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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg M. D. Kuhlke -firm Kuhlke Machine Co. merged National Rubber Machinery Company 1928, instrumental proxy fight brought Bill Akron (P 158)

dot.jpg Mac -early New York A.A., folks didn't think make it, did (P 227)

dot.jpg Madeline V. -early Akron A.A. (D 283)

dot.jpg Maeve -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

dot.jpg Mag V. -wife Bob V.; farm house Wilson's stayed fall 1939 with rooms called Upper & Lower Siberia cause so cold, located Bog Hollow Monsey New York (A 11, 179) (B 291) (L 122, 127) (P 218)

dot.jpg Margaret D. -wife Herb D., attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (P 162)

dot.jpg Margaret M. -ran drying out farm Ballston Spa New York, Ebby Thatcher stayed there, care for by Margaret (L 118)

dot.jpg Marie B. -wife Walter B. Cleveland A.A., 1st officially registered alcoholic patient Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia officially registered St. Thomas August 1939; Akron records state wrote chapter Big Book To Wives; wrote personal account 1st edition Big Book story section (A 164) (D 152) (S 122)

dot.jpg Marion Weaver -non A.A. office worker (P 321)

dot.jpg Mark Whalon -Bill's close childhood friend, met spring or early summer 1908, had influence Bill's boyhood, 10 years older, sort uncle or father, worked summer jobs together, help string 1st telephone lines into East Dorset, hunted & fished together, shared interest Vermont history, drank together; died 1956 (B 42-43) (D 91) (L 32) (N 11, 16) (P 22, 49, 364) (W 141)

dot.jpg Marshall B. -early Los Angeles A.A. helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M. (A 92)

dot.jpg Marty C. -patient Harry Tiebout; friend Grennie C. (G 66)

dot.jpg Marty Mann -1 1st females sober A.A., 1st A.A. woman achieve lasting sobriety, came meetings Bill & Lois's; A.A. forcibly brought her while patient Blythewood Sanitarium Greenwich Connecticut; age 34; Dr. Harry Tiebout gave Multilith copy Big Book; pioneered group 1939 Greenwich; sponsored Nora W.; 1 of original group publishing Grapevine; personal friend Bill & Dr. Bob, both publicly endorsed National Committee Education Alcoholism, names in letter head, 1946 solicitation letter for funds distributed causing look A.A. & N.C.E.A. together, caused terrible problems, impact 7th Tradition short form; broke anonymity Bill supported; became great pioneer field alcoholism education; 1943 attended 1st session newly founded Yale School Alcohol Studies countries 1st such educational program; founded National Committee Education Alcoholism [N.C.E.A.] October 2 1944, later National Council Alcoholism, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance; Time magazine article committee 1944; introduced Bill Dr. Harry Tiebout chief psychiatrist Blythewood; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California (A 3, 18, 181, 201) (B 302-303) (E 72) (G 12-13) (H 100, 189, 369) (L 124, 127, 146) (N 118, 126, 417) (P 210-211, 310, 319) (S ix)

dot.jpg Mary Baker Eddy -Christian Science founder, readings influenced Bill dangers single-person leadership (B 188) (G 25) (P 231)

dot.jpg Mary C. Darrah -author Sister Ignatia, alcoholic, under care Dr. Silkworth Towns Hospital (S iv, ix)

dot.jpg Mary Milotte -had influence Bill's boyhood, his teacher (B 42) (L 19, 33)

dot.jpg Matilda Spelman -Lois's mother (B 80)

dot.jpg Max -A.A.'s 1st German member (E 52)

dot.jpg Maybelle L. -wife Tom L. (D 120)

dot.jpg Mayor Houde -Montreal's major, supported A.A., threw party maybe 1st official reception any A.A. group received (A 85)

dot.jpg McC. -met Stewart's cafeteria after Oxford Group meetings (B 229-230)

dot.jpg Mel B. -Michigan A.A. (P 348)

dot.jpg Merle H. -wife Doctor Forest H., Los Angeles A.A. (P 287-288)

dot.jpg Michael Alexander -junior member Bernard Smith's law firm during designing A.A.'s General Service Conference; upon Smith's death came general counsel A.A.; 1976-1985 A.A. Trustee; 1988 Chairman Board (G 140)

dot.jpg Mickey McP. -wife Margaret; had rest farm Ballston Spa near Schenectady New York; Ebby T. spent last 2 years life (G 99)

dot.jpg Midge M. -Bob H.'s administrative assistant; helped Nell Wing archives; secretary Trustees' Archives Committee (G 126-127)

dot.jpg Millie -Emily Wilson's sister (P 13)

dot.jpg Mike -early Detroit A.A. Archie T. helped, assisted A.A. Detroit growth (A 24)

dot.jpg Mike R. -pioneer A.A. Oklahoma; chairman Trustee's Archives Committee; initiated Markings On Journey 1979 (G 109-110, 131)

dot.jpg Monsignor Fulton Sheen -nationally popular man cloth; radio show [Catholic Hour]; then monsignor, later bishop; met with Bill Saturday's better part year explain Catholicism (G 48) (N 52) (P 281)

dot.jpg Morgan R. -Irish Catholic, ex-adman; came A.A. early January 1939 recently released Rockland asylum; had friend on Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese, commissioned deliver mimeograph copy Big Book committee; asked someone Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese review advance copy Big Book, they did & approved asked word [heaven] changed Utopia; spoke popular radio program [We The People] April 25 1939 just released Greystone institution; other A.A.'s kept him under constant surveillance few days prior address, double room Manhattan' Downtown athletic Club; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940; Wilson's stayed his apartment about 2 months (A 168-169, 174-175, 183) (B 286, 295) (H 62) (L 115, 127) (N 47, 75, 90, 93) (P 201, 208, 215, 232-233)

dot.jpg Morris -Jewish A.A. St. Thomas Hospital alcoholic ward with Sister Ignatia, Irish cop sponsor (D 194)

dot.jpg Morris Markey -writer, Alcoholics & God] article Liberty magazine September 1939 (A 17, 87, 176-177) (H 145, 180) (L 116) (SM 11) (N 90) (P 223)

dot.jpg Mort J. -wife Francis; early A.A., book convert, came Los Angeles March 1940 from Denver & helped faltering group; hired meeting place Cecil Hotel; insisted reading Chapter 5 Big Book start every session (A 93-94) (P 266, 288)

dot.jpg Mother G. -mother 1st Ernie, Oxford Group matron (D 147) (N 55)

dot.jpg Mr. B. -Toledo's 1st A.A. hospitalization, wound obstetric ward Women's & Children's Hospital, only place take him (D 257)

dot.jpg Mr. Books -headmaster Burr & Burton, announced Bertha Banford's death (B 60-61) (N 12)

dot.jpg Mr. Cockran -Prohibitionist, lent Bert T. money keep Works Publishing going (L 116)

dot.jpg Mr. Eddie -Eddie F., U.S. A.A., sobered Boston, founder A.A. El Salvador 1954, called there Mr. Eddie (E 47)

dot.jpg Mr. & Mrs. Montjoy -vice-president hotel organization (P 288)

dot.jpg Mr. G. -put up money to help Works Publishing Company due Bert T. putting tailor shop collateral (A 177-178)

dot.jpg Mr. Grassroots -anonymous spokesman, Centerville U.S.A. portraying everybody A.A. 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 41-44)

dot.jpg Mr. Harrington -Dr. Bob's neighbor as youth, had dog Rover (D 14)

dot.jpg Mr. Parent -father Bill's sister girl friend Lillie, killed accident (P 23)

dot.jpg Mr. X. -what Dr. Harry Tiebout called Bill in papers when quoting him; also referred Clarence S. pamphlet Dr. Dilworth Lupton; name liquor trade association wanted to refer their educator in their publicity (A 20, 108, 309) (B 335)

dot.jpg Mrs. Brooks -Burr & Burton's headmaster's wife, gave Bill singing lessons (B 54)

dot.jpg Mrs. Hall -admissions nurse Akron City Hospital (D 81)

dot.jpg Mrs. M. -wife Alex (D 147)

dot.jpg Mrs. Orvis -owner famous Equinox House, headed delegation Manchester's arrival meet 1st plane landing Manchester Vermont airfield; Bill & Ebby pilot Ted Burke drunk (G 58) (H 367) (L 76) (P 84)

dot.jpg Mrs. Smith -Dr. Bob's mother, lived see him attain permanent sobriety (D 10)

dot.jpg Mrs. Wylie -owner Blythewood Sanitarium, let A.A. meeting held there (A 18) (L 127) (P 216)

dot.jpg My friend postman -Mark Whalon (P 22)

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