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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg A. LeRoy Chipman -nickname Chip, John D. Rockefeller associate, looked after Rockefeller's family's vast real estate empire & some personal affairs; became sold on A.A. offered services; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; persuaded John D. Rockefeller loan A.A. $8,000; trustee & treasurer board Alcoholic Foundation April 1938; (A 15, 148, 151, 180, 189) (B 274, 277) (H 59, 148, 194) (SM 13) (P 184)

dot.jpg A.A.'s & friends at Rockefeller's A.A. dinner -Bill, Dr. Bob, Paul S., Clarence S., Morgan R., Dr. Russell Blaisdell [Rockland State Hospital], Dr. Silkworth, Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick [religion], Dr. Foster Kennedy [medical profession], Nelson Rockefeller son chaired father sick (A 182-183) (H 62, 146) (SM 11) (P 233)

dot.jpg Ab A. -wealthy Oklahoman offered Bill $60,000 pay debts (P 351)

dot.jpg Abbot -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

dot.jpg Abby G. -wife Grace; early Cleveland A.A. lawyer, sometimes known as Al G., entered hospital April 17 1939; 1st A.A. group Cleveland his home May 18 1939 16 members; 1st chairman central committee Cleveland October 1939, set principle A.A. rotation (A 21) (D 164-165, 202) (G 24) (N 78, 88) (S 32)

dot.jpg Abercrombie -nickname J.D.H. given by Dr. Bob (D 46, 111)

dot.jpg Agnes M. -Fitz M.'s sister, administrator Corcoran Art School Washington D.C., lent Works Publishing Company $1,000 help pay printer publish Big Book (A 18) (L 101-102)

dot.jpg Agnes S. -Los Angeles A.A., husband Bill S. (P 288)

dot.jpg Al G. -sometimes known Abby G. (D 164) (G 24)

dot.jpg Al M. -joined A.A. Los Angeles around 1941, on 12 Step call 2 weeks sober (P 250)

dot.jpg Al S. -New York A.A., joined March 1944; member early General Service Office; 1st meeting 24th Street Clubhouse; helped re-form Manhattan Group roots Wilson's house late 1935; help organize A.A. club 41st Street; help structure New York Intergroup, served secretary & director; George B. & he instrumental persuading Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward for just alcoholics under A.A. sponsorship 1st New York hospital do so; editor Grapevine late 1948, shifted editorial emphasis away drunk stories to you're not drinking now what, much do memorial issue Dr. Bob January 1951; served director A.A. Publishing Inc earlier name A.A. World Services Inc; helped public affairs projects DuPont Cavalcade America A.A. program created lot interest; 1958-1961 director A.A. Grapevine Inc & trustee General Service Board; composed I Am Responsible pledge 30th Anniversary Convention 1965 Toronto Canada, planned & produced documentary film convention A.A. Archives; friend Bill's; Bill sought advice all books; chaired dinner 1948 [maybe Bill's anniversary celebration] Dr. Bob & wife, Bill & wife there, so excited couldn't remember Dr. Bob's name; drove Dr. Bob 1950 1st International Convention Cleveland & back Akron; led spiritual meeting 1975 International Convention Denver; planned executed 2nd Ocean Roundup [Cruise Without Booze] Miami Bahamas back 1977; advertising & film person (D 322, 337, 339) (G 87-89, 104, 107, 137) (H 391, 394) (P 339, 342)

dot.jpg Albert Scott -chairman board trustees Riverside Church; associate & advisor John D. Rockefeller Jr, chaired meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; family owned newspaper Cambridge Ohio (A 14, 148) (B 274) (D 134) (H 59-60) (L 109) (N 65-66) (P 184-185)

dot.jpg Aldous Huxley -author Brave New World & Doors Perception, teacher, philosopher, pioneer New Age; correspondened Bill nearly 2 decades; introduced Bill through mutual friend Gerald Heard, called Bill greatest social architect this century; wrote Grapevine articles; wrote Man & Reality appeared souvenir book A.A. Today distributed 1960 International Convention Long beach; interested mysticism, psychic phenomena; close David & Lucille Kahn; died 1963 (B 365) (G 75) (P 368)

dot.jpg Alec -nickname Buckets, young Finnish man Bill met December 1934 way investigate Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York operated by Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church, went with Bill to mission, took up residence their; Bill & Lois godparents when baptized (A 59) (B 214) (L 88, 91) (N 18) (P 116)

dot.jpg Alex M. -joined A.A. 1939 (D 146)

dot.jpg Alfred Adler -Freud's colleague, Bill's mother studied under (P 290)

dot.jpg Alice T. -wife Warren T., early San Francisco A.A., worked with husband persuade top management 1 America's leading railroads help alcoholic employees (A 90)

dot.jpg Allen B. -trustee, chaired 1960 International Convention Long Beach California (G 101)

dot.jpg Amanda Northrup -Dr. Bob's older foster sister, history professor Hunter College New York City (D 12-13)

dot.jpg Amy C. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

dot.jpg Angel Alcoholics Anonymous -Sister Ignatia's nickname (S iii-ix, 4, 34-35, 139)

dot.jpg Annabelle G. -wife Wally G. early Akron A.A. (D 119)

dot.jpg Anne B. -wife Devoe B.; friend Lois; meditation group met her house Chappaqua; Friday meeting once help Bill cope A.A. isolation, there Bill, Lois Nell Wing, Devoe B., Gerald Heard, Aldous Huxley, Dave D. David & Lucille Kahn, Edgar Cayce (G 13, 75-76)

dot.jpg Anne C. -A.A., knew Dr. Bob before took 1st drink (D 34)

dot.jpg Annie B. -wife Ed. B., early A.A. (D 274)

dot.jpg Anne K. -early Detroit A.A., with Archie T. helped & assisted A.A. growth Detroit (A 24)

dot.jpg Anne Ripley Smith -Dr. Bob's wife, married 1915; maiden name Anne Robinson Ripley from Oak Park Illinois, attended Wellesley, teacher; stated attending Oxford Group meetings 1932 with friend Henrietta Seiberling; convinced Dr. Bob go Oxford Group, regularly attended Wednesday night Oxford Group; Bill asked her write family (To Wives) chapter Big Book she said no; didn't attend daughter's wedding, suggested kneeling when giving self God; early 1936 organized wives group, Bill called her Mother A.A.; silent partner founding & developing A.A.; she & Henrietta Seiberling taught Bill & Dr. Bob start day quiet time, prayer & reflection; talked Sister Ignatia just about daily; with Sister Ignatia helped Akron's 1st alcoholic women; qualities love, courage, loyalty, humor, patience, thoughtfulness, humility, unselfishness, understanding, spirituality; mother 1st group Akron; died June 1 1949 age 68 heart attack (A 6, 67) (B 237) (C 2-3, 6-7, 12,28-29, 42-43, 60, 83, 105, 132) (D 10, 16) (E 14) (G 71, 88) (H 353) (N 40) (P 140, 334) (S 114, 117, 121-122, 128, 130-131) (W 180)

dot.jpg Arba J. Irvin -Dr. Bob's Dartmouth classmate (D 24)

dot.jpg Arch McKinnon -aided Dr. S.L. Minogue & Father Dunlea Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney (A 86)

dot.jpg Archibald Roosevelt -former Trustee (A 208)

dot.jpg Archie Roosevelt -trustee, thought Bill should not accept Doctorate Laws Yale University, other trustee's thought should, Bill didn't (A 32) (L 157)

dot.jpg Archie T. -early Akron A.A., stayed with Smiths 10 months, started Detroit A.A. (A 24) (D 115)

dot.jpg Arthur S. -stated A.A. Johannesburg South Africa 1946 (E 46)

dot.jpg Arthur Wheeler -nickname Artie, son president American Can Company, hard drinker, introduced Bill Frank Winans Chicago banker, 3 formed April 8 1932 long-term speculative syndicate based on Bill not taking even 1 drink, Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack middle May 1932 (A 56) (B 180-181) (L 83) (P 90-91)

dot.jpg Artie -nickname Author Wheeler (B 180)

dot.jpg Autsin MacCormick -Commissioner Correction New York, Professor Criminology University California, penologist; served 2 terms trustee; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 6) (L 57) (P 358)

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