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A Narrative Timeline Of AA History

Public Version vApril 04'

Source References
[Note: Print this page to use as a reference before proceeding]

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003


12&12 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, AAWS
AABB Alcoholics Anonymous, the Big Book, AAWS
AACOA AA Comes of Age, AAWS
ABSI As Bill Sees It, AAWS
AGAA The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Dick B (soft cover)
BW-RT Bill W, by Robert Thompson (soft cover)
BW-FH Bill W, by Francis Hartigan (hard cover)
BW-40 Bill W My First 40 Years, autobiography (hard cover)
CH Children of the Healer, Bob Smith and Sue Smith Windows by Christine Brewer (soft cover)
DBGO Dr Bob and the Good Old-timers, AAWS
EBBY Ebby the Man Who Sponsored Bill W, by Mel B (soft cover)
GB Getting Better Inside Alcoholics Anonymous, by Nan Robertson (soft cover)
GTBT Grateful to Have Been There, by Nell Wing (soft cover)
GSC-FR General Service Conference - Final Report (identified by year), AAWS
GSO General Service Office - Presentations and Literature, service pieces, AAWS/GSO US/Canada
GV Grapevine - identified by month and year
HT Harry Tiebout - the Collected Writings, Hazelden Pittman Press (soft cover)
LOH The Language of the Heart, AA Grapevine Inc
LR Lois Remembers, by Lois Wilson
MMM Mrs Marty Mann, by Sally and David R Brown (hard cover)
MSBW My Search for Bill W, by Mel B. (soft cover)
NG Not God, by Ernest Kurtz (expanded edition, soft cover)
NW New Wine, by Mel B (soft cover)
PIO Pass It On, AAWS
RAA The Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Bill Pittman, nee AA the Way It Began (soft cover)
SI Sister Ignatia, by Mary C Darrah (soft cover)
SD Slaying the Dragon, by William L White (soft cover)
SM AA Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service, AAWS
SW Silkworth - the Little Doctor Who Loved Drunks, by Dale Mitchell (hard cover)
WPR Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery, by Charlotte Hunter, Billye Jones and Joan Ziegler (soft cover)
www Internet Sources (e.g. Google, Microsoft Encarta, US National Archives & Records Administration NARA)

Page numbers follow the source reference: e.g.:   PIO 111, 113 = Pass It On pages 111 and 113
  PIO 170-175 = Pass It On pages 170 thru 175

Note: Consumer Price Index (CPI) conversion factors are used to convert dollar amounts to 2003 dollar values. The values (shown as "$nnn today") are the approximate dollars needed today to equal the purchasing power of the value converted. The CPI conversion data are from Robert C Sahr, Political Science Dept, Oregon State U, Corvalis (

AA             Alcoholics Anonymous GSC        General Service Conference
AAWS        AA World Services Inc. OG           Oxford Group
AFG           Al-Anon Family Groups MRA        Moral Re-Armament
GSB           General Service Board Ad Hoc Committee Chips/Medallions, Archives, Trustees, Agenda, Institutions

General Service Conference standing committees abbreviations:
PI Public Information
Rept/Ch Reports and Charter
Lit Literature
Fin Finance
Pol/Adm Policy and Admissions
TF Treatment Facilities
Fl Act Floor Action (i.e. the motion was submitted from the Conference floor rather than originating from one of the standing committees)

Appendix 1: Authors of Big Book Stories
Appendix 2: Estimated Counts of Groups and Members
Appendix 3: Royalties On Literature Sales

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History – 1774 to 2003

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