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Whos's Who in AA History
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dot.jpg Dale A. -Seattle Washington A.A. (A 95)

dot.jpg Dan K. -early Akron A.A., patient Dr. Bob's St. Thomas Hospital (D 192, 224)

dot.jpg Dave B. -founder A.A. Montreal, 1st French members, sobered up reading Big Book sister sent him; alcoholic trustee (A 85) (E 37) (G 112)

dot.jpg Dave D. -Palo Alto California A.A.; Bill wrote; introduced Bill Gerald Heard, british philosopher, anthropologist, metaphysician, radio commentator, mystery novelist, interested mysticism, psychic phenomena, writer, student Easter & Western religious (G 74-75) (L 143) (P 290, 378)

dot.jpg Dave M. -A.A. member, personnel man DuPont, co-led industrial meeting with Jake M. A.A. 15th anniversary (H 118)

dot.jpg Dave R. -Jersey boiler inspector brought A.A. Charlotte North Carolina (A 25)

dot.jpg David Cochran -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

dot.jpg David Kahn -philanthropist; wife Lucille; interested mysticism, psychic phenomena; close Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard; long time friend supporter Edgar Cayce famous psychic (G 75)

dot.jpg Della Gavin -birth name Sister Ignatia (S 1)

dot.jpg Delphine Weber -friend Henrietta Seiberling, Oxford Group member, late 1932 called Henrietta Seiberling reference Dr. Bob's drinking (D 57) (N 31)

dot.jpg Dennis Manders -long time non-alcoholic controller General Service Office; co-worker Nell Wing; prophesied at St. Louis Convention Bill's final stepping down A.A. leadership take years; charge taping April 1970 Conference where Bill couldn't finish speech (G 50, 60, 76, 96) (P 373, 399)

dot.jpg Devoe B. -Husband Lucille B.; meditation group met his house Chappaqua; Friday meeting once help Bill cope isolation A.A., there Bill, Lois Nell Wing, Devoe B., Gerald Heard, Aldous Huxley, Dave D. David & Lucille Kahn, Edgar Cayce (G 75-76)

dot.jpg Dick Johnson -Bill's Canadian friend, offered Bill job with his firm, Greenshields & Co. brokerage firm Montreal (B 169) (L 81) (P 86)

dot.jpg Dick P. -perhaps 1st Spanish-speaking A.A., joined Cleveland A.A. early 1940, achieved citizenship 1963, manager Cleveland Central Office, translated Big Book into Spanish, finished 1946, (Alcoholics Comes of Age says Frank M. translated) gave Bill the book, tried start A.A. Mexico, no luck (A 200) (D 249)

dot.jpg Dick R. -1st convert Earl T., Chicago A.A. (A 22) (D 177)

dot.jpg Dick Richardson -Reverend William S. Richardson (A 114) (H 59)

dot.jpg Dick S. -Paul S.'s brother, Dick tried get Paul in A.A. February 1937; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; liked Twelve Steps way 1st written; early Board member (A 162, 186) (D 111) (P 247)

dot.jpg Doc -Bill's nickname Dr. Bob (G 80)

dot.jpg Doc H. -Portland Oregon chiropractor (A 95)

dot.jpg Doherty S. -responsible starting more groups Indiana than anybody (D 258)

dot.jpg Don L. -1st alcoholic patient Rosary Hall St. Vincent Charity Hospital December 15, 1952 (S 175)

dot.jpg Don V. -had good mortgage business, asked Bill investigate 2 companies, last job before giving A.A. full self, offered finance Stepping Stones (L 131, 133)

dot.jpg Dora Strobel -daughter-in-law Bill's father-in-law Dr. Charles Strobel (L 53)

dot.jpg Dorothy Brewster Wilson -Bill's younger sister, called Dot, married Dr. Leonard Strong Jr., paid Bill's hospitalization (B vi, 11, 188) (L 13, 86) (N 10) (P 15,35) (W 139)

dot.jpg Dorothy O. -wife Jud O. (D 233)

dot.jpg Dorothy S. M. -wife Clarence S., 1st husband (A 19) (C 131) (D 115) (N 84)

dot.jpg Dorothy Strong -Bill's sister, married Dr. Leonard Strong (G 98) (N 14)

dot.jpg Dorothy W. -wife Cliff W. Los Angeles A.A. (A 94)

dot.jpg Dorothy Williams -daughter Clarace & T. Henry Williams (P 145)

dot.jpg Dot -early New York A.A., Wilson's stayed with (P 214)

dot.jpg Dr. A. Wiese Hammer -wife Helen; Philadelphian, told friend Judge Curtis Bok owner publisher Saturday Evening Post about A.A. & have Jack Alexander do story; opened his house A.A. meetings, secured Philadelphia Group 1st meeting rooms, introduced Dr. Stouffer chief psychiatrist Philadelphia General Hospital A.A., secured treatment & visiting privileges Philadelphia General Hospital, attended with wife A.A. meetings for years, gave free medical & surgical aid every A.A. wanted it, visited other cities with A.A. members to talk A.A. up & paid their expenses, offered buy club house (turned down) (A 18, 190) (H 362-363) (P 244)

dot.jpg Dr. Abram Hoffer -Bill met trough Gerald Heard, English psychiatrist working alcoholics & schizophrenics Canadian mental hospital Saskatoon Saskatchewan, involved research schizophrenics, tested 100s hospitalized alcoholics, gave them simple vitamin therapy B3 niacin; trying various methods break patients resistance, help through chemical means LSD 1954, worked with Dr. Humphry Osmond; thought vitamin B-3 helpful treating alcoholics; asked Bill work with them, did 6 years (B 358-359) (G 54) (L 159) (N 137) (P 368-369, 388)

dot.jpg Dr. Anton Carlson -1937 with group scientists formed subsidiary body Research Council Problems Alcohol (H 187)

dot.jpg Dr. Armstrong -name used preserve Dr. Bob's anonymity March 1 1941 Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post article (D 171) (SM 13) (P 248)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob (Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith) -co-founder A.A.; Robert Holbrook Smith, born August 8 1879 St. Johnsbury Vermont; only child prominent judge & mother over protective; entered Dartmouth 1898 graduated 1902, started drinking Dartmouth College, entered University Michigan pre-medical student 1905 age 26, forced leave drinking 1907, finished M.D. Rush Medical School Chicago 1910 age 31; 2 year internship Akron City Hospital, surgeon proctologist May 1929, opened office downtown Akron; married Anne Ripley after 17 year courtship 1915, son Bob 1918 & adopted Sue, opposed Ernie A.A. #4 seeing daughter, did not attend daughter's wedding; drank 17 years; wife got him into Oxford Group; hallmarks character simplicity, devotion, steadfastness, loyalty, loved tease, tell stories, giving nicknames; started attending Oxford Group 1933, regularly attended Wednesday night Oxford Group; nickname Noah due old Cadillac coupe called Ark; interested psychic phenomena; met Bill 1st time May 12 1935 Henrietta Seiberling's library talked 6 hours; last drink beer June 10?, 1935 before operation; co-founder Alcoholics Anonymous; said never 2 day period didn't crave alcohol; 15 years older Bill; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; attended & spoke John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940 for A.A.; expressed uneasiness admitting women A.A.; prince 12 Steppers, personally & medically treated 5,000 alcoholics no charge; avoided A.A. power & position; met Sister Ignatia 1st time 1928, teamed with her treat alcoholics, both opened doors 1st religious institution welcome A.A.'s; occasionally operated St. Thomas, appointed staff 1934, rarely came hospital without visiting Admitting Office; common with Sister Ignatia mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes; confessed drinking problem Oxford Group before meeting Bill 1939; ostracized from local church due Oxford Group affiliation; early alcoholic women enigmas, sometimes housed them basement, treated different men; received 10% royalty Big Book; last advise, keep it simple; 1st operation 1947, diagnosed terminal cancer 1948; last appearance, talk 1st International Convention Cleveland 1950; died November 16 1950 cancer (A vii, ix, 1, 6, 7, 9-10, 43, 66, 68-71, 87, 136, 148, 183-184, 206, 209, 212) (B 237-239, 242-243, 274, 295, 345-346) (C 2-3, 7, 12, 29, 40, 61, 105, 118, 124, 157) (D 9, 344) (E 12-14, 20, 64, 71) (G 3, 13, 55, 77-78, 83, 88) (H 59, 62, 66, 113, 122, 142-143, 199, 357, 359) (L 95-96, 145-155) (SM 9, 11, 16, 109) (N 28-33, 38-41, 65, 79, 119, 316, 346) (P 139-140, 143, 232-233, 233, 316, 334, 342, 407) (S ix, 8-9, 17-18, 32, 114, 123, 140, 144, 186) (W 156)

dot.jpg Dr. Bob's maternal grandfather -medical doctor, Dr. Bob wanted be doctor like him (D 24)

dot.jpg Dr. Brown -Evanston Indiana, introduced exposed several patients Earl T. (A 22)

dot.jpg Dr. C. Dudley Saul -Philadelphian, told friend, Judge Curtis Bok, owner, publisher Saturday Evening Post, about A.A. (A 18) (P 244)

dot.jpg Dr. Carl Jung -Switzerland psychiatrist, psychoanalyst; 1 founders modern psychology; treated & helped Rowland Hazard find sobriety 1930, patient over 1 year Zurich, opinion only thing help spiritual awakening, believe God not enough, suggested ally himself religious movement; Bill felt Jung top list responsible A.A.'s creation, 1 of A.A.'s founders; wrote Modern Man Search Soul; Bill wrote early 1960's; died June 6, 1961 (A 64) (B 231, 362) (H 266, 276-277, 282) (N 8, 21, 33-35) (P 114, 381, 385-386) (W 154, 155, 172-173)

dot.jpg Dr. Clarence P. -A.A. member chaired 20th Anniversary Convention's Medical Panel (A 235)

dot.jpg Dr. Charles Strobel -Bill's mother's 2nd husband, cancer specialist Memorial Hospital New York, died June 1936 (B 154) (L 53, 106) (P 75)

dot.jpg Dr. Clark Burnham -Lois's father, gynecologist & surgeon, Brooklyn, married Matilda Spelman who died Christmas 1932; remarried May 1933 Joan Jones ex-wife former minister, moved out 132 Clinton Street early 1933; died September 1936 (B 47, 79-80, 177) (L 1-2, 84, 106) (N 14, 25) (P 175)

dot.jpg Dr. Dilworth Lupton -Unitarian minister Cleveland's 1st Unitarian Church, helped rapid growth A.A. Cleveland, preached sermon there room all creeds in A.A.; tried sober up Clarence S.; gave sermon November 26 1939 reprinted pamphlet form (A 20) (D 142, 162, 205) (N 84-85)

dot.jpg Dr. E. M. Jellinek, Ph.D -Bill's good friend; nickname Bunky; world famous scientific, medical authority alcoholism, confounded National Committee Education Alcoholism, founded National Committee Education Alcoholism, founded 1943 Yale Center Alcohol Studies moved Rutgers University New Jersey 1962, author Disease Concept Alcoholism, developed famous Jellinek Chart [curve showing progression illness & subsequent recovery; invited Bill speak Yale Center early 1940's, after death Bill awarded 1st Jellinek Award; with Dr. Haggard began publish Quarterly Journal Studies Alcohol 1940; died 1972 (G 67-68) (H 100, 188) (L 145)

dot.jpg Dr. Earl M. -learned A.A. from butcher; psychiatrist; A.A., close friend Bill's; co-chairman 20th Anniversary Convention's Medical Panel (A 4, 237) (P 301)

dot.jpg Dr. Ed Boyle -Miami Heart Institute, with Bill May & June 1970 trying get him ready convention July; Bill's doctor, on Lear jet January 24 1971 Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic; arranged Bill's body kept Miami until New England ground thawed Bill's burial (B 368) (G 1, 3) (L 160)

dot.jpg Dr. Emily Griffith Wilson -Bill's mother, born 1870; divorced Bill's father left Bill age 11; went osteopathic school Boston after divorce; helped pay Bill's hospitalization; refused nomination inclusion Who's Who America; eccentric, kept no books, guest 1955 Intentional Convention St. Louis; Bill's nickname Hetty after famous Hetty Green, early part century amassed large fortune & wielded equally large political power died wealthy May 15 1961 nursing home Dobbs Ferry New York age 91, buried East Dorset cemetery Griffin family plot, 2nd husband died June 1936 (B 12, 41, 188) (G 37,39) (L 13, 106) (N 10) (P 13, 27, 350, 380, 387) (W 139)

dot.jpg Dr. Esther L. Richards -John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, suggested having Number 1 physician wide knowledge alcoholic's medical & social problems write introduction Big Book, Dr. Silkworth 9 days later wrote it (N 332) (P 201)

dot.jpg Dr. Forrist H. -early Los Angeles A.A. helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M., became marathon 12 Stepper around Los Angeles; wife Merle (A 92) (P 287)

dot.jpg Dr. Foster Kennedy -world-renowned neurologist; attended & spoke John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940, represented medical profession; with Dr. Harry Tiebout & Dr. Kirby Collier responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies; defended A.A. in A.M.A.; endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society New York annual meeting; used term X factor explain what we call God (A 14, 45, 183-184, 204) (B 295) (G 67) (H 62, 145) (L 128) (SM 11, 15) (N 93) (P 232-233)

dot.jpg Dr. Frances Weekes -psychiatrist Bill saw Friday's (P 335)

dot.jpg Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman -born June 4 1878; reared deeply religious Lutheran home, Pennsylvania Dutch, baptized infancy, confirmed Lutheran Church Pennsburg Pennsylvania; student Muhlenberg College, Mount Airy Seminary; established hospice Philadelphia young men, had differences official board resigned; visited England 1908, visited Keswick Convention heard speaker, changed life, wrote letters apology 6 trustees Philadelphia hospice, seed Oxford Group principle restitution; founder, leader Oxford Group 1921 after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; strongly advocated 1 on 1 relationship helping others; principle sharing after conversion with son in house he guest; became YMCA secretary Pennsylvania State College, spent 7 years direct personal evangelism; 1st house party Calling China, became Oxford Group technique, guided make restitution & confession; met Samuel M. Shoemaker Peking January 1918; died 1961 (C 3) (D 55) (G 68) (H 196) (L 92) (N 48-49) (P 130,386) (W 113-118)

dot.jpg Dr. G. A. Ferguson -foremost Ohio eye specialist, took Dr. Bob home times when drunk (D 129)

dot.jpg Dr. George Ferguson -friend Smiths, operated Dr. Bob's wife cataract, most prominent eye doctor Akron (C 145)

dot.jpg Dr. Gordon Johnson -leading psychiatrist Oslo Norway helped, start A.A. Norway; good friend Wilson's (A 29) (G 72)

dot.jpg Dr. Grinell -treated Bill around 1915, Bill enrolled Norwich University (P 45)

dot.jpg Dr. (Reverend) Harry Emerson Fosdick -special friend Bill's; highly respected minister Riverside Church New York; completely satisfied Big Book, wrote good reviews June 30 1939 reprinted religious publications; spoke for religion Rockefeller's February 8, 1940 dinner; 1st clergyman recognize A.A. (A viii, 14, 168, 173, 183-184) (B 286-287, 295) (G 73, 86) (H 62, 145, 177) (L 116, 198) (N 75, 93) (SM 11) (P 201, 223, 232-233)

dot.jpg Dr. Harry N. -early Cleveland A.A. (D 201)

dot.jpg Dr. Harry Nash -complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate Charity Hospital, 1st professional intervention 1941, received treatment; treated so many alcoholics called patron saint Cleveland A.A.; early treated alcoholics castor oil & egg soup called Dr. Nash's Formula (S 163-164)

dot.jpg Dr. Harry Tiebout -1st friend psychiatric profession; suggested to many you & must words in Big Book; endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society annual meeting; chief psychiatrist, medical director Blythewood Sanitarium Connecticut; Bill saw depression; began 1939 lifelong absorption thorough scientific investigation techniques and principles A.A.; long & close relationship, came firm friend Bill's; Bill started seeing series regular sessions for self summer 1944 ; 1 1st psychiatrists recognize A.A.'s effectiveness, see A.A. significant approach treatment alcoholics; supported A.A.; patients Marty M., Grennie C.; with Dr. Kirby Collier & Dr. Foster Kennedy & Dwight Anderson responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies; authored professional papers why A.A. worked so well, referred Bill Mr. X. in papers when quoting him; Class A trustee General Service Board 1957-1966; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; wrote Role Psychiatry Field Alcoholism 1951, Surrender Versus Compliance Therapy 1953, Ego Factors Surrender Alcoholism 1954; died 1966 (A xii, 2-3, 18, 167, 204, 235, 245, 319) (B 25, 303, 334) (E 19, 72) (G 66-67, 92, 97) (H 369) (SM 15) (N 126) (P 211, 295-297, 358)

dot.jpg Dr. Howard -psychiatrist Montclair New Jersey; suggested too many [you musts], suggested remove all forms coercion, put [we ought] basis instead [you must] (A 167) (N 75) (P 204)

dot.jpg Dr. Howard S. -general practitioner Cuyahoga Falls, A.A., helped by Dr. Bob, others (D 129)

dot.jpg Dr. Howard W. Haggard -founded Yale Summer Studies programs with Elvin M. Jellinek; wrote article 1st Grapevine; with Dr. Haggard began publish Quarterly Journal Studies Alcohol 1940; transferred New Jersey became Rutgers School Alcohol Studies 1962 (E 28) (H 187, 188) (P 325)

dot.jpg Dr. Humphry Osmond -English psychiatrist involved research, working schizophrenics & alcoholics Canadian hospital experimenting LSD; tested 100's hospitalized alcoholics, gave them simple vitamin therapy B3 niacin; Bill met trough Gerald Heard; working with alcoholics schizophrenics mental hospital Saskatoon Saskatchewan, trying various methods break patients resistance, help them through chemical means LSD 1954; worked Dr. Abram Hoffer, asked Bill work with them, did 6 years; thought vitamin B-3 helpful treating alcoholics (B 358-359) (G 54) (L 159) (N 137) (P 368-369, 388)

dot.jpg Dr. J. B. Rhine -Duke University; Bill corresponded reference extrasensory perception (G 57)

dot.jpg Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer -nickname Oppie; physicist, Bill met Trunk Bay Caribbean vacationing, asked Bill join him Institute Advanced Study Princeton, wanted Bill oversee & evaluate chemical composition neuroses, mostly depression, Bill didn't (B 357-358) (P 381)

dot.jpg Dr. Jack -nickname Dr. John L. Norris (E 67) (P 268)

dot.jpg Dr. Jim S. -physician originator 1st black group; Jim's story 2nd & 3rd editions Big Book; spoke A.A. 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 37) (P 317)

dot.jpg Dr. John (Jack) L. Norris -nicknamed Dr. Jack; medical director Eastman Kodak Rochester New York; chairman board; nonalcoholic, helped change membership alcoholic majority, served A.A. 27 years trustee; early as 1948 investigated A.A. resource available help alcoholic employees; chairman Emeriti with Dr. Milton Maxwell International Convention Montreal 1985; spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; Bill asked him try LSD, didn't; 1 favorite expressions Sponsor your doctor; gave Bill's eulogy; died January 1989 (A 5, 208) (E 67, 72) (G 29, 52, 72, 112) (H 194, 334-335, 339) (N 259) (P 268, 358, 371)

dot.jpg Dr. Kaiser -doctor Toledo state asylum, let Chet M. sign out patients take Toledo A.A. meetings (D 256)

dot.jpg Dr. Keith Ditman -research psychiatrist University California (P 375)

dot.jpg Dr. Kirby Collier -psychiatrist, with Dr. Harry Tiebout & Dr. Foster Kennedy responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies, endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society New York annual meeting, early advocate A.A. (A 2, 204, 244) (G 67) (H 370) (SM 15)

dot.jpg Dr. Kitterer -ordained minister, trained institutional administrator, charge Deaconess Hospital Cleveland, helped set up alcoholic ward, got visiting privileges Dr. Bob & Dr. N. (A 20) (D 201)

dot.jpg Dr. Leonard V. Strong Jr. -Bill's brother-in-law, husband Bill's sister Dorothy; osteopath; stuck by Bill lowest times, most deserted; Bill's doctor confidant, gave Bill physical examination 1928, confronted Bill drinking; arranged Bill's admission Towns Hospital 1933 & paid bill; set up appointment Bill & Willard Richardson, great friend John D. Rockefeller; essential link A.A. people around John D. Rockefeller Jr.; 1 trustees 1st board Alcoholic Foundation April 1938; 1954 resigned board due question more alcoholics then nonalcoholics on board, to involved with issue, served Board Trustees secretary died April 24 1989 (A 6, 14, 147, 151-152) (B vi, 188, 273, 277, 355) (D 142) (E 18) (G 97-98) (H 59, 142-143, 192, 195) (L 34, 86, 108, 197) (SM 9) (N 14, 65) (P 99) (W 148, 159)

dot.jpg Dr. M. -1 of 1st, if not 1st drunk Bill & Dr. Bob tried help, nothing came it, disappeared A.A. history (P 144)

dot.jpg Dr. Meyer Texon -associate Dr. Silkworth Knickerbocker Hospital, filled in Dr. Silkworth 15th Anniversary, theme gratitude (H 117)

dot.jpg Dr. Miles N. -1 1st A.A.'s doctor-members, prodigious A.A. worker & national authority chemistry drunks (A 95)

dot.jpg Dr. Milton Maxwell -chairman Emeriti with Dr. John (Jack) L. Norris International Convention Montreal 1985; member 1st Trustees' Archives Committee; nonalcoholics trustee, chairman board; died 1988 (G 112, 127) (N 273)

dot.jpg Dr. O. Arnold Kilpatrick -psychiatrist in charge New York State mental institution, nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 6) (P 358)

dot.jpg Dr. Oscar Olsen -close friend & enthusiastic A.A. since 1947; attended Seattle Convention 1990 (G 73)

dot.jpg Dr. P. -early Sacramento A.A. (A 88)

dot.jpg Dr. Percy Poliak -San Francisco psychiatrist was with Bellevue Hospital New York then San Francisco Country Hospital, impressed with A.A., gave A.A. group full support (A 88)

dot.jpg Dr. Philip P. Thompson -Dr. Bob's Dartmouth junior year roommate (D 19)

dot.jpg Dr. R. H. S. -Dr. Bob's nickname City Hospital, 2 other Smiths there (D 46)

dot.jpg Dr. Regnikoff -New York Hospital doctor involved Lois's heart attack (P 361)

dot.jpg Dr. Richards -Johns Hopkins; July 18 1939 letter implies Bill this time using Alcoholics Anonymous working title Big Book & name fellowship (P 202)

dot.jpg Dr. Russell E. Blaisdell -head Rockland State Hospital Monsey New York, Bob V. started meetings there December 1939; let bus loads committed alcoholics go meetings South Orange New Jersey & New York City; asked Bill speak December 1939; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940 (A viii, 12, 183) (B 291) (G 73) (H 62) (P 218, 232-233)

dot.jpg Dr. Sam Lambert -alone with Charlie Towns founded Towns Hospital, developed belladonna treatment used Towns Hospital (B 257) (P 101)

dot.jpg Dr. Reverend Samuel Shoemaker -wife Helen; rector Calvary Episcopal Church; leading figure & leader Oxford Group during 1920's-1930's; met Dr. Frank Buchman China January 1918, inception ministry that meeting he decided let go self allow God guide him; converted by Dr. Buchman; became 1 Bill's closet personal friends; opened doors & made Bill see belief Higher Power not only change thinking feeling but become living force in world; Bill said from him observed most principles embodied 12 Steps; nonalcoholic spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; gave Bill & Dr. Bob all principles & foundation stones for program, Bill credited him for 12 Steps; died 1963 (A xii, 2, 38-39, 253, 261) (B 226, 261) (E 10,72) (G 97) (H 177, 277, 298, 379) (L 92, 103) (N 9, 24) (P 127, 358) (W 118, 175)

dot.jpg Dr. Sidney Cohen -psychiatrist Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital, present guiding Bill taking LSD August 29 1956 (P 370-371)

dot.jpg Dr. Thomas P. Scuderi -young emergency room intern St. Thomas Hospital, worked with Sister Ignatia on alcoholics, treated alcoholics until retirement (D 51) (S 9, 144)

dot.jpg Dr. Travis Dancey -Canadian, worked with Dave B. help spread A.A. Canada, 1st Canadian trustee General Service Board (E 36) (G 112)

dot.jpg Dr. Victor D. Ippolito -junior assistant Dr. Harry Nash operating room Charity Hospital, told Dr. Nash not operate, 1st professional intervention 1941 (S 163)

dot.jpg Dr. W. W. Bauer -psychiatrist, American Medical Association, nonalcoholic spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A x ii, 4, 235) (G 97) (P 358)

dot.jpg Dr. William Duncan Silkworth -little doctor loved drunks; ran Towns Hospital; graduate Princeton, medical degree New York University-Bellevue Medical School, not psychiatrist, specialist neurology, domain sometimes overlaps psychiatry; lost life savings 1929, arrived Towns hospital 1930, resident physician Towns Hospital; theory alcoholism combination mysterious physical allergy & compulsion drink, defined alcoholism obsession & allergy, illness whole man body, mind, spirit, holistic approach physical, mental disorders; influenced attitudes fields medicine & social sciences; adopted A.A.; estimated treated over 50,000 alcoholics; met Bill 2nd hospitalization Towns hospital, profound influence on Bill; gave Bill information needed understand alcoholism, 1st person tell Bill alcoholism illness; told Bill wasn't crazy after spiritual experience, he had tremendous psychic upheaval; convinced Bill alcoholism obsession mind coupled increased physical sensitivity; April 1935 told Bill quit preaching at drunks instead talk about illness, tell them physical sensitivity & obsession, religion usually fills them guilt or rebellion; called Bill say had prospects 1937, 1st Fitz M. & 2nd Hank P.; wrote introduction Big Book; suggested to many you & must words in Big Book; wrote 3 articles alcoholism Medical Record; used term moral psychology characterize word fellowship; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940 (A vii-viii, 13, 38, 52, 63, 67, 143, 148, 167, 183, 206) (B 191, 224, 227, 233-234, 274) (C 4) (E 11-12) (G 97) (H 59, 62, 156, 175-176, 197, 199-200, 243, 247, 278, 283, 297, 373) (L 85, 145) (SM 9) (N 14-15, 19-21, 65) (P 99, 101-102, 125, 133, 191, 201, 232-233) (W 153, 156)

dot.jpg Duke P. -early A.A., Toledo salesman, wife Katie P., 12 stepped by Charles ("C.J.") K. & Eddie B., admitted City Hospital acute gastritis, did 12 Step 36 hours sobriety Youngstown (D 150, 253-254)

dot.jpg Dutch -Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192, 250)

dot.jpg Dwight Anderson -with Dr. Kirby Collier persuaded Medical Society New York State 1944 later Psychiatric Association 1949 let Bill read papers about A.A. annual gatherings (A 2, 204-205) (H 370)

dot.jpg Dwight D. Eisenhower -sent telegram good wishes A.A.'s 2nd International Convention (A 36)

dot.jpg Dynamite Man -nickname Icky, explosive expert, commissioned blow up pier Houston Harbor, blew up wrong one (A 80)

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