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 Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:

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dot.jpg Captain Jack S. -native Maine, captain oil taker; discovered A.A. 1947; organized Internationalist's Seamen Group 1949 (A 82) (E 32) (G 10) (L 141)

dot.jpg Carlin sisters -rented top floor 1933-1935 Wilson's house 182 Clinton Street (L 105)

dot.jpg Carlo I. -member Italian parliament, 12 stepped Roberto C., both spearheaded effort publish Italian Big Book (E 51-52)

dot.jpg Carlton Sherwood -friend Dick Richardson, successful money charity raiser, tried raise money A.A. failed; assisted in Rockefeller February 8 1940 dinner (A 152, 182)

dot.jpg Caroline -nurse, sister Dorothy S.M., wife Clarence S., been married Hank P. New York A.A.; took Multilith Big Book Chicago doctor (D 115, 180)

dot.jpg Carry -houseworker Stepping Stones, niece Harriet often helped (L 157)

dot.jpg Caryl Chessman -convicted murder, 12 years death row, wrote autobiography Cell 2455 Death Row; Jack Alexander suggested write Bill due believe close resemblance between criminal psychopath alcoholic both unconsciously destroy themselves, Bill wrote back; executed May 2 1960 (P 364, 366)

dot.jpg Catherine (Katy) Grinnell -member rich family New Bedford Massachusetts, lost husband WWI, entertained soldiers (P 55)

dot.jpg Cebra G. -Manchester judge's son, man done considerable drinking with Ebby, been contact Oxford group, he & Roland tried help Ebby, kept Ebby out jail August 1934 (L 93) (N 9) (P 113)

dot.jpg Chan F. -Chicago A.A. carried message with Bill Y. to Pat C. Minneapolis 1940 (A 95)

dot.jpg Charles B. Towns [Colonel] -owner & founder Towns Hospital New York City with Dr. Lambert, took management hospital father; asked Bill work his hospital December 1936; loaned $2,500 help Big Book get published; believed lack occupation greatest destroyer men, called them vagrant types, admit no 1 Towns hospital unless paid advance & backer; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California (A 13, 100-101, 115, 159) (B 257-258) (E 72) (G 72) (H 144, 176) (L 107) (N 63-64) (P 101) (W 160, 163)

dot.jpg Charles ("C. J.") K. -12 stepped Duke P. Toledo with Eddie B. both he & Eddie state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments summer 1939, read manuscript Big Book, got out (D 253)

dot.jpg Charlie B. -alcoholic paired with nonalcoholic candy manufacture Vancouver British Columbia start AA groups there (A 84)

dot.jpg Charlie J. -early Cleveland A.A. (D 167)

dot.jpg Charlie P. -participated Big Book seminars Joe McQ. (G 112)

dot.jpg Charlie Ritchie -had influence Bill's boyhood (B 42)

dot.jpg Charley Richie -helped Bill's grandfather work farm (L 32-33)

dot.jpg Charlotte L. -office worker March 1947 Alcoholic Foundation (G 5)

dot.jpg Chet M. -former patient state insane asylum Toledo, signed out patients take Toledo meetings (D 256)

dot.jpg Chip -nickname A. LeRoy Chipman (H 59)

dot.jpg Chris -Dr. Silkworth sent to see Bill, rugged wire-rope salesman Paulson & Weber, got Bill job selling wire rope, came A.A. sobered up, slipped never came back (L 120, 130)

dot.jpg Christine Bock -Bill's fathers 2nd wife, had daughter Helen, died January 6 1955 (B 73) (L 70) (P 80, 362)

dot.jpg Chuck -wife Lee, 1st alcoholic arrive Los Angeles from East, artist, arrived just in time attend 1st home meeting Kaye's place Benecia Avenue December 19, 1939 (A 92)

dot.jpg Chuck C. -Los Angeles A.A. (P 348)

dot.jpg City folks -big city people vacation Vermont (P 39)

dot.jpg Clarace Williams -wife T. Henry Williams, nonalcoholic, daughter Dorothy; friend Dr. Bob's wife, Oxford member, Oxford Group meeting house (A 19, 75, 141) (C 28, 44, 123) (D 57) (L 104) (P 145) (S 31)

dot.jpg Clarence Griffin -Gardner Fayette Griffith's only son, died 1894 Colorado (P 28)

dot.jpg Clarence S. -wife Dorothy S.M.; early Cleveland A.A., started & founded group Cleveland May 18 1939 Cleveland Heights home Abby G., 1st group called Alcoholics Anonymous, 16 members; called self Father Alcoholics Anonymous; stated that group 1st use name Alcoholics Anonymous & initials A.A.; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940; 1st person split Akron meetings, led revolt & announced special meeting alcoholics apart Oxford Group; antagonistic & hostile bad mouthed Bill toward later years, loved Dr. Bob; leader small group dissident anti-Conference & anti-General Service Office (A 19, 183) (C 49, 131) (D 109, 115) (G 50, 103) (N 75, 78, 84) (P 232-233, 203, 224) (S 32, 155)

dot.jpg Clayton Quaw -firm Quaw & Foley, firm Bill did most stock market investigations for (P 175)

dot.jpg Clem L. -A.A. who Bill wrote 1948 about organized religion (P 283)

dot.jpg Cliff W. -wife Dorothy; Mort J. helped get sober; California A.A. proposed Bill G.S.O. publish Bill's correspondence with Yale reference declining honorary degree (A 93) (L 157)

dot.jpg Clifford Copping -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

dot.jpg Clifford Wilson -pall bearer Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart bearer (P 36)

dot.jpg Clint Frazer -Greenland Long Island New York, 1st met Bill J.K. Rice Jr. & Co. he telephone trader, drinking companion Bill's from good old days, introduced Bill Joe Hirshhorn, wife Kay, came A.A. 1948 (B 175) (L 75) (P 77, 93, 95, 161)

dot.jpg Clinton T. Duffy -liberal warden San Quentin, 1st known corrections official country permit A.A. meeting inside maximum security prison 1942, Bill spoke 420 inmates November 28 1943; friend Bill's; spoke A.A. 15th anniversary; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; died 1982 (A 89) (E 62, 72) (G 74) (H 118) (P 289)

dot.jpg Colonel Donovan -recommended Bill Supply Service March 1942 (P 272)

dot.jpg Conor F. -Irish-born A.A., tavern owner Philadelphia started A.A. Dublin Ireland, 1st person helped Richard P. (A 83) (E 43)

dot.jpg Curtis Jameses -honored troops preparing overseas, invited Bill's whole battery his Newport estate (L 23)

dot.jpg Cy -Wilson's spent night with Cy & Barb (P 214)

dot.jpg Cy Jones -Bill's brother-in-law, worked clerk insurance department New York Central Railroad for Cy (A 54) (L 30) (P 63)

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