The following was sent to me via email about the 400 multilith copies of the Big Book that was distributed for evaluation in January of 1939. Each copy was alledgedly stamped, "Loan Copy" to protect the coming copyright. If any proof surfaces that states otherwise, I would be most grateful to recieve that information by sending an email: CONTACT

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>>Jan, 400 multilith copies of the book were distributed for evaluation. Each copy was stamped ?Loan Copy? to protect the coming copyright.<<

There was no 'loan Copy' stamp. Members with original copies have no such stamp. Instead there was this:

The Big Book was published and sold for $3.50 in January 1939 and later without any copyright notice and without copyright registration. It was mandatory to have such notice on each and every copy of the book. Even a stamp "loan copy" could not legally replace the requested copyright notice. GSO archives NYC sell photocopies of this pre-publication for $12 since 1978. None of them has a copyright notice on it.


Just thought you may be interested.

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