)

dot.jpg Custom introducing self first name, last initial
Bill probably picked custom Oxford Group meetings, Frank Buchman referred self Frank B. (L 92) (P 219)

dot.jpg Dark Kayo Syrup
what Sister Ignatia nursed alcoholic patents, thought quiet nerves (S 11,274)

dot.jpg Days Wine & Roses
full-length TV production 1958, film 1963, A.A. played major part making (A ix) (P 343)

dot.jpg Deaconess Hospital Cleveland
took alcoholic single rooms 1940 (D 202) (G 24)

dot.jpg Deep Freeze Talk
Al S. introduced Bill, 1960 International Convention Long Beach California, Bill's longest talk, record cold, those on stage could not hear talk public address system bad (G 89,102)

dot.jpg Democracy America
Bill developed ideas structure A.A., written de Tocqueville (G 21)

dot.jpg Derail
antifreeze strained through rye bread (D 198)

dot.jpg Directory Mayflower Hotel lobby
listed Akron's Ohio major churches & their ministers (H 355) (N 26-27) (P 136)

dot.jpg Double winners
A.A.'s who join Al-Anon (L 192)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers
1st printing 1980 (A xi) (D 4)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob's favorite books
Varieties Religious Experiences [William James], Tertium Organum, Confessions St. Augustine, The Robe [Lloyd C. Douglas, Akron minister 1930's], For Sinners Only [Oxford Group], Basic Teachings Confucius, Teach Us to Pray [Charles & Cora Fillmore], Prayer Can Change Your Life, The Art Selfishness [David Seabury], Greatest Thing in World [Drummond] (D 310)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob's last appearance
1st International Convention Cleveland 1950 (C 7) (E 71)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob's memorial Grapevine issue
January 1951 (G 88)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob's tattoos
a big compass along with a dragon on his arm (C 21)

dot.jpg Dr. Nash Formula
early gave alcoholics castor oil & egg soup (S 164)

dot.jpg D.T.'s
delirium tremens (S 33)

dot.jpg Duchess
Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192)

dot.jpg Dutch
Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192)

dot.jpg Early A.A.'s
predominantly white middle-class males (D 239)

dot.jpg Early women who joined Akron group
had impressive social credentials (D 241) (P 192)

dot.jpg East Orange New Jersey
location Thomas Edison's laboratories (P 65)

dot.jpg Eberlin's
gentlemen's bar (P 94)

dot.jpg Ectopic pregnancy
egg develops outside uterus; happened Lois 3 times (L 34) (P 67)

dot.jpg Edison's test
contained 286 or 300 questions (B 136) (P 65)

dot.jpg Ego Factors Surrender Alcoholism
Dr. Tiebout paper 1954 (A 319)

dot.jpg Elder statesmen
sees wisdom group's decision, holds no resentment over reduced status, of sound judgment fortified by considerable experience, willing sit quietly on side lines awaiting developments (A 122)

dot.jpg Energy Conversion Laboratories
formed Stan Ovshinsky, market idea converting heat directly electricity, speculative company; 1977 Wall Street Journal article on it, existed 1984, Standard Oil Ohio invested heavily (P 381)

dot.jpg Exercises St. Ignatius
spiritual discipline Father Edward Dowling's Jesuit order (N 98) (P 242)

dot.jpg Fair Oaks Villa
hospital or sanitarium Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot.jpg Fairbanks Morse
Dr. Bob worked young man 1902-1904 (D 24)

dot.jpg Faith magazine
Dr. Bob wrote article August 1939 (D 175)

dot.jpg Fan Williamson
Chris' mother took Lois cruise April 20 1941, sister Moore of Moore-McCormack Steamship Line, Bill called her Ironsides
(L 134)

dot.jpg Fin
5 dollar bill (D 297)

dot.jpg Fierce Error
name Dr. Bob's car, 2nd hand Pierce Arrow (C 118)

dot.jpg Financial Chronicle
only Britain paper 1937 publish A.A. advertisement, others thought it fraud (A 83)

dot.jpg Fisk Tire Company
Boston company Bill almost got board position (L 107) (P 175)

dot.jpg Fortune magazine
February 1951 published article Uniquely American Phenomenon, helped A.A. grow (H 135)

dot.jpg Fylers Incorporated
barnstormer flyers, Albany New York airport (P 83)

dot.jpg Founders' Day
celebration Akron marking A.A.'s birthday (G 83)

dot.jpg Founders Day
2 week gathering Minnesota 1943-1947, attendance invitation only, usually those considered founders Midwest groups (D 299)

dot.jpg Frail
Dr. Bob's slang for wife (D 111)

dot.jpg Frogskin
dollar bill (D 255)

dot.jpg From Outside Looking In
Grapevine article Jessica Bove wrote, nonalcoholic secretary New York A.A. (G 41)

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