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A Narrative Timeline Of AA History

Public Version vApril 04'

1975 to 1978

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003


Apr 21-26, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: Unity: Through Love and Service. The 25th GSC recommended that:

  • GSO discontinue distribution of the Bill W book (the biography published by Harper and Row). (Fl Act)

  • The film Bill’s Own Story may be shown at AA orientation sessions in rehabilitation facilities provided it is under the control of an AA member. (CPC)

  • A feasibility study regarding a paperback Ed. of the Big Book & alternatives be made and reported at the 1976 GSC. (Fl Act)

Jul, AA’s 40th anniversary and 6th Int’l Convention held at Denver, CO. Est. attendance 19,300. Keynote Let it Begin With Me. The first flag ceremony was held at this convention. (AACOA xi)

Living Sober was published. (AACOA xi) It was written by member Barry L (www) Note: the book today is the second highest selling publication in AA.

Sep 19 (?), Jack Alexander died.

Nov 3, AA Archives formally opened in NYC. (NG 294, GTBT 140) (SM S73 says 1973)


Apr 19-24, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: Sponsorship - Our Privilege and Responsibility. The 26th GSC recommended that:

  • It is resolved by the 1976 General Service Conference that those instruments requiring consent of three-quarters of the responding groups for change or amendment would include the Twelve Steps of AA should any such change or amendment ever be proposed. (Rept/Ch)

  • In case a change is needed in the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Steps, or the Six Warranties of Article 12, wherever the words “registered AA groups of the world”, “registered groups” or “directory-listed groups” appear in the AA Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service, a bracketed sentence be inserted to state, “This would include all AA groups known to the GSOs around the world.” (Rept/Ch)

  • The trustees’ and GSC Institutions Committees be divided into two subcommittees each: (a) Correctional Institutions, (b) Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers. (Institutions)

  • We go forward with mini-conferences and provide them as often as possible, and that these be held at the request of the region. The sense of the meeting was for the time being the regional meetings be known as AA Regional Forums. (Fl Act)

  • We keep the Big Book as it is at this time and not publish a paperback edition. (Fl Act)

  • A study be made of publishing a limited edition of the 1st Ed. Big Book and report back at next year’s GSC. (Fl Act)

Apr, Michael Alexander joined the GSB as a Trustee. (GSO)

Publication of the third Ed. of Alcoholics Anonymous. (AACOA xi)


Apr 18-23, Statler Hilton Hotel in NYC. Theme: The AA Group - Where It Begins. The 27th GSC recommended that:

  • The Institutions Committee be dissolved and two new committees - one dealing with Correctional Facilities and one with Treatment Facilities - be formed. (Institutions)

  • AAWS proceed with the project of a joint biography of Dr Bob and Bill. (Lit.) (DBGO 5)

  • The publication of a facsimile of the first Ed. Big Book should not be undertaken as it would destroy the sentimental value of the actual first Ed. (Fl Act)

  • It was suggested that AA groups be discouraged from selling literature not distributed by the GSO & the Grapevine. (Fl Act)


Apr 16-22, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: The Member and the Group - Recovery Through Service. The 28th GSC recommended that:

  • The next printing of Alcoholics Anonymous the foreword to the second Ed. be included as originally published in the second Ed. (Lit.)

  • Delegates should be made aware of any changes under consideration in the Big Book prior to publication. (Lit.)

  • AA members be encouraged to invite their doctors, lawyers, etc. to their group anniversary meetings. (PI)

Distribution of the Big Book passed the 2 million mark. (AACOA xi, NG 267)

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003

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