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A Narrative Timeline Of AA History

Public Version vApril 04'

1979 to 1984

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003


Apr 22-28, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: The Legacies: Our Heritage and My Responsibility. The 29th GSC recommended that:

  • The biographies of Dr Bob and Bill W be published as separate books rather than a joint biography. (Lit.)

Summer, Not-God, A History of Alcoholics Anonymous by Ernest Kurtz was published. The book was Kurtz’s doctoral dissertation. He was given unprecedented cooperation by, and access to, AA Archives for research. (NG)

Dec 5, Henrietta Sieberling died in NYC. She was buried in Lawrenceburg, KY. An inscription on her tombstone reads, “Let go and let God.” (AGAA 85)


Apr 20-26, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: Participation: The Key to Recovery. The 30th GSC recommended that:

  • That the Archives film Strip Markings on the Journey be GSC-approved. (Fl Act)

  • The unedited manuscript of Dr Bob and the Good Old-timers be accepted. (Lit.)

Jul, AA’s 45th Anniversary and 7th Int’l Convention at New Orleans, LA. Est. attendance 22,500. Keynote The Joy of Living. (AACOA xi) First showing of the film Markings on the Journey (NG 290) First Archives Workshop. (GTBT 141)

Jul 22, Marty M died at St Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT. (SD 187, MMM 318)


Feb (?), the first issue of Markings, the AA Archives newsletter was published.

Apr 26 - May 2, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: AA Takes Its Inventory. The 31st GSC recommended that:

  • The AA Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service be combined into one volume. (Rept/Ch)

  • The filmstrip Markings on the Journey be shown within the Fellowship only. (Fl Act)

  • Clubs not receive the literature discount available to AA groups. (Fl Act)

Aug, distribution of the Big Book passed the 3 million mark. (AACOA xi, NG 267)


Apr 18-24, Hotel Roosevelt. Theme: The Traditions - Our Way of Unity. The 32nd GSC recommended that:

  • The word “suggested” in the title of the Twelve Steps not be reinstated. (Lit.)

Dec, Nell Wing retired as AA Archivist and was replaced by Frank M. (GTBT 141)


The copyright to the new material in the second Ed. of the Big Book expired without being renewed. AAWS did not discover the oversight until 1985. (NG 299)

Apr 17-23, Hotel Roosevelt. Theme: Anonymity - Our Spiritual Foundation. The 33rd GSC recommended that:

  • Membership surveys be continued on a random basis.

  • It is not appropriate for AAWS, Inc. or the AA Grapevine, Inc. to produce or license the production of sobriety chips/medallions. (Fl Act)

Distribution of the Big Book reached the 4 million mark. (NG 268)


Apr 15-21, Hotel Roosevelt in NYC. Theme: Gratitude - The Language of the Heart. The 34th GSC recommended that:

  • The Bill Wilson biography be approved with the title Pass It On. (Lit.)

  • The CF Workbook, which has now been prepared, be approved for production and distribution. (CF)

Anne B (age 84) co-founder of Al-Anon Family Groups, died in CA. (CB 142, WPR 70)

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003

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