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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 8

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dot.jpg Fundamental plank A.A. program
power greater then self (S 24)

dot.jpg General Service Board (Committee)
A.A.'s board trustees established 1938, Alcoholic Foundation, permanent successor to founders, custodians national A.A. funds
(A 151,218) (B 353) (D 126) (H 143,168) (E 20) (N 67)

dot.jpg General Service Conference
created 1951 Dr. Bob & Bill, permanent successor founders A.A., guardian A.A.'s Traditions, perpetuators world services A.A., voice group conscience entire Fellowship, consisted 37 delegates (A 217,226) (G 90) (H 31,113,129,306,325) (MS 30,35)

dot.jpg General Service Charter
adopted 1955 body principles, relationships through which A.A. functions (MS 25) (TC 1)

dot.jpg General Service offices
44th Street, 305 East 45 Street, 468 Park Avenue South, 475 Riverside Drive (MS 16)

dot.jpg Giant Portland Cement
Frank Shaw's firm bought shares based Bill's reports & made money, impressed with Bill (L 46) (P 74)

dot.jpg Gifford Lecture series
William James's developed detailed analysis wide number religious or conversion experiences 1901-1902 event Edinburgh (P 124)

dot.jpg Goof Balls
slang term sedatives (P 150)

dot.jpg Grateful To Have Been There
1st printing 1992 (G ii)

dot.jpg Great Neck estate
Joe Hirshhorn's home (P 95)

dot.jpg Greatest Thing in World [by Henry Drummond]
popular book 1930's (D 151)

dot.jpg Green Cross
hospital or sanitarium Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot.jpg Greenshields & Co.
brokerage firm Montreal (P 86)

dot.jpg Greybeards
nickname oldtimers (H 203)

dot.jpg Grogshop
place buy booze (P 92)

dot.jpg Group conscience
reference Bill working Charlie Towns, no (A 100-101,115) (B 260) (L 107,197) (N 63-64)

dot.jpg Guggenheim Foundation
Bill tried get grant Dr. Bob fall 1939; organization supporting arts, granted money original research creative works arts
(D 172,174) (G 80) (P 221-222)

dot.jpg Guidance
Oxford Group term, God's direction 1's life (N 28)

dot.jpg Harper & Brothers
publishing company, Eugene Exman religious editor, offered publish Big Book before finished (B 279) (E 23) (H 143) (L 111) (N 68) (P 193)

dot.jpg Hazing incident
Norwich University February 1916, Bill onlooker, Bill & sophomore class suspended (B 96) (L 18)

dot.jpg Heading border
Bill teased Nell Wing going Texas (G 14)

dot.jpg Heidi books
children books (P 29)

dot.jpg High Watch Farm
owned, operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut Sister Francis, early New York, Connecticut A.A.'s took over, drying-out place 1940's, renamed High Watch Farm near Kent Connecticut (A 181) (G 23) (L 122,199)

dot.jpg High & low bottoms
meaning originally denote times alcoholic drank excess, person drank feeling emotionally low "low bottom" drunk, when high "high bottom" drunk; meaning now associate consequences of drinking (B 293) (S 33)

dot.jpg High Points
incomplete tape, manuscript, outline Bill made wanting set record straight A.A. history (B 356,362)

dot.jpg Hold fast
1 Bill's favorite expressions, stay with it, hang in there (G 1,120)

dot.jpg Home group
group members accept responsibilities & try sustain friendships, strongest hold A.A. member & Fellowship (MS 49)

dot.jpg Homers
homebound folks (E 33)

dot.jpg Honor Dealers
organization Hank P. tried put together, cooperative buying organization gasoline dealers (L 101) (P 191)

dot.jpg Hot Flash
what Bill W. called his spiritual experience at Towns Hospital 2nd or 3rd night in hospital (W 153,169)

dot.jpg House & Garden
magazine Lois sold article about veneers (P 264)

dot.jpg House parties
Oxford Group activities attended cross between convention, retreat, people came far & near be with 1 another, worship, meditate, ask God's guidance, gain strength doing together, usually 2 or 3 well-known persons lead meetings inspiring rest
(L 103) (P 169)

dot.jpg Houston Press
published 6 A.A. articles; Larry J. from Cleveland help start Texas A.A. (D 259)

dot.jpg I am responsible pledge
Al S. composed 30th Anniversary Conventions Toronto Convention 1965 (G 89,104)

dot.jpg I Stand By the Door
book written by Helen Shoemaker, Sam Shoemakers wife (H 380)
I.L.Y. I.L.Y.-Billy

dot.jpg Bill's signature letters Lois, early romance (B 89)
Ignatia Hospital

dot.jpg due Sister Ignatia's reputation, A.A.'s New York office received inquiries addressed Ignatia Hospital (S 136)

dot.jpg Illustrators Club
became 1st A.A. club house 334 1/2 West 23rd Street 1940 (A 12) (B 304) (L 122,172)

dot.jpg Imitation of Christ
Sister Ignatia gave patients upon release hospital personalized copy [by Thomas A Kempis] (S 109)

dot.jpg In All Our Affairs
book Bill wanted write summarizing experience, didn't, health (G 28)

dot.jpg Individual sponsorship
developed Cleveland (B 321) (H 204) (N 89)

dot.jpg International Convention
held every 5 years over 4 day July 4th weekend (G 95)

dot.jpg International journal Alcoholics Anonymous
AA Grapevine (H xiii)

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