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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg Gabriel Heatter -friend Morgan R., M.C. We, the People fantastically popular radio show; Hank P. planned have Morgan interviewed on show to sell books April 1939 (A 174-175) (B 288) (L 115) (N 90) (P 207)

dot.jpg Gardner Fayette Griffith -Bill's mother's father, Bill's substitute father; Civil War veteran; married Ella Brock; East Dorset's most prosperous citizen died 1924 (P 25, 27-28, 70)

dot.jpg Gardner Swentzel -Lois's sister Kitty husband, 1930's doing well Taylor, Bates & Company firm closely connected J. P. Morgan's enterprises; liked Bill, introduced him Arthur Wheeler (B 180) (P 90)

dot.jpg Garth M. -new Toledo A.A.; group gave $2 roll nickels buy 40 copies March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post Jack Alexander's article (P 247)

dot.jpg George B. -he & Al S. instrumental persuading Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward just alcoholics under A.A. sponsorship, 1st New York hospital do so (G 87)

dot.jpg Gene C. -Chicago A.A. (D 302)

dot.jpg George D. -early A.A. (D 106)

dot.jpg George F. -Norwegian immigrant, started A.A. Oslo Norway (E 44) (H 123)

dot.jpg George G. -chairman Trustees' Archives Committee, presided official ribbon-cutting ceremonies open archives November 3 1975; professor communications Hofstra University (G 108, 127, 131)

dot.jpg George H. -stayed with Bill & Lois's house; took Jack W. Bellevue to help but they locked him up; killed WWII (L 105, 121)

dot.jpg George H. -pro-conference New York A.A., surveyed groups around country 1948 reference self-government (D 320)

dot.jpg George R. -met alcoholic Scottish nobleman Philip journeyed America look International Christian Leadership Movement, met businesses men interested bringing God into industry by breakfast clubs for prayer & planning, 1st session met George R., sobered up took A.A. home (A 83)

dot.jpg George S. -Philadelphian; sobered after reading article [Alcoholics & God] Liberty magazine September 1939; Jimmy B. visited after, 1st A.A. Philadelphia meeting his house (A 17) (P 245)

dot.jpg Gerald Heard -Bill's friend, writer student Eastern & Western religions, british philosopher, mystery novelist, interested mysticism, psychic phenomena, founded Trabuco College, British radio commentator, anthropologist, metaphysician; Wilson's 1st visited Trabuco campus winter 1943-1944; wrote Search Ecstasy article defined A.A. ad hoc church May 1958 Grapevine; introduced Bill Aldous Huxley, 2 English psychiatrists Dr. Humphrey Osmond & Dr. Abram Hoffer working with schizophrenics an alcoholics Canadian hospital experimenting LSD; Bill late 1950's took LSD under his supervision California August 29 1956; lifelong friend & admirer A.A.; close David & Lucille Kahn (G 54, 74-75) (L 143, 159) (N 137) (P 368, 370-371)

dot.jpg Gib K. -Milwaukee pioneer A.A.; gave Bill violin, Bill treasured (G 35)

dot.jpg Gilly -Bill's father's nickname (P 14) (W 137)

dot.jpg Gilman Barrows Wilson -Bill's father, born 1870, called Gilly, deserted family 1905, quarryman heavy drinker not alcoholic, became manager Marblehead Quarries, Canadian Marble Works Ltd., married Christine Bock; died February 14, 1954 penniless (B 9, 12) (L 15, 22) (N 10) (P 14, 24, 43, 362, 380) (W 139)

dot.jpg Ginger G. -El Paso Texas; helped letter Bill wrote, destroyed, ask Bill write another; Bill's letters became talismans [anything whose presence exercises remarkable & powerful influence human feelings & actions] (P 385, 391)

dot.jpg Gladys S. -Madras India, heard A.A. Liberty Magazine, came New York, stayed Stepping Stones, nickname Princess, developed crush on Bill, sober 1 year killed accident (L 138-139)

dot.jpg Goldfoot's -owned farm Bill & Lois worked on motorcycle trip make money (B 150) (L 41-42)

dot.jpg Gordon -early New York A.A. (P 215)

dot.jpg Gordon M. -picture appeared Jack Alexander article March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post; October 1939 found room A.A. meetings South Orange Community House New Jersey, 1st New Jersey A.A. meeting here not in house (L 127) (P 247)

dot.jpg Gordon Oram -from San Francisco, had boarder Ted whom she got Big Book, opened her flat 1st A.A. meeting late 1939 (A 88)

dot.jpg Governor Stafford -fall 1960, 25th A.A. Vermont anniversary, gave Bill citation behalf A.A. (G 57)

dot.jpg Grace Cultice -Sylvia's, Chicago A.A., nonalcoholic secretary, helped start A.A. there (A 22) (D 181)

dot.jpg Grace G. -wife Abby G. early Cleveland A.A. (A 21)

dot.jpg Grace O. -her & husband helped original group publish Grapevine (A 201)

dot.jpg Grennie C. -patient Dr. Harry Tiebout, Blythewood Sanitarium, friend Marty M. said Grennie we no longer alone; now-famous A.A. statement, summarizes relief felt every isolated alcoholic finally finding Fellowship (A 3) (G 66) (H 369) (L 124, 127) (P 213)

dot.jpg Griffith -name Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article gave Bill, anonymity (P 248)

dot.jpg Grinnell family -wealthy & leading socialite family New Bedford Massachusetts, gave party service men, where Bill took 1st drink Bronx cocktail, age 22 (B 104, 106) (N 13) (P 55) (W 145-146)

dot.jpg Guy Kolb -Lois's boss Macy's (L 84)

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