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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg R. H. -Dr. Bob's nickname for self (C 157)

dot.jpg Ralph -worked press room A.A.'s 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 36)

dot.jpg Ralph B. -writer Alcoholic Foundation; frequent visitor Stepping Stones (G 145)

dot.jpg Ralph R. -married Bill's 1/2 sister Helen (P 330)

dot.jpg Randolph -West Indian Rosicruican elevator man 38 Livingston Street New York, tried keep Bill sober & when drunk safe, checked neighborhood bar's for him (L 71) (P 81)

dot.jpg Ray H. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

dot.jpg Ray McCarthy -1st administrator Yale School Alcohol Studies (H 189)

dot.jpg Ray W. -early New York A.A., atheist, went San Francisco 1940 business, told those there contacted by mail A.A. great stuff but put God out of it; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article (A 87) (P 247)

dot.jpg Ray Windows -close friend Dr. Bob's daughter age 12, Sue's first beau & 2nd husband, married her December 19 1975, died August 3 1989 (C 11-12,85,95) (D 93,106)

dot.jpg Reuben A. Holden -secretary Yale University; coordinator give Bill honorary Doctor Laws degree (H 205-206) (P 311)

dot.jpg Reverend George Little -Toronto minister credited introducing A.A. Canada (A 84) (E 35)

dot.jpg Reverend Lee Belford -member 1st Trustee Archives Committee 1973 (G 127)

dot.jpg Reverend Mother Clementine -administrator St. Thomas Hospital when Sister Ignatia there (D 189)

dot.jpg Reverend & Mrs. W. H. Bamford -Bertha parents, Bill's childhood sweetheart, Episcopal minister Manchester Vermont (P 35-36)

dot.jpg Reverend T. Willard Hunter -spent 18 years full-time staff positions Oxford Group & M.R.A.; states never heard 6 Tenets; supported A.A. (P 206)

dot.jpg Reverend Vincent P. Haas -Sister Ignatia ask look into A.A. meeting Kings School, check if A.A. allied Oxford Group (S 86)

dot.jpg Reverend Walter Tunks -Harvey Firestone's minister; Bill called from Mayflower Hotel lobby May 11 1935 get name drunk, Episcopalian minister, long-time Oxford Group enthusiast, gave Bill 10 names call, last 1 Mrs. Seiberling; referred Norman Sheppard; conducted Dr. Bob's funeral services 15 years later (A 66, 73) (B 236) (C 5, 35-36, 63) (D 64,344) (E 12) (L 95) (N 27) (S 19)

dot.jpg Reverend Willard (Dick) S. Richardson -ordained Baptist minister; handled John D. Rockefeller's Jr. private charities, spiritual advisor, great friend; got Bill contact through Dr. Leonard Strong Bill's brother-in-law John D. Rockefeller Jr. & associates; present 1937 meeting John D. Rockefeller's office money raising; became good friend Bill & Lois; referred Dick Richardson; proposed Alcoholic Foundation be formed February 4 1938; Bill requested $50,000 turned down, given $5,000, $3,000 pay Dr. Bob's mortgage rest Bill & Dr. Bob get $30 monthly, became sold on A.A., offered services; called Uncle Dick;, 1 1st Alcoholic Foundation board member (A 14, 147, 148, 151-152) (B 274) (E 18) (G 98) (H 59, 62, 142-143, 146, 177, 192, 195) (L 108, 197) (SM 9) (N 65) (P 181, 183, 188, 232) (W 159)

dot.jpg Rex -1 founding members A.A. Sydney Australia Sydney late 1944, Australia's 1st A.A. secretary (A 86) (E 41)

dot.jpg Ricardo -inmate San Quentin, continuously helpful from beginning bringing A.A. San Quentin (A 89)

dot.jpg Richard P. -1st sober A.A. Ireland, Connor F. Philadelphia tavern owner helped (A 83) (E 43)

dot.jpg Richard Peabody -lay therapist treatment alcoholism, author [Common Sense Drinking], recovering alcoholic (P 176)

dot.jpg Robbie (Robert) -11 year old boy Goldfoots were raising, got close with Bill during time worked Goldfoots farm make money during motorcycle trip 1925 (B 151) (L 42)

dot.jpg Robert Griffith -cousin Bill's, Brattleboro (P 27)

dot.jpg Robert H. -Bill wrote 1959 about loneliness (G 76)

dot.jpg Robert J. Roth -associate professor philosophy Fordham University; wrote William James & Alcoholics Anonymous, magazine America July 1965 based discussions & sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

dot.jpg Robert Lee Brown -sharecropper trying raise tobacco, very poor, invited Bill & Lois who on road share Christians dinner 1928, turnip greens, sweet potato custard (B 158)

dot.jpg Robert Ripley Smith -Dr. Bob's son born June 5 1918, nickname Smitty, started drinking 16, alcoholic (A 68) (C 2, 99, 120, 154) (D 10)

dot.jpg Robert Shaw -lawyer, friend Willard S. Richardson, early Board member (A 186)

dot.jpg Robert Smith -wrote acceptable script about A.A. for Paramount Pictures middle 1940's (G 8)

dot.jpg Robert Thomsen -Bill's biographer, author Bill W. (N 13) (P 379)

dot.jpg Roberto C. -12 stepped by Carlo I., together translated Big Book Italian, gave 1st Italian Big Book Lois 1980 International Convention New Orleans (E 51-52) (G 110)

dot.jpg Roger Burnham -Lois Burnham's brother & friend Bill's, told Lois of Bill, Lois's best man wedding; died December 1970 (B 111) (G 57) (L 74) (P 39, 58)

dot.jpg Roger Perkins -senior class member Burr & Burton, pall bearer Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart (P 36)

dot.jpg Roger Williams -T. Williams direct descendant founder Rhode Island & champion religious freedom colonial America (P 145)

dot.jpg Roland J. -spiritualist Doc Bob talked late 1930's (D 311)

dot.jpg Rollicking Rollie -nickname Rollie Hemsley (D 251) (N 85-86) (P 236)

dot.jpg Rollie Hemsley -nickname Rollicking Rollie, early Cleveland A.A., famous baseball player, catcher Cleveland Indians caught Bob Feller no-hitter May 1940, 1 1st big names go public 1939 revealed been sober in A.A., caused lot publicity, sports reporter really responsible; Rollie; recruiting officer Akron fellowship, stayed awhile Oxford Group A.A. split (A 24) (B 300) (D 167, 204, 218, 251) (L 146) (N 85-86, 95) (P 236)

dot.jpg Rollo M. -joined A.A. May 1941, wife Ethel M., also A.A., 12 stepped by John & Elgie (D 223, 243-244)

dot.jpg Roscoe M. -husband Ethel M., 1st A.A. women stay sober any time, credited having longest uninterrupted sobriety any women (S 124)

dot.jpg Rose Landon -neighbor Bill's while staying with grandparents (P 29)

dot.jpg Rowland Hazard -met Stewart's cafeteria after Oxford Group meetings; drunk through fortune, carried message Ebby; former Rhode Island state senator, investment banker, senior director chemical company, concerned his drinking saw Dr. Carl Jung psychiatrist & psychoanalyst Switzerland 1930, treated about year, drunk again, returned more treatment, Jung told science can't help need spiritual awakening & ally himself religious group, did, Oxford Group 1931 & found sobriety, with Cebra G. interceded judge accepting, responsibility Ebby August 1934, helped Ebby find sobriety; died 1945 (B 229-231) (E 10) (H 276-277, 282) (L 93) (N 8, 9, 21, 33) (P 113-115, 128) (W 154-155)

dot.jpg Roy Y. -1st Texan get sober & stay sober, contacted Larry J. newspaper man from Cleveland who wrote 6 A.A. articles Houston Press, Army sergeant, stationed Tampa started 1st groups Florida west coast (A 24) (D 259)

dot.jpg Rum hound from New York -how Bill described himself to Henrietta Seiberling May 11, 1934 (D 60)

dot.jpg Russ -childhood friend Bill's, communicated with Morse Code Rutland (P 22-23)

dot.jpg Russ R. -once partner Time-Life, atheist, stayed with Wilson's over year (B 263) (L 119) (P 164)

dot.jpg Ruth G. -wife Ernie G., the 2nd 1 (D 141)

dot.jpg Ruth Hock Crecelius -nonalcoholic, Hank P.'s Honor Dealers organization secretary, came work Bill & Hank P. 1936 Hanks office 17 William Street Newark; Bill's 1st secretary & office manager 1936-1942; Bill & Hank P.; nicknamed Dutch & Duchess; native Newark, grew up thrifty German family, attended German-speaking church, lived ethnic section city, divorced 24; 1st national A.A. secretary, went without pay for time, became Bill's sectary typed manuscript Big Book Bill dictated, wanted little mention God steps & Big Book; Serenity Prayer brought her 1941; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; given 5 millionth copy Big Book 50th International Convention Montreal 1985, typed original manuscript 1938; died spring 1986 (A 16, 159, 166, 195-196) (B 277, 292) (D 167) (E 18, 20) (G 61, 82, 111-112) (H 106, 144, 152) (L 111, 141) (N 99, 297) (P 191-193, 199, 241, 247) (W 160, 179)

dot.jpg Ruth R. -wife Eddie R. 1st person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help, failed underlying mental illness manic depressive, Ruth surrendered in Oxford Group; they 2 children lived Dr. Bob & Annie; caused lot problems, Eddie threatened Annie with butcher knife (B 249) (C 5, 41-42) (D 77-78, 80, 99) (L 97) (P 151-152)

dot.jpg Ruth S. -friend Wilsons, husband Wilbur S., drove them see Stepping Stones (L 133)

dot.jpg Ruth T. -joined A.A. spring 1939, from Toledo, well-to-do woman, hosted A.A. meetings her house (D 242, 256)

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