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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg J. Alec -Finnish man (L 88) (N 18) (P 117)

dot.jpg J. Carroll Wright -sent Bill & Dr. Bob prospects, minister Presbyterian Church Smith's attended, asked them not attend, causing friction due alcoholics, due this joined Episcopalian Church, Dr. Tunk's Church (C 127) (D 77)

dot.jpg J. H. D. -joined A.A. September 1936, 9 or 10 preceded him, Dr. Bob nicknamed him Abercrombie, 1 of few weren't hospitalized, Southerner, had trouble with spiritual part, left established group, started A.A. group Evansville Indiana (D 111-112, 140, 148)

dot.jpg J. J. Hennessy -Bill wrote letter 1956 describing A.A. structure ideas (G 21)

dot.jpg J.P. Morgan -very rich Wall Street man, Bill's hero (P 81)

dot.jpg Jack Alexander -Judge Curtis Bok asked do A.A. story Saturday Evening Post winter 1940-1941; short time before did story New Jersey rackets; cynical hard-nose reputation reporter; article Saturday Evening Post March 1, 1941; wrote 2nd A.A. articles Saturday Evening Post April 1 1950; Bill sent him 12 & 12 comments during writing; member Board Trustees early 1950's; special friend Bill; trustee 1951-1956 (A 6, 18, 35, 87, 89, 134, 190-191, 208) (B 310-311) (D 171) (E 16-17) (G 73) (H 1, 63, 148, 181-182, 194, 248, 363) (L 131) (SM 13, 17) (N 100-101) (P 245-247, 354) (S 18, 114)

dot.jpg Jack C. -brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office June 1941, rented Bill & Lois use big, sporty Lincoln Zephyr (A 173, 196) (L 126) (P 252)

dot.jpg Jack D. -early Cleveland A.A., Bill's pigeon (D 182)

dot.jpg Jack G. -Chicago A.A. (D 177)

dot.jpg Jack M. -editor Grapevine (G 137)

dot.jpg Jack Smith -assistant Dr. Sam Shoemaker, disapproved Bill's work with drunks (L 103) (P 169)

dot.jpg Jack W. -wife Jean W., lived near Bill & Lois, Bill tried to help, didn't sober up (L 121)

dot.jpg Jack W. -helped Richmond A.A.'s realize getting away wives & drinking only beer not orthodox (A 25)

dot.jpg Jake H. -A.A. member, associated U.S. Steel, co-led industrial meeting with Dave M. A.A. 15th anniversary (H 118)

dot.jpg James Brooks -Principal Burr & Burton, Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford pall bearer (P 36)

dot.jpg Jamie Beebe -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

dot.jpg Jane -early A.A. married vice-president large steel company (D 241)

dot.jpg Jane S. -1st woman Akron area maintain few months sobriety (D 122)

dot.jpg Janet G. -she & Bill, edited A.A. Way Life, became As Bill Sees It (G 27) (P 360)

dot.jpg Jennie B. -founding mother Boston A.A., daughter Back Bay family, 1st woman A.A. Boston, 1 Paddy K.'s 1st 2 successes (A 96) (P 251, 257-258)

dot.jpg Jessica Bove -nonalcoholic secretary New York A.A.; wrote Grapevine [From Outside Looking In] (G 41)

dot.jpg Jim B. -early New York A.A., salesman, co-leader with Hank P. Big Book liberals, less God stuff, strong psychological emphasis; helped start Philadelphia group; former atheist, involved phrase God as we understood Him in Steps; 1 1st 10 A.A.'s eastern U.S.; donated 1st printing & 1st edition Big Book archives; tried to get bookstore carry Big Book (A 163) (B 282, 295) (G 22, 111, 129) (H 201, 363) (N 75)

dot.jpg Jim Beebe -acquaintance Bill's grandparents, couldn't learn drive car (P 46)

dot.jpg Jim Newton -Oxford Group member, supported A.A. (G 69)

dot.jpg Jim S. -former Akron journalist, found by Dr. Bob skid row selling hair oil & panhandling, interviewed & helped all Akron & Cleveland men Big Book (A 164) (D 154) (H 359) (L 113) (P 200) (W 180)

dot.jpg Jim W. (James Russell Lowell W.) -confidence man, disappeared A.A. history (L 123)

dot.jpg Jimmy B. -early New York A.A.; salesman; opposed strong reference God, insisted toning down "God" references both steps & Big Book; went Philadelphia found needed fellow alcoholics around stay sober, started group 1940; responsible start A.A. Baltimore; story [Vicious Cycle] 2nd & 3rd editions Big Book (A 17) (L 198) (P 199, 214, 244-245, 258)

dot.jpg Joan C. -best friend Mrs. Griffin who built Stepping Stones Wilson's house, helped work plan Wilson's could afford it (L 133) (P 259-260)

dot.jpg Joan Jones -Lois's fathers 2nd wife (L 84)

dot.jpg Joe -checked Bill's hat & coat at function, former member Al Capone gang (A 102) (B 344)

dot.jpg Joe D. -early Akron A.A. Catholic member (D 112) (N 84)

dot.jpg Joe Hirshhorn -millionaire, Wall Street big shot, legend; brilliant financier; wife Olga; employed Bill early 1930's no 1 else would; famous art collector, endowed museum [Hirshhorn] part Smithsonian Institution; hired Bill analyze & evaluate companies early 1930's; parted company, Bill disgraced himself assignment Canada; renewed relationship 1962; met La Guardia Airport Bill said he number 1 drunk America (B 175, 357) (G 71) (L 75-76) (P 93, 379)

dot.jpg Joe M. -New Yorker magazine writer; most believe thought Big Book title Alcoholics Anonymous; sober on & off (P 202) (W 160)

dot.jpg Joe McQ. -1st black A.A. Little Rock Arkansas 1962; participated Charlie P. Big Book seminars (G 112)

dot.jpg Joe P. -joined A.A. 1942, Dr. Bob's fellow Dartmouth College alumnus (D 18, 191)

dot.jpg Joe Reed -friend Bill's from East Dorset (L 52)

dot.jpg Joe T. -tried get Bill job Torpedo Motor Company unsuccessful (L 130)

dot.jpg Joe W. -1 founders popular & sophisticated magazine, 1st literacy light, came from Bowery, made burning issue name Alcoholics Anonymous for Big Book (A 166)

dot.jpg John B. -general manager General Service Office 1988 (G 144)

dot.jpg John C. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

dot.jpg John D. Rockefeller Jr. -ardent champion Prohibition, extremely wealthy; helped A.A. steer clear trap professionalism not giving them much money; asked donate $50,000 money A.A., donated $5,000 treasury Riverside Church Bill & Dr. Bob personal use, $3,000 pay off mortgage Dr. Bob's, then both get $30 monthly (A vii) (B 276) (L 109) (SM 9) (P 181)

dot.jpg John Gammeter -neighbor Henrietta Seiberling, asked put Bill up Portage Country Club; self-made man son washer-woman, started B.F. Goodrich Company (P 144)

dot.jpg John Geroldsek -brotherhood member Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York; heavy-set man, house painter, lived outside mission (P 117)

dot.jpg John Jackson -Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford pall bearer (P 36)

dot.jpg John R. -joined A.A. April 1939, husband Elgie R., 12 stepped Ethel & Rollo M., barbershop West Exchange Street, Dr. Bob stopped in couple minutes chat mornings & evenings (D 80, 128, 243, 277)

dot.jpg John Ryder -New York advertising executive, active Oxford Group member 1930's; friend Bill's, knew Bill from Calvary Mission days, supported him (G 69) (P 173)

dot.jpg John S. -joined A.A. Akron January 1940 (D 146, 275)

dot.jpg John W. -help group Richmond Virginia realize A.A. was not to get away wives & drinking beer at meetings (B 319)

dot.jpg John E. F. Wood -young attorney recruited legal work establishing A.A. foundation, became Alcoholic Foundation, 1 1st nonalcoholic member Alcoholic Foundation (A 151-152) (E 18) (H 61) (P 188)

dot.jpg Johnny Howe -Kaye M. gave him copy Big Book; Los Angeles Probation Department, with Kaye M. dug up alcoholics who started A.A. West Coast (A 91-92) (P 266)

dot.jpg Johnny P. -Detroit A.A., traveled a lot, inspired many A.A.,s band together, start meetings; started A.A. Kansas City Kansas (A 95) (L 141)

dot.jpg Johnny R. -Oxford member, wife Elgie, joined A.A. March 1, 1939 (C 50)

dot.jpg Jolly -nickname Bill's grandfather, not cause jolly, cause used word colloquially (P 28)

dot.jpg Jud O. -joined A.A. 1939, wife Dorothy O. (D 230, 233)

dot.jpg Judge Benner -former probate judge, 40 years chairman board, City Hospital (D 130)

dot.jpg Judge Cutis Bok -owner & publisher Saturday Evening Post magazine; heard about A.A. 2 Philadelphia friends Drs. A. Wiese Hammer & C. Dudley Saul; asked Jack Alexander do A.A. story (A 18, 190) (H 63, 181, 363) (L 131) (N 100) (P 244-245)

dot.jpg Judge Walter Perrin Smith -Dr. Bob's father, on Caledonia Country [Vermont] Probate court, state attorney various times, member state legislature, superintendent St. Johnsbury schools, director Merchants National Bank, president Passumpsic Savings Bank, taught Sunday school 40 years, died 1918, didn't see son attain permanent sobriety (D 9-10)

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