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Whos's Who in AA History
that begin with the letter:


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dot.jpg S. J. Minogue -Australian psychiatrist associated Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney, later 1942 wrote G.S.O. (A 85)

dot.jpg Sadie -patient Dr. Dan Craske Chicago mid 1939 (A 22)

dot.jpg Sam -high-powered Yankee preacher shortly after beginning A.A. Atlanta sparked growth (A 25)

dot.jpg Sam -early Chicago A.A. Earl T. worked with, wife Tee (A 22)

dot.jpg Sam C. -started A.A. meeting, others didn't like (D 271)

dot.jpg Sarah Klein -nonalcoholic friend Archie T., helped start A.A. group Detroit 1939 (A 24) (D 182)

dot.jpg Sarah Martin -name Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article given Marty M. anonymity (P 248)

dot.jpg Scientist -nickname Christian Science's (P 230)

dot.jpg Sheila T. -helped Nell Wing & Harriet G. archives (G 126)

dot.jpg Shep Cornell -Vermont; done considerable drinking with Ebby T.; been conduct Oxford group, tried help Ebby; went Ebby see Bill Ebby's 2nd visit; Bill disliked him, reminded rich Burr & Burton boys; came Tuesday night meetings Bill's house; went Bill & Lois Oxford Group meetings Calvary Episcopal Church 4th Avenue (B 211) (L 91) (N 17-18) (P 113, 116, 162) (W 151)

dot.jpg Shepherd -early New York A.A., folks thought would make it, didn't (P 227)

dot.jpg Sherry Day -clergyman converted by Dr. Frank Buchman (P 127-128)

dot.jpg Sibley D. -Marty M. found her Bellevue Hospital, guest Stepping Stones, talented violinist, didn't stay sober (L 139)

dot.jpg Sidney Lang -foremost bridge expert (D 296)

dot.jpg Silas B. -Bill worked with Towns Hospital, once reporter Kansas City Star, wife Beth; Bill took to hospital after sober, thought he going die (L 102)

dot.jpg Silas Griffith -Gardner Fayette Griffith's cousin, Vermont's 1st millionaire (P 28)

dot.jpg Silky -Dr. Silkworth's nickname (P 126)

dot.jpg Sir William -Dr. Bob's nickname Bill, state occasions (D 46) (G 80)

dot.jpg Sister Francis -devoted & enthusiastic friend Wilson's, A.A., owned & operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut early A.A.'s New York & Connecticut took over drying-out place 1940's renamed High Watch Farm (A 181) (G 23) (L 122, 199)

dot.jpg Sister Mary Ignatia Gavin, C.S.A. -born January 2 1889; spiritual co-founder A.A.; sickly nun pioneered hospital treatment alcoholics; worked with alcoholics Akron 1928-1939; met Dr. Bob 1st time 1928, common with Dr. Bob mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes; called Angel Alcoholics Anonymous, Little Angel of A.A.'s, Little Sister Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Bob's nickname Ig; birth name Bridget Della Mary Gavin; directly helped 15,000 alcoholic, estimated 60,000 coalcoholic family members benefited her healing, teamed Dr. Bob St. Thomas Hospital Akron, together tended over 5,000 alcoholics, both opened doors 1st religious institution welcome A.A.'s; Bill registrar St. Thomas Hospital, charge admissions & bed assignments; pioneered 1st alcoholism ward utilizing Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy Akron 1939; 1st use retreat houses fortify spiritual recovery; talked Dr. Bob's wife almost daily; with Dr. Bob's wife helped Akron's 1st alcoholic women; among 1st address alcoholic's reconciliation with spouse & family; received Poverello Medal behalf A.A. December 7 1949; received admitted Dr. Bob & Anne St. Thomas Hospital 1949; wrote article [Care Alcoholics - St.Thomas Hospital & A.A. Started Movement Which Swept Country] October 1951 in Hospital Progress journal Catholic Hospital Association; last day St. Thomas August 7 1954, 23 years 11 months, went Charity Hospital Cleveland; received 1954 National Theta Phi Alpha's St. Catherine Siena Award; died April 1, 1966 (A viii-ix, 7-8, 67, 143, 206) (B 346) (C 6, 128) (D 45) (E 15, 72) (G 24, 92) (H 156, 204-205, 371-372) (L 145) (N 79) (SM 16) (S iii-ix, 1-3, 5-7, 9, 12, 17, 34-36, 42, 122, 128, 145, 149-151, 153, 185-186, 221,225-226, 240, 257, 273)

dot.jpg Sister M. Victorine -contemporary Sister Ignatia, established alcoholic ward St. Vincent's Charity Hospital Cleveland died January 1988 (A 20) (D 202) (G 24-25) (H 204)

dot.jpg Sister Merced -looked after 2 bed ward St. John's Hospital Cleveland (H 204)

dot.jpg Sisters Charity Saint Augustine -ran admitting office St. Thomas Hospital (D 45)

dot.jpg Sky pilots -Dr. Bob's nickname ministers (C 127)

dot.jpg Slim -name Bill used describe danger giving someone taking drugs alcohol (H 104)

dot.jpg Smit -Dr. Bob's nickname son (C 128)

dot.jpg Smithy -Bill's nickname Dr. Bob (D 255) (G 80) (P 331)

dot.jpg Smitty -Dr. Bob's son nickname also Smit, born 1918, wife Betty Smith married 1944, attended 45 anniversary 1980 international convention (C 99, 128) (D 10, 30, 303) (E 14,76)

dot.jpg Some people stayed Bill's house -Ebby, George H., Oscar V., Russell R., Bill C., Florence R. (A 64) (B 263-264) (L 105)

dot.jpg Spoons Costello -brotherhood member, kitchen worker Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York (P 117)

dot.jpg St. Francis Assisi -Bill admired, influenced by, patron saint (A 110-111) (G 22) (P 302)

dot.jpg Stan Ovshinsky -Detroit inventor, developed new cheap way converting heat directly electricity; formed company Energy Conversion Laboratories market idea (P 380)

dot.jpg Sugar -nickname few charge nurses Dr. Bob known & respected long time (D 48)

dot.jpg Sue (Suzanne) Smith -born February 15 1918, Smith's adopted 1923, married 24 years Ernie W. Galbraith A.A. #4 autumn 1935, divorced 1965, married Ray Windows December 19 1975, age 48 start drink 1966, helped type stories Big Book read it 36 years after published, Dr. Bob's nickname T. after character someone Hortensia Twitchbottom (A 6, 68) (C 2, 11-13, 52, 80-81, 128) (E 14) (L 77, 96) (N 316) (P 140) (S 31)

dot.jpg Sweetie Pie -nickname Lorraine Greim Ruth Hock's new nonalcoholic assistant, started work Newark January 1940; Bill nicknamed Sweetie Pie (P 235, 250)

dot.jpg Sybil C. -1st woman A.A. Los Angeles (G 112)

dot.jpg Sylvia K. -glamorous divorcee, $700 month alimony, 1 of 2 women Chicago group 1939; early Chicago A.A., Dr. Bob, Henrietta, Clarence & Dorothy S. worked with her (A 22) (D 180)

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