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  Places and Things in AA History

Page 9

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dot.jpg Internationalists Seamen Group
A.A.'s on high seas correspond each other through designated staff member New York office, Captain Jack S. organized 1949, has special bulletin (G 10,11)

dot.jpg Ironsides
nickname Bill gave Chris' mother (L 134)

dot.jpg J.K.Rice Jr. & Company
Frank Shaw's stockbroker firm specializing speculative situations (P 74,77)

dot.jpg James Club
name suggested for A.A., taken from the Book of James in the Bible (P 147)

dot.jpg Jersey lighting
New Jersey apple jack (A 56) (P 91)

dot.jpg Jobs Bill after discharge Army
clerk insurance department New York Central Railroad working brother-in-law Cy Jones, driving spikes in planks after carpenters sawed off & laid down, decoded cablegrams concern 42nd Street, investigator Wall Street firms (A 54) (B 127,132,136) (L 27) (P 63-64)

dot.jpg John D Rockefeller Jr. A.A. dinner
February 8 1940, Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick spoke for religion, Dr. Foster Kennedy spoke for medicine, Dr. Bob & Bill spoke for A.A.; Mr. Rockefeller sick son Nelson chaired, menu squab on toast; press not allowed (A viii,87,182,183-184) (B 295) (E 15) (G 86) (H 62,145) (L 128,198) (MS 11) (N 93) (P 233)

dot.jpg Journal American Medical Association
October 14 1939 published unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)

dot.jpg Journal Nervous & Mental Diseases
September 1940 published most unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)

dot.jpg Joy Farm
owned, operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut Sister Francis early New York, Connecticut A.A.'S took over, drying-out place 1940's, renamed High Watch Farm (A 181) (G 23) (L 122,198-199)

dot.jpg Knickerbocker plan
what Grapevine called procedures used Knickerbocker Hospital treating alcoholics (S 148)

dot.jpg Lake Shore Group
wouldn't let black women come back (D 247)

dot.jpg Lancashire
ship Bill from Boston overseas England July 1918, 1st drink brandy on board, last night between midnight 4am Bill on watch, loud noise, Bill stops panicked soldiers going top side (B 115-116)

dot.jpg Lasker Award
1st major award cited A.A. 1951; established 1946 Albert & Mary Lasker Foundation, administered American Public Health Association honored exceptional achievement field medical research, public heath administration; bronze Winged Victory, presented A.A. recommendation 12,000 physicians American Public Health Association (A ix,4,88,207,301) (B 350) (H 136,157) (N 112) (P 350) (S 137-138)

dot.jpg Lear jet
transported Bill January 24 1971 Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic, on board wife, Ed B. doctor, Lois, Neil Wing executive secretary, assistant (G 1)

dot.jpg Liberty Magazine
published A.A. article September 30 1939 Alcoholics & God brought 800 pieces mail (A 17,87,177-178) (B 291) (D 175) (H 62,145,373) (MS 11) (N 90,102)

dot.jpg Living Sober booklet
published 1975, 2nd book since Bill's death, author Barry L. (A xi) (N 352)

dot.jpg Lone Endeavor
final story 1st printing, 1st edition Big Book, dealt alcoholic out west sobering up after reading pre-publication multilith, no one else around, deleted 2nd printing lost contact with young man, Ruth Hock wrote chapter (W 181)

dot.jpg Lone wolves
prospects that traveling salesmen sent see (D 258)

dot.jpg Loners-Internationalists meetings (E 31)

dot.jpg Lois Remembers
Lois's autobiography (G 37)

dot.jpg LSD
synthetic chemical lysergic acid diethylamide (G 54) (P 369)

dot.jpg Macy's Department Store
Bill's wife worked 1930's (P 90)

dot.jpg Main Events
incomplete tape, manuscript, outline Bill made wanting set record straight A.A. history (B 356,362)

dot.jpg Man & Reality
article Aldous Huxley souvenir book A.A. 1960 International Convention Long Beach (G 75)

dot.jpg Man on the bed Bill D. A.A. #3
(E 64) (H 358,361) (L 97)

dot.jpg Manchester Journal Manchester Vermont
mentioned Bill few times articles concerning school activities (P 34)

dot.jpg Manhattan Group
roots Wilson's house 1935, Al S. help re-form (G 87)

dot.jpg Markings on Journey
prepared initiative Mike R. chairman Trustees' Archives Committee 1979, unveiled 45th International Convention New Orleans 1980; tells story 1st 15 years A.A. history & highlight later (G 131) (N 296)

dot.jpg Mater
what Dr. Bob called his mother (D 318)

dot.jpg May Ball
annual event given St. Thomas Hospital Guild (D 63)

dot.jpg Maximum
Oxford Group term define expected degree group commitment objectives (P 174)

dot.jpg Middle Way
early Greek philosophy similar Bill's view humility (G 44)

dot.jpg Ministry High Watch
Sister Francis name High Watch Farm, A.A. drying out place 1940 (G 23)

dot.jpg Modern Man Search Soul
book written Dr. Carl Jung (B 364)

dot.jpg Moody's Manuals
financial reference books (P 69)

dot.jpg Moral psychology
Dr. Silkworth's term characterize fellowship work (P 201)

dot.jpg Moral Rearmament
Oxford Group named 1938 (L 92) (N 48) (P 130)

dot.jpg Mortgage moratorium
declared 1933 President Roosevelt, allowed people stay houses even couldn't make payments (C 114)

dot.jpg Mother A.A.
Bill called Dr. Bob's wife (C 29,132)

dot.jpg Motorcycle trip
started April 1925, Bill drunk 3 or 4 times (B 148) (L 37,61)

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