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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg Father Dunlea -associated Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney with Australian psychiatrist S.J. Minogue (A 85)

dot.jpg Father Ed -nickname Father Edward Dowling, S.J. (B 307)

dot.jpg Father Edward Dowling, S.J. (Father Ed) -nickname Puggy; visited Cincinnati 1940 read Big Book, gotinterested A.A. studying 12 Steps which found parallels Exercises St. Ignatius spiritual discipline Jesuit Order; reason went Akron see Dr. Bob & members Alcoholic Squadron Oxford Group, no results Protestants there never heard St. Ignatius & Spiritual Exercises, referred Bill New York, made pilgrimage meet Bill rainy night 1940 24th Street Clubhouse; Tom M. caretaker 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street called some bum from St. Louis late 1940; Bill took 5th step that night with him had 2nd conversion experience; St. Louis Jesuit priest, editor Queen's Work Catholic Publication; fascinated parallels 12 Steps - Exercises St. Ignatius spiritual discipline his Jesuit order; heard Bill's 5th Step; 1 most Bill's important early friends, most frequently touch with; became Bill's spiritual advisor & close friend next 2 decades; responsible founding A.A. St. Louis; 1 1st religious leaders endorse A.A. 1940; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; tried LSD cause Bill asked; died April 2 1960 (A xii, 2, 37, 195, 253) (B 307-309) (E 15, 72) (G 48, 53, 65-66, 77, 86) (H 179, 364-366) (L 131) (N 98) (P 241-242, 358, 371) (S 25-26)

dot.jpg Father J.G. Gallagher -worked with Sister Ignatia (D 221)

dot.jpg Father Nagle -St. Vincent's Charity Hospital, helped Cleveland alcoholics (A 20) (H 204)

dot.jpg Father Otis W. -early recovering priest (S 171)

dot.jpg Father Ralph Pfau -1st A.A. Catholic priest join A.A., organized National Clergy Conference, wrote Golden Books, wrote autobiographical account alcoholism [Prodigal Shepherd] (S 197)

dot.jpg Father T. V. Dunlea -October 1944 started A.A. Australia (E 41)

dot.jpg Father Vincent Haas -newly ordained priest, looked into A.A. for Sister Ignatia, heard confessions alcoholic patients St. Francis Hospital because hospital chaplin didn't think alcoholics patients truly repented (D 189-190) (N 80)

dot.jpg Fayette Griffith -Bill's grandfather, raised Bill since age 10 & sister Dorothy (N 10, 16) (W 139)

dot.jpg Fitz M. (John Henry Fitzhugh M.) -2nd man recover Towns Hospital fall & early winter 1935; strongly religious; wrote story [Our Southern Friend]; resident Cumberland Maryland, minister's son; devoted friend Wilson's, came Tuesday night meetings Bill's house 1935 about 1937; spring 1937 went home Maryland, trying start A.A. group there; went number Oxford Group meetings & house parties with Wilson's; 1st prospect from Dr. Silkworth 1937; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; led Big Book conservatives wanted more Christian doctrine, insisted Big Book should express Christian doctrine & use Biblical terms & expressions; involved phrase God as we understood Him in Steps; wrote Our Southern Friend Big Book; looked Library Congress number books named Way Out 12, number named Alcoholics Anonymous; loner Washington D.C. area joined by Hardin C. & Bill A. 1940; along with Florence R. helped start Washington Group (A 17, 74, 162, 166) (B 250, 263, 274, 282, 286) (D 108) (E 25) (G 111) (H 13, 107) (L 107) (N 334) (P 161-162, 168, 191, 199, 257)

dot.jpg Florence B. -Freddie B.'s wife, divorced after Freddie sober (L 94)

dot.jpg Florence R. -only female A.A. when names Big Book discussed, objected called 100 Men; her story 1st edition [Feminine Victory); 1st female drunk stay Bill's house, Bill knew her husband Wall Street; Bill & Lois got her out Bellevue; helped Fitz M. start Washington Group; returned drinking died apparent suicide Washington D.C. (A 18) (B 263-264) (E 25) (L 107) (P 202)

dot.jpg Francis H. -young Boston A.A., read Lois's book, offered help her late 1982; came Stepping Stones January 1983, 1st as caretaker, then secretary, stayed Lois's death (G 139)

dot.jpg Francis J. -wife Mort J., Los Angeles A.A. (A 94) (P 288)

dot.jpg Francis Money -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

dot.jpg Frank Amos -advertising man; longtime friend John D. Rockefeller, present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money, went Akron investigate A.A., conducted feasibility study, made good report John D. Rockefeller Jr., recommended $50,000 contribution February 1938; became sold on A.A. & offered services; 1 of 1st nonalcoholic trustees April 1938; close friend Bill's; referred Bill Eugene Exman religious editor Harper's book publishers; died July 1965 (A 6, 15, 148-153) (B 274-275, 277) (D 128) (E 18) (G 92) (H 59, 61, 143, 194) (L 111, 197) (SM 9-10) (N 65-66, 68) (P 184-185, 188) (S 124)

dot.jpg Frank Gulden -former Trustee (A 6, 208) (H 194)

dot.jpg Frank Jacobs -had influence Bill's boyhood (B 42)

dot.jpg Frank M. -Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age says translated Big Book Spanish, Dr. Bob & Good Oldtimers states Dick P. did it (A 200)

dot.jpg Frank M. -A.A. archivist 1982 & administrative assistant General Service Office; secretary Trustees' Archives Committee (G 112, 126)

dot.jpg Frank R. -A.A., read Big Book Arizona, book convert rushed Los Angeles to see if true, wife Elinor (A 93-94) (P 288)

dot.jpg Frank R. -trustee Boston area (P 389)

dot.jpg Frank S. -Los Angeles A.A. (P 288)

dot.jpg Frank Seiberling -entrepreneur, founder 1st president Goodyear Tire & Rubber company, father-in-law Henrietta Seiberling; lived 65-room mansion Portage Path (D 56) (L 95) (P 136-137)

dot.jpg Frank Shaw -wife Elise, husband Lois's best friend; Wall Street big-shot, high up company J.K. Rice Company; Bill did stock market investigations for him; parted official company 1929, tolerant of Bill, remained lifelong friends; died 1950's (B 137) (L 74) (P 69, 74, 175)

dot.jpg Frank Winans -Chicago banker, April 8 1932 formed long-term speculative syndicate him Bill & Arthur Wheeler based on Bill not taking even 1 drink, middle May 1932 Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack (A 56) (B 180-181) (L 83) (P 90-91)

dot.jpg Fred -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

dot.jpg Fred K. -New Jersey A.A. help start A.A. Miami (A 25)

dot.jpg Freddie B. -wife Florence, divorced after sober; chemistry professor; after Bill spoke Oxford Group came talk Bill, became friends; drank off & on 11 years before sober in A.A., attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (L 94, 102) (P 132, 162)

dot.jpg Freddie S. -joined A.A. with wife, Vi S. May 1941 Cleveland (D 245)

dot.jpg Fulton Oursler -editor Liberty Magazine popular national weekly 1939; wrote book [Greatest-Story Ever Told]; Senior Editor Readers Digest; introduced Bill Fulton Sheen; member Board Trustees; good friend Bill's; helped raise money distributing friends 2 chapters Big Book when unpublished (A 17, 87, 172, 176, 208) (G 73) (H 145, 180, 182-183, 194) (SM 11,17) (N 52,90) (P 223, 335)

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