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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg H. F. Heard -wrote dozens mysteries published under pseudonym H.F. Heard, real name Aldous Huxley (P 368, 376)

dot.jpg Hackensmith -wrestler (P 30)

dot.jpg Hal S. -founder San Diego group, helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M. (A 92)

dot.jpg Hans H. -Scandinavian-American brought Big Book Bergen Norway (A 29)

dot.jpg Hanford Twitchell -nonalcoholic Oxford Group member; well-know professional New York; accompanied Bill Towns Hospital & Calvary Mission talk alcoholics (G 68)

dot.jpg Hank G. -chairman General Service Committed oversee A.A. office 1949; structured & programmed 1955 International Convention St. Louis; supervised 1960 International Convention Long Beach California; manager General Service Office (A 32) (G 9, 101)

dot.jpg Hank (Henry) Parkhurst -salesman, early New York A.A. fall & winter 1935, met Bill Towns Hospital; drinking cost executive position Standard Oil New Jersey; plan organize gasoline dealers northern New Jersey form cooperative buying organization [Honor Dealers] 17 William Street Newark, spring 1937 Bill & he worked out Newark New Jersey office several business propositions, nothing evolved; Ruth Hock secretary, made available Bill help Big Book; wife Kathleen lived Teaneck New Jersey; 1935 about 1937 went number Oxford Group meetings & house parties with Wilson's; 2nd prospect Bill from Dr. Silkworth 1937, 1st drunk New York Bill worked with stayed sober any time; story [Unbeliever] 1st edition Big Book; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; co-leader with Jim B. Big Book liberals, less God stuff, strong psychological emphasis, wanted soft-pedal 12 steps; partner Bill formed Works Publishing Company early 1939 publish Big Book; believed wrote chapter 10 Big Book [To Employers]; along with Bill edited New York A.A.'s Big Book stories; Wilson's lived with them after losing 182 Clinton Street April 26 1936; Hank & Kathleen started holding Sunday meetings home Montclair New Jersey soon after Wilson's lost there house; started drinking 1939 after 4 years; wife sued divorce after sober, wanted take Big Book, Ruth Hock secretary away New York, asked Ruth his & Bill's secretary marry him, turned down, didn't attend Rockefeller dinner February 8 1940; couldn't account A.A. money made up stories robbery, got drunk after 4 years April 1940; had little do with A.A. several years due resentment against Bill; started stories Cleveland reference Bill making A.A. a racket; remarried Kathleen after couple bad marriages; died Pennington New Jersey 1954 death ascribed drinking (A 16, 74, 154, 157, 159, 163-164) (B 250, 263, 274, 282, 284-285, 298-299, 301, 321) (D 108) (E 15, 18) (G 79) (H 62, 106, 144, 201) (L 98, 101, 127, 130) (N 75) (P 161-162, 168, 191, 199-200, 213, 228, 235, 243) (W 160)

dot.jpg Happiness Joe -New York radio late-night host, maybe Lillian's R. 1st A.A. contact (G 46)

dot.jpg Hardin C. -joined Fitz M., long A.A. loner Washington D.C. area 1940; well-to-do early A.A. Washington bought Preferred Stock Works Publishing Inc par value $1000 (A 188) (P 257)

dot.jpg Harold G. -early Akron A.A., went Cincinnati bring back Bill J. who slipped (D 112, 119)

dot.jpg Harold Hughes -held Senate hearings alcoholism late 1960's, Bill involved (G 47)

dot.jpg Harold S. -he & wife Emily S. constantly open Flatbush home A.A. meeting 1939, drove Bill & Lois Green Pond New Jersey (L 125, 127) (P 217)

dot.jpg Harriet -niece Carry Wilson's cook-housekeeper Stepping Stones (G 37) (L 157)

dot.jpg Harriet G. -Nell Wing's secretary & general assistant; died May 1986 (G 126)

dot.jpg Harrison Trice -1958 nonalcoholic trustee (G 51) (P 394)

dot.jpg Harry R. -12 stepped Dick P., perhaps 1st Spanish-speaking A.A. (D 249)

dot.jpg Harvey Firestone -Dr. Tunk his minister; brought 60 Oxford Group people Akron 10 days gratitude helping son quit drinking 1/2 year (N 27) (S 19)

dot.jpg Hazel R. -Dennis Manders staff secretary (G 101)

dot.jpg Helen B. -A.A., senior office staff, recommended Nell Wing work Bill directly help Bill put together booklet Third Legacy (A 215) (G 14) (SM 17) (P 347)

dot.jpg Helen Griffith -acquaintance newcomer Bill helped; woman on means, interested building new houses & fixing up old ones; built house Wilson's got April 11, 1941; build for friend to small; husband died alcoholism, best friend retrieved by Jersey group; worked out plan Wilson's could afford with friend Joan; Wilson's saw it 1st January 4 1941; Bill & Lois move into Bedford Hills 23 years after marriage 1st house, called Stepping Stones; paid construction house 2 times, paid 1st time alcoholic do job ran off with money (B 316-317) (L 133, 136) (P 259-260)

dot.jpg Helen Hammer -wife Dr. A. Wiese Hammer, went A.A. meetings with him for years (H 363)

dot.jpg Helen P. -picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article (P 247)

dot.jpg Helen Shoemaker -wife Dr. Sam Shoemaker, wrote book I Stand By the Door (H 379)

dot.jpg Helen W. -early New York female A.A., committed suicide (P 219)

dot.jpg Helen Wilson -Bill's 1/2 sister born 1916, lived with Wilson's awhile Bedford Hills; married Ralph R. alcoholic, got 1st paid job subscription department Grapevine (G 36) (L 139, 176) (P 80, 263, 321, 330)

dot.jpg Helga H. -husband Leonard, let Wilson's use apartment few months 72nd Street & Riverside Drive Manhattan; Leonard nonalcoholic trustee; died alcoholism (L 127) (P 216)

dot.jpg Henk Krauweel -important social worker Holland; good friend Wilson's; lot do translating 12 Steps Dutch, helped A.A. in Holland; leading authority alcoholism Europe (A 26) (G 72)

dot.jpg Henri -Dr. Bob's nickname Henrietta Seiberling (C 36) (D 59)

dot.jpg Henrietta D. -wife Bill D. A.A. #3; met Dr. Bob's wife June 28 1935; served 22 years matron Akron City Workhouse & helped carry message confined female alcoholics (A 6, 72) (C 42) (D 83, 89) (H 362) (P 153, 159) (S 117)

dot.jpg Henrietta Seiberling -Frank Seiberling's, Goodyear Tire, daughter-in-law, graduate Vassar College, housewife, lived gate house, separated husband, 3 young children; friend Anne Smith; nickname Henri; nonalcoholic, member Oxford Group, went Oxford Group meetings 1932, West Hill group, introduced Dr. Bob & Anne Oxford Group; prayed about Dr. Bob's drinking problem, received guidance have special Oxford group meeting Dr. Bob's drinking; last name list Reverend Walter Tunks gave Bill when called from Mayflower Hotel May 1935, arranged Bill & Dr. Bob meet Mother's Day May 12 1935 her residence; came Smiths house share spiritual nourishment, she & Anne taught Bill & Dr. Bob start day quiet tim, prayer, reflection; unsympathetic to Bill about conference, drummed opposition, believed Bill finally succumbed madness, along others called themselves Orthodox Group (A 19, 66, 73) (B 236-237) (C 2-3, 36) (D 56) (E 12) (G 51, 69) (H 355) (L 95) (N 27, 31, 35) (P 137) (S 18, 114) (W 156)

dot.jpg Henry Ford -asked head man A.A. come Detroit help friend, Bill went (L 121)

dot.jpg Henry G. -part-time manager 141 East 44th Street office (H 157)

dot.jpg Henry K. -early A.A. (P 217)

dot.jpg Henry Mielcarek -corporate personnel expert; engaged Allis-Chalmers look after alcoholic problem; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 5) (P 358)

dot.jpg Henry P. -early A.A. (D 106)

dot.jpg Henry W. -heard Dr. Bob, Bill, Bill D., Sister Ignatia meeting Akron 1949, got drunk, sober 1950 (D 277)

dot.jpg Herb D. -attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house with wife Margaret from New Jersey (L 102) (P 162)

dot.jpg Herb D. -husband Elizabeth D., Americans carried A.A. Brazil (E 47)

dot.jpg Herb M. -trustee 1956-1960, General Service Office general manager 1960-1968, chairman trustees' General Service Committee; he & wife bought 600 shares British Columbia oil lands due Bill's advice, didn't do good, Bill made good helping recoup losses; critical Bill's ideas & timing; assisted committee members being majority alcoholic (G 20, 53, 101) (P 367, 380, 395)

dot.jpg Herb Wallace -friend Bill's before A.A. started; had Bill take public speaking course (L 130) (P 173)

dot.jpg Hetty -Bill's mother nickname Hetty after famous Hetty Green (G 99)

dot.jpg Hetty Green -richest woman Wall Street turn century, famous miserliness, early part century amassed large fortune & wielded equally large political power (G 99) (P 289)

dot.jpg Horace C. -early A.A., dry 3 months after Bill wrote steps called upon Bill with newcomer & objected frequent use word God & asking on knees have shortcomings removed; got Bill job selling wire rope 1940; Wilson's stayed his Green Pond bungalow New Jersey spring 1939; along Bert T. discovered, guaranteed rent 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street Clubhouse February 1940; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article, suggested printing Serenity Prayer on cards, paid 1st printing; named daughter for Lois; got drunk; nephew Moore, Moore-McCormack Lines; trustees early 1940's sent Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington to sound out groups & get support groups supporting A.A. headquarters (A 180, 196) (B 290, 319) (H 64-65, 108) (L 125) (P 199, 222, 247, 252, 255, 263)

dot.jpg Horace "Popsie" M. -took Marty M. 1st A.A. meeting (P 211)

dot.jpg Howard -Bill's 2nd cousin, found him dead drunk New York hotel brought Stepping Stones, stayed 5 years (L 139)

dot.jpg Howard A. -1 of 1st hear Twelve Steps just after written, said tone down, boon companion of Bill early A.A. days; early member Board; after Saturday Evening Post article went out to A.A. groups get contributions office expenses (A 161, 186, 192)

dot.jpg Howard Tompkins -of Beer & Company, friend Bill's, Bill got involved proxy fight control small machine tool company led him Akron; impressed Bill's recovery & sent glowing letter encouragement December 1934 (L 94) (P 133)

dot.jpg Humphry Osmond -introduced Bill Stan Ovshinsky Detroit inventor (P 380)

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