Who's Who in A.A. History

Many heartfelt thanks go out to Archie M. of Tennessee, who did much research in order to compile this cross reference file of "Who's Who in AA's History."

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(B) BILL W. -by Robert Thomsen
(C) CHILDREN OF THE HEALER -by Bob Smith & Sue Smith Windows as told to P. Christine Brewer
(L) LOIS REMEMBERS -by Lois Wilson
(N) NOT-GOD -by Ernest Kurtz
(S) SISTER IGNATIA -by Mary C. Darrah
(W) A.A., THE WAY IT BEGAN -by Bill Pittman

Note: Each snippet is referenced: examples are as follows: (B 147)=Bill W. -page 147, (N 283)=Not-God-page 283, (P 111)=Pass It On -page 111.

Many heartfelt thanks go out to Archie M. of Tennessee, who did much research in order to compile this cross reference file of "Who's Who in AA's History." Please feel free to contact Archie.

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Dot A. LeRoy Chipman -nickname Chip, John D. Rockefeller associate, looked after Rockefeller's family's vast real estate empire & some personal affairs; became sold on A.A. offered services; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; persuaded John D. Rockefeller loan A.A. $8,000; trustee & treasurer board Alcoholic Foundation April 1938; (A 15, 148, 151, 180, 189) (B 274, 277) (H 59, 148, 194) (SM 13) (P 184)

Dot A.A.'s & friends at Rockefeller's A.A. dinner -BillDr. BobPaul S.,Clarence S., Morgan R., Dr. Russell Blaisdell [Rockland State Hospital], Dr. Silkworth, Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick [religion], Dr. Foster Kennedy [medical profession], Nelson Rockefeller son chaired father sick (A 182-183) (H 62, 146) (SM 11) (P 233)

Dot Ab A. -wealthy Oklahoman offered Bill $60,000 pay debts (P 351)

Dot Abbot -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Abby G. -wife Grace; early Cleveland A.A. lawyer, sometimes known as Al G., entered hospital April 17 1939; 1st A.A. group Cleveland his home May 18 1939 16 members; 1st chairman central committee Cleveland October 1939, set principle A.A. rotation (A 21) (D 164-165, 202) (G 24) (N 78, 88) (S 32)

Dot Abercrombie -nickname J.D.H. given by Dr. Bob (D 46, 111)

Dot Agnes M. -Fitz M.'s sister, administrator Corcoran Art School Washington D.C., lent Works Publishing Company $1,000 help pay printer publish Big Book (A18) (L 101-102)

Dot Agnes S. -Los Angeles A.A., husband Bill S. (P 288)

Dot Al G. -sometimes known Abby G. (D 164) (G 24)

Dot Al M. -joined A.A. Los Angeles around 1941, on 12 Step call 2 weeks sober (P250)

Dot Al S. -New York A.A., joined March 1944; member early General Service Office; 1st meeting 24th Street Clubhouse; helped re-form Manhattan Group roots Wilson's house late 1935; help organize A.A. club 41st Street; help structure New York Intergroup, served secretary & director; George B. & he instrumental persuading Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward for just alcoholics under A.A. sponsorship 1st New York hospital do so; editor Grapevine late 1948, shifted editorial emphasis away drunk stories to you're not drinking now what, much do memorial issue Dr. Bob January 1951; served director A.A. Publishing Inc earlier name A.A. World Services Inc; helped public affairs projects DuPont Cavalcade America A.A. program created lot interest; 1958-1961 director A.A. Grapevine Inc & trustee General Service Board; composed I Am Responsible pledge 30th Anniversary Convention 1965 Toronto Canada, planned & produced documentary film convention A.A. Archives; friend Bill's; Bill sought advice all books; chaired dinner 1948 [maybe Bill's anniversary celebration] Dr. Bob & wife, Bill & wife there, so excited couldn't remember Dr. Bob's name; drove Dr. Bob 1950 1st International Convention Cleveland & back Akron; led spiritual meeting 1975 International Convention Denver; planned executed 2nd Ocean Roundup [Cruise Without Booze] Miami Bahamas back 1977; advertising & film person (D 322, 337, 339) (G 87-89, 104, 107, 137) (H391, 394) (P 339, 342)

Dot Albert Scott -chairman board trustees Riverside Church; associate & advisor John D. Rockefeller Jr, chaired meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; family owned newspaper Cambridge Ohio (A 14, 148) (B 274) (D 134) (H59-60) (L 109) (N 65-66) (P 184-185)

Dot Aldous Huxley -author Brave New World & Doors Perception, teacher, philosopher, pioneer New Age; correspondened Bill nearly 2 decades; introduced Bill through mutual friend Gerald Heard, called Bill greatest social architect this century; wrote Grapevine articles; wrote Man & Reality appeared souvenir book A.A. Today distributed 1960 International Convention Long beach; interested mysticism, psychic phenomena; close David & Lucille Kahn; died 1963 (B 365) (G 75) (P 368)

Dot Alec -nickname Buckets, young Finnish man Bill met December 1934 way investigate Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York operated by Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church, went with Bill to mission, took up residence their; Bill & Lois godparents when baptized (A 59) (B 214) (L 88, 91) (N 18) (P116)

Dot Alex M. -joined A.A. 1939 (D 146)

Dot Alfred Adler -Freud's colleague, Bill's mother studied under (P 290)

Dot Alice T. -wife Warren T., early San Francisco A.A., worked with husband persuade top management 1 America's leading railroads help alcoholic employees (A 90)

Dot Allen B. -trustee, chaired 1960 International Convention Long Beach California (G 101)

Dot Amanda Northrup -Dr. Bob's older foster sister, history professor Hunter College New York City (D 12-13)

Dot Amy C. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Angel Alcoholics Anonymous -Sister Ignatia's nickname (S iii-ix, 4, 34-35, 139)

Dot Annabelle G. -wife Wally G. early Akron A.A. (D 119)

Dot Anne B. -wife Devoe B.; friend Lois; meditation group met her house Chappaqua; Friday meeting once help Bill cope A.A. isolation, there Bill, Lois Nell Wing, Devoe B., Gerald Heard, Aldous Huxley, Dave D. David & Lucille Kahn, Edgar Cayce (G 13, 75-76)

Dot Anne C. -A.A., knew Dr. Bob before took 1st drink (D 34)

Dot Annie B. -wife Ed. B., early A.A. (D 274)

Dot Anne K. -early Detroit A.A., with Archie T. helped & assisted A.A. growth Detroit (A 24)

Dot Anne Ripley Smith -Dr. Bob's wife, married 1915; maiden name Anne Robinson Ripley from Oak Park Illinois, attended Wellesley, teacher; stated attending Oxford Group meetings 1932 with friend Henrietta Seiberling; convinced Dr. Bob go Oxford Group, regularly attended Wednesday night Oxford Group; Bill asked her write family (To Wives) chapter Big Book she said no; didn't attend daughter's wedding, suggested kneeling when giving self God; early 1936 organized wives group, Bill called her Mother A.A.; silent partner founding & developing A.A.; she & Henrietta Seiberling taught Bill & Dr. Bob start day quiet time, prayer & reflection; talked Sister Ignatia just about daily; with Sister Ignatia helped Akron's 1st alcoholic women; qualities love, courage, loyalty, humor, patience, thoughtfulness, humility, unselfishness, understanding, spirituality; mother 1st group Akron; died June 1 1949 age 68 heart attack (A6, 67) (B 237) (C 2-3, 6-7, 12,28-29, 42-43, 60, 83, 105, 132) (D 10, 16) (E 14) (G 71, 88) (H 353) (N 40) (P 140, 334) (S 114, 117, 121-122, 128, 130-131) (W180)

Dot Arba J. Irvin -Dr. Bob's Dartmouth classmate (D 24)

Dot Arch McKinnon -aided Dr. S.L. Minogue & Father Dunlea Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney (A 86)

Dot Archibald Roosevelt -former Trustee (A 208)

Dot Archie Roosevelt -trustee, thought Bill should not accept Doctorate Laws Yale University, other trustee's thought should, Bill didn't (A 32) (L 157)

Dot Archie T. -early Akron A.A., stayed with Smiths 10 months, started Detroit A.A. (A 24) (D 115)

Dot Arthur S. -stated A.A. Johannesburg South Africa 1946 (E 46)

Dot Arthur Wheeler -nickname Artie, son president American Can Company, hard drinker, introduced Bill Frank Winans Chicago banker, 3 formed April 8 1932 long-term speculative syndicate based on Bill not taking even 1 drink, Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack middle May 1932 (A 56) (B 180-181) (L 83) (P 90-91)

Dot Artie -nickname Author Wheeler (B 180)

Dot Autsin MacCormick -Commissioner Correction New York, Professor Criminology University California, penologist; served 2 terms trustee; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 6) (L 57) (P358)

Dot Barb - Wilson's spent night with her & Cy (P 214)

Dot Barbara Wilson -Lois's sister, maid honor wedding; worked Baylis & Co. introduced Bill there (B 111, 137)

Dot Barefoot Rose -Bill's next door neighbor East Dorset as child living grandparents, Bill Landon husband, town's librarian, responsible Bill reading great deal, had influence Bill's boyhood (B 26-27, 42)

Dot Barney B. -early Los Angeles A.A. helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M. (A 92)

Dot Barry L. -joined Manhattan Group 1945; doing desk duty clubhouse 41st Street, black man, ex-convict, all belongings on back, hair bleached blond, wearing makeup, dope fiend; asked Bill what do, no other blacks in A.A., Bill said if he a drunk that all mattered; anonymous author Living Sober (N 352) (P 317-318)

Dot Ben - early Sydney A.A. late 1944 (A 86)

Dot Bern - possible husband Evelyn H. who Bill wrote about slips (P 252, 254)

Dot Bern - nickname Bernard Smith (G 96)

Dot Bernard B. Smith -nickname Bern; international lawyer; nonalcoholic; chairman Alcoholic Foundation; trustee 1944-1956; chairman General Service Board 1951-1956; architect General Service Conference, convinced trustees change ratio more alcoholics on board then not; chaired, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955, Kiel Auditorium, A.A. became of age; only trustee supported conference idea, worked with Bill more anybody bring about General Service Board permanent successor to founders, brought majority trustees accept conference idea trial basis; helped Bill put together General Service Conference structure [architect conference]; due Bill's illness called New York 1970 Miami Beach International Convention deliver main speech; responsible 1957 new bylaws; died heart attack 1970 (A xii, 4, 47, 126, 186, 208, 212, 223, 256, 273-275, 281) (B 353) (E 19, 72) (G 96-98, 106) (H 380) (SM 17, 42, 106) (N 130, 251, 259) (P 328, 344-345, 358, 401)

Dot Bert C. -1 of 2 successes Paddy K. Boston group founder (A 96)

Dot Bert T. -early New York A.A.; held meetings elegant 5th Avenue tailor shop after Wilson's lost home April 26 1939, suggested his tailoring loft West Side more practical gatherings; put business collateral borrow $1000 keep A.A. afloat; with Horace C. discovered & guaranteed rent 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street Clubhouse February 1940; trustees early 1940's sent Chicago & Cleveland to sound out groups & get support groups supporting A.A. headquarters; early Board member; after Saturday Evening Post article went out to A.A. groups get contributions office expenses (A 11-12, 177, 180, 186, 192) (B 290, 319) (H 62, 64-65, 339) (L 116, 127, 172, 198) (P 216-217, 221, 224, 238)

Dot Bertha Bamford -Bill's 1st love, childhood sweetheart, daughter Reverend & Mrs. W.H.Bamford, 16 years old, prettiest, brightest, most charming girl, senior class treasurer Burr & Burton; president Y.W.C.A., died 5th Avenue Hospital following surgery remove tumor internal hemorrhage November 18, 1912, age 18, started Bill 3 year depression (B 56, 61) (C 4) (N 12) (P 35-36) (W144)

Dot Beth B. -wife Silas B. (L 102)

Dot Betty B. -young student nurse City Hospital, joined A.A. around 1970 (D 46)

Dot Betty L. -worked on 12 & 12 with Bill (A 219) (P 354)

Dot Betty Smith -Dr. Bob's son's wife, married 1944; father alcoholic sober after Betty brought him Big book 1944; goes A.A. meeting for self March 13 1979 (C 152) (D 303)

Dot Bill A. -well-to-do early A.A. Washington bought Preferred Stock Works Publishing Inc par value $1000; joined Fitz M., long loner Washington D.C. area 1940 (A 188) (P 257)

Dot Bill B. -MC Sunday activities 1960 International Convention Long Beach California (G 103)

Dot Bill C. -young Canadian alkie, former attorney, compulsive gambler, stayed Bill's house nearly year, committed suicide October 1936 gas stove; before died sold Wilson's clothes (B 263, 265) (L 105) (P 165-166)

Dot Bill Dotson -wife's name Henrietta; A.A. #3; man on the bed; hospitalized 8 times 1st 6 months 1935, 6 times & 4 months. lawyer, well-adjusted family man, former city councilman, financial director Akron suburb, attended church regularly; Sister Ignatia & Dr. Scuderi secretly treated 1934, blackened eye nurse in City Hospital, Dr. Bob & Bill went to see June 28, 1935; left hospital July 4 1934, never drank again; story 2nd edition Big Book, never submitted story 1st edition; didn't support General Service Conference idea; 1st Ohio delegate 1st A.A. General Service Conference 1951; died September 17 1954 (A6, 19, 71) (B 243-244, 248) (D 82, 326) (E 14, 64) (H xiii, 358, 360-362) (L 97) (N 37-39, 74, 151) (P 153-154, 225, 356) (S 11, 21)

Dot Bill E. -well-to-do early A.A. Washington bought Preferred Stock Works Publishing Inc par value $1000 (A 188)

Dot Bill H. -alcoholic greengrocer met Canadian mining engineer Bob B. early 1947, these 2 helped active A.A. group start London (A 83)


Dot Bill J. -early Akron A.A., salesman, slipped Cincinnati, stayed Oxford Group A.A. split (D 118, 218)

Dot Bill J. -Cleveland banker [probably bank teller], received requests for help (D204)

Dot Bill Landon -lived next door Bill's grandparents East Dorset Vermont, Old Frank's son-in-law, fought civil war, taught Bill how shoot rifle, wife Barefoot Rose, had influence Bill's boyhood (B 24, 42) (P 52)

Dot Bill R. -early New York A.A., 1939 Trustee; attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's with nonalcoholic wife, Kathleen (A 180) (L 102) (P 162)

Dot Bill S. -Los Angeles A.A., wife Agnes (P 287-288)

Dot Bill S. -early Cleveland Catholic A.A. (N 84)

Dot Bill V. -original Akron A.A., met & treated by Sister Ignatia 1936 (S 11)

Dot Bill V. H. -joined A.A. September 1937 (D 119)

Dot Bill Wilson (William G. Wilson) -Bill Wilson, William Griffin Wilson, co-founder A.A.; born 3 a.m. November 26 1895 behind bar East Dorset Vermont; mother deserted age 10 left care maternal grandparents, raised Rutland Vermont, mother Boston osteopathic physician; age 8 learned Morse Code, felt 1st American made boomerang; started secondary education fall 1909 Burr & Burton Academy; experience death 1st love Bertha Banford, pall bearer Bertha Bamford childhood sweetheart, started 3 year depression; pitched baseball Equinox Manchester team; took Massachusetts Institute Technology entrance exam failed most every subject fall & winter 1913 & 1914; played fiddle & cello earn money, entered Norwich University military college 1914 age 19; sent 1st Officers Training Camp Plattsburg New York, engaged fall 1915, married Lois Burnham January 24 1918 Brooklyn; commissioned 2nd lieutenant age 21, 1st drink age 22, rarely drank socially, moderately, drank 17 years; served WWI, sailed from Boston with 66th C.A.C. 5 months left WWI, aboard Lancashire troop ship, stopped panicked soldiers going topside from compartment loud bang heard; stationed outside Winchester England 1st then France, recommended promotion didn't get it due mistake in names someone else got it, discharged May 1919; took test work Thomas Edison passed, declined work; 1st exposure Wall Street investigative work United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company 1921, pursued dreams wealth, 1 Stock Market's 1st securities analysts, market trader late 1920's; had to be number 1, grasp potential idea that seemed insignificant others, see growth opportunities apparently ordinary situations, entrepreneurs's mind & imagination, challenge stimulated, interested psychic phenomena, mysticism; articulate, power driver, tunnel visioned, absented minded, loved tease, tell stories, giving nicknames; May 1923 Lois hospital 3rd ectopic pregnancy Bill often too drunk visit; before motorcycle trip summer 1925 Bill, Ebby, brothers drank together; October 1929 stock market crash, Bill $60,000 debt; early 1930's sank deeper alcoholism; formed April 8 1932 long-term speculative syndicate him, Arthur Wheeler, Frank Winans, based on Bill not taking even 1 drink, drank Jersey Lighting applejack middle May 1932, started 1st time drink escape & block out mind what he did; Christmas 1933 vowed stay sober 1 year, lasted 2 months; 1st went Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church mission November 1934 with Alex a Finnish buddy; 1933-1934 entered Charles B. Towns Hospital 4 times, met Dr. William D. Silkworth 1st person tell him alcoholism illness; entered Towns Hospital last time December 11 1934, 2nd night last hospitalization 1935, Ebby Thatcher visited told again Oxford Group & he not drinking; Bill 39 years old; December 13th or 14th spiritual experience read Varieties Religious Experience [William James] next day; discharged December 18; worked 6 months alcoholics, no luck; associated Oxford Group, Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Mission; attended 1st Oxford House party Richmond Virginia, went others Stockbridge Massachusetts, Pennsylvania Poconos, West Point; met Frank Buchman never became close; returned Wall Street April 1935, got involved proxy fight control small machine-tool factory Akron, May 1935 gone Akron annual stockholder meeting, Bill stranded Mayflower Hotel, called Reverend Walter Tunks name church directory hotel lobby, gave him list names, 1 Norman Sheppard, gave Bill Henrietta Seiberling's number, introduced himself Henrietta Seiberling rum hound from New York; met Dr. Bob Mother's Day May 12 1935 Henrietta Seiberling residence, sober 5 months when met Dr. Bob 1st time, lasted 6 hours; few days later moved in with Smiths; Dr. Bob called Willie; called Dr. Bob's wife mother A.A.; Dr. Bob's sponsor: 15 years younger Dr. Bob; responsible A.A.'s structural characteristics corporate poverty, lack personal authority, least organization possible carry message; avoided A.A. power & position; met Charlie Towns & associate Dr. Alexander Lambert December 1936, asked Bill work Towns Hospital; held meetings his house Tuesday evenings, usually 2 or 3 drunks staying upstairs; spring 1937 working out Hank P.'s office Newark New Jersey; December 1937 tried get John D. Rockefeller contribute money A.A., didn't get it; thought A.A. needed foundation create confidence get money, formed April 1938; started write Big Book May 1938, felt more umpire then author, dictated typist Ruth Hock; wrote chapter To Wives, asked Dr. Bob's wife, she declined; credited Sam Shoemaker giving knowledge 12 Steps; partnership Hank P. formed Works Publishing Company early 1939 publish Big Book, edited New York A.A.'s Big Book stories with Hank P.; attended & spoke John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940 with Dr. Bob; lived 1st A.A. clubhouse 334 1/2 West 24th Street; picture appeared March 1 1941 Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post article; November 28 1943 Bill guest speaker meeting San Quentin Penitentiary; conservative Republican; read paper Medical Society State New York annual meeting 1944, again 1949 American Psychiatric Association; summer 1944 started seeing Dr. Harry Tiebout series regular sessions for self; Dr. Tiebout in papers quoted Bill called Mr. X.; tried enlist Army age 46 during WWII, not accepted; believed clairvoyance & other extrasensory manifestations; turned down 6 honorary degrees including honorary Doctor Laws degree Yale University, 1951 nominated inclusion Who's Who America refused, offered Lasker Award refused for self accepted for Fellowship; began collecting A.A. history 1954; tried LSD California August 29 1956 under guidance Gerald Heard, present & guiding Sidney Cohen psychiatrist Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital, Tom P. there, invited close associates try LSD, Father Dowling did, Dr. John L. Morris [Dr. Jack] didn't, Dr. Sam Shoemaker, Lois did, withdrew LSD experiments by 1959; spent 15 years stepping down from A.A.; told Joe Hirshhorn La Guardia Airport he America's #1 Drunk; early 1960's used vitamin B-3, put together 3 papers B-3 vitamin helping treat alcoholism 1st dated December 1965, letters became talismans [anything whose presence exercises remarkable powerful influence human feelings, actions]; kept Dr. Carl Jung's letter talisman only income royalties Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age, 12 & 12, A.A. Way Life became [As Bill Sees It], retroactive 1940 requested, no royalties foreign editions, 1963 agreement with A.A. World Services bequeath royalties Lois, she permitted bequeath royalties part estate, 80% beneficiaries reached age 40 time agreement 1963 upon death beneficiaries royalties revert A.A.; received royalties Big Book; April 1996 board unanimously accepted Advisory Actions Conference: 1)board increased 21, 7 nonalcoholic 14 alcoholic Bill's last official Fellowships business; A.A.'s 1st historian; felt remorse those bought stock his suggestion before crash, made some recompense most cases; wanted drink 3 times after sobering up, Mayflower Hotel Akron, got jealous Lois helping alcoholics at house, taking medicine high alcohol %; wrote Carl Jung 1968; wrote over 150 Grapevine articles 26 year span; fell off roof spring 1969 beginning bad health; every April spoke opening dinner Conference, 1970 started speak couldn't; gave up A.A. leadership 1962; died January 24 1971 11:30pm Miami Heart Clinic 53rd wedding anniversary, emphysema complicated bouts pneumonia; burial & memorial service May 8 1971 (A vii, ix, xi, 1, 12, 38, 52-54, 56, 58-59, 62, 64-66, 87-88, 100-101, 115, 140, 157, 164, 183-184, 191, 195, 204-205) (B 15, 72, 111, 135-137, 148-149, 180-181, 144, 233-234, 236-239, 250, 263, 274, 277, 285, 295, 304, 325, 334, 345, 364, 368, 369) (C 4-5, 8, 29, 35) (D 125) (E 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21-23, 62) (G ix, 2, 23, 54-55, 60, 62, 75-76, 79, 80, 83, 105, 121) (H xiii, 59, 62, 66, 106, 142, 144, 147-148, 156, 173, 196-199, 205, 244, 245, 279, 283-284, 298, 313, 355, 367) (L 1, 13-14, 16, 18, 20-21, 25-26, 33-34, 37, 73, 75, 80, 83, 88, 95-96, 98, 103, 107, 111, 127-128, 131, 135, 138, 157, 162, 166, 171-172, 197-198) (SM 9, 11, 13, 35) (N 7-14-21, 26-28, 32-33, 35, 38-41, 63-64, 93, 98, 119, 126, 135, 251, 135, 251, 253) (P 13, 36, 54, 59, 68, 77, 126, 139, 142-143, 162, 169, 200, 232-233, 247, 272, 275, 311, 350, 370, 371, 373, 376, 379, 385, 389, 391, 396, 398, 403, 407) (S ix, 5, 17, 18-19, 119) (W 144, 146-148, 155, 158, 160, 162, 170, 173-174, 179-180, 186)

Dot Bill Y. -Chicago A.A. carried message with Clan F. to Pat C. Minneapolis 1940 (A 95)

Dot Billy D. -brotherhood member, assistant superintendent Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York, Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated (P 117)

Dot Bob - on 12 Step with Walter C., advised 12 Step brother Edith M. [his sister], advised 12 Step himself (D 257)

Dot Bob B. -Canadian mining engineer went London early 1947 met Bill H. alcoholic greengrocer, these 2 helped active A.A. group start there (A 83)

Dot Bob E. -wealthy banker, relied entirely Dr. Bob's wife sobriety joined A.A. February 1937, made address books, member Akron's wealthiest families (C132) (D 101, 146) (N 53)

Dot Bob F. -picture appeared Jack Alexander article March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post (P 247)

Dot Bob Feller (Robert William Andrew) -pitched no-hit baseball game Cleveland Indians May 1940 Rollie H. caught, caused lot publicity (D 251) (N 85-86)

Dot Bob H. -early A.A.; general manager General Service Office 1968-1974; close Bill when Bill receiving Catholicism training; set in motion notification Bill's death (G 2, 125) (P 255, 321, 402)

Dot Bob P. -G.S.O senior advisor, trustee, chief writer Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (N 266)

Dot Bob Smith -Dr. Bob's son born 1918 (L 96) (P 140)

Dot Bob T. -early delegate, Mississippi lawyer, drew up Conference resolution not to ask for Congressional Charter (A 126-127)

Dot Bob V. -wife Mag; farm house Wilson's stayed; rooms called Upper & Lower Siberia cause cold, located Bog Hollow Monsey New York fall 1939; started meetings Rockland State Hospital December 1939, executive pharmaceutical house, enthusiastic A.A. 1937, started several groups South American counties, slipped (A viii, 11, 179) (B 291) (L 122, 127) (P 218)

Dot Bobbie B. -replaced Ruth Hock 1942; former dancer, A.A.; present when some blacks came meeting with Southerners there, blacks were invited back as visitors (A 16, 195) (B 334) (H 66, 152) (L 141) (P 304, 317)

Dot Boss - Bill's nickname Dr. Burnham (B 127)

Dot Boys Central Garage -drove Dr. Bob home when drunk (C 117) (D 40)

Dot Brinkley Smithers -good friend Bill, chartered Lear jet Bill Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic January 24 1971 (G 1)

Dot Brooke B. -from Calvary Mission attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (L 102) (P 162)

Dot Brotherhood - those worked Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York, Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated (P 115-116)

Dot Brown family -very poor family shared Christmas dinner 1925 Bill & Lois during motorcycle trip (L 46)

Dot Bruce H. -1st use radio carry A.A. message Jacksonville (A 25)

Dot Bruce M. -met Dr. Bob 1942 & 1943, sober 1945 Canton Ohio (D 276)

Dot Buckets - nickname Alex, young Finnish man Bill met December 1934 way investigate Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York (B 214) (L 88, 91) (N 18) (P 116)

Dot Bud G. -Little Rock Arkansas so anonymous leader spoke behind curtain 1,200 people (L 143)

Dot Bud F. -Los Angeles A.A. (P 288)

Dot Buffalo Bill -circus performer (P 30)

Dot Bum from St. Louis -what Tom M. caretaker 24th Street Clubhouse called Father Dowling letting Bill know night 1940 he had visitor (A 38) (H 366) (P241)

Dot Captain Jack S. -native Maine, captain oil taker; discovered A.A. 1947; organized Internationalist's Seamen Group 1949 (A 82) (E 32) (G 10) (L 141)

Dot Carlin sisters -rented top floor 1933-1935 Wilson's house 182 Clinton Street(L 105)

Dot Carlo I. -member Italian parliament, 12 stepped Roberto C., both spearheaded effort publish Italian Big Book (E 51-52)

Dot Carlton Sherwood -friend Dick Richardson, successful money charity raiser, tried raise money A.A. failed; assisted in Rockefeller February 8 1940 dinner (A152, 182)

Dot Caroline -nurse, sister Dorothy S.M., wife Clarence S., been married Hank P. New York A.A.; took Multilith Big Book Chicago doctor (D 115, 180)

Dot Carry -houseworker Stepping Stones, niece Harriet often helped (L 157)

Dot Caryl Chessman -convicted murder, 12 years death row, wrote autobiography Cell 2455 Death Row; Jack Alexander suggested write Bill due believe close resemblance between criminal psychopath alcoholic both unconsciously destroy themselves, Bill wrote back; executed May 2 1960 (P 364, 366)

Dot Catherine (Katy) Grinnell -member rich family New Bedford Massachusetts, lost husband WWI, entertained soldiers (P 55)

Dot Cebra G. -Manchester judge's son, man done considerable drinking with Ebby, been contact Oxford group, he & Roland tried help Ebby, kept Ebby out jail August 1934 (L 93) (N 9) (P 113)

Dot Chan F. -Chicago A.A. carried message with Bill Y. to Pat C. Minneapolis 1940 (A 95)

Dot Charles B. Towns [Colonel] -owner & founder Towns Hospital New York City with Dr. Lambert, took management hospital father; asked Bill work his hospital December 1936; loaned $2,500 help Big Book get published; believed lack occupation greatest destroyer men, called them vagrant types, admit no 1 Towns hospital unless paid advance & backer; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California (A 13, 100-101, 115, 159) (B 257-258) (E 72) (G 72) (H144, 176) (L 107) (N 63-64) (P 101) (W 160, 163)

Dot Charles ("C. J.") K. -12 stepped Duke P. Toledo with Eddie B. both he & Eddie state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments summer 1939, read manuscript Big Book, got out (D 253)

Dot Charlie B. -alcoholic paired with nonalcoholic candy manufacture Vancouver British Columbia start AA groups there (A 84)

Dot Charlie J. -early Cleveland A.A. (D 167)

Dot Charlie P. -participated Big Book seminars Joe McQ. (G 112)

Dot Charlie Ritchie -had influence Bill's boyhood (B 42)

Dot Charley Richie -helped Bill's grandfather work farm (L 32-33)

Dot Charlotte L. -office worker March 1947 Alcoholic Foundation (G 5)

Dot Chet M. -former patient state insane asylum Toledo, signed out patients take Toledo meetings (D 256)

Dot Chip -nickname A. LeRoy Chipman (H 59)

Dot Chris -Dr. Silkworth sent to see Bill, rugged wire-rope salesman Paulson & Weber, got Bill job selling wire rope, came A.A. sobered up, slipped never came back (L 120, 130)

Dot Christine Bock -Bill's fathers 2nd wife, had daughter Helen, died January 6 1955 (B 73) (L 70) (P 80, 362)

Dot Chuck -wife Lee, 1st alcoholic arrive Los Angeles from East, artist, arrived just in time attend 1st home meeting Kaye's place Benecia Avenue December 19, 1939 (A 92)

Dot Chuck C. -Los Angeles A.A. (P 348)

Dot City folks -big city people vacation Vermont (P 39)

Dot Clarace Williams -wife T. Henry Williams, nonalcoholic, daughter Dorothy; friend Dr. Bob's wife, Oxford member, Oxford Group meeting house (A 19, 75, 141) (C 28, 44, 123) (D 57) (L 104) (P 145) (S 31)

Dot Clarence Griffin -Gardner Fayette Griffith's only son, died 1894 Colorado (P28)

Dot Clarence S. -wife Dorothy S.M.; early Cleveland A.A., started & founded group Cleveland May 18 1939 Cleveland Heights home Abby G., 1st group called Alcoholics Anonymous, 16 members; called self Father Alcoholics Anonymous; stated that group 1st use name Alcoholics Anonymous & initials A.A.; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940; 1st person split Akron meetings, led revolt & announced special meeting alcoholics apart Oxford Group; antagonistic & hostile bad mouthed Bill toward later years, loved Dr. Bob; leader small group dissident anti-Conference & anti-General Service Office (A 19, 183) (C 49, 131) (D 109, 115) (G 50, 103) (N 75, 78, 84) (P 232-233, 203, 224) (S 32, 155)

Dot Clayton Quaw -firm Quaw & Foley, firm Bill did most stock market investigations for (P 175)

Dot Clem L. -A.A. who Bill wrote 1948 about organized religion (P 283)

Dot Cliff W. -wife Dorothy; Mort J. helped get sober; California A.A. proposed Bill G.S.O. publish Bill's correspondence with Yale reference declining honorary degree (A 93) (L 157)

Dot Clifford Copping -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

Dot Clifford Wilson -pall bearer Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart bearer (P 36)

Dot Clint Frazer -Greenland Long Island New York, 1st met Bill J.K. Rice Jr. & Co. he telephone trader, drinking companion Bill's from good old days, introduced Bill Joe Hirshhorn, wife Kay, came A.A. 1948 (B 175) (L 75) (P 77, 93, 95, 161)

Dot Clinton T. Duffy -liberal warden San Quentin, 1st known corrections official country permit A.A. meeting inside maximum security prison 1942, Bill spoke 420 inmates November 28 1943; friend Bill's; spoke A.A. 15th anniversary; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; died 1982 (A 89) (E 62, 72) (G 74) (H 118) (P 289)

Dot Colonel Donovan -recommended Bill Supply Service March 1942 (P 272)

Dot Conor F. -Irish-born A.A., tavern owner Philadelphia started A.A. Dublin Ireland, 1st person helped Richard P. (A 83) (E 43)

Dot Curtis Jameses -honored troops preparing overseas, invited Bill's whole battery his Newport estate (L 23)

Dot Cy -Wilson's spent night with Cy & Barb (P 214)

Dot Cy Jones -Bill's brother-in-law, worked clerk insurance department New York Central Railroad for Cy (A 54) (L 30) (P 63)

Dot Dale A. -Seattle Washington A.A. (A 95)

Dot Dan K. -early Akron A.A., patient Dr. Bob's St. Thomas Hospital (D 192, 224)

Dot Dave B. -founder A.A. Montreal, 1st French members, sobered up reading Big Book sister sent him; alcoholic trustee (A 85) (E 37) (G 112)

Dot Dave D. -Palo Alto California A.A.; Bill wrote; introduced Bill Gerald Heard, british philosopher, anthropologist, metaphysician, radio commentator, mystery novelist, interested mysticism, psychic phenomena, writer, student Easter & Western religious (G 74-75) (L 143) (P 290, 378)

Dot Dave M. -A.A. member, personnel man DuPont, co-led industrial meeting with Jake M. A.A. 15th anniversary (H 118)

Dot Dave R. -Jersey boiler inspector brought A.A. Charlotte North Carolina (A25)

Dot David Cochran -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

Dot David Kahn -philanthropist; wife Lucille; interested mysticism, psychic phenomena; close Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard; long time friend supporter Edgar Cayce famous psychic (G 75)

Dot Della Gavin -birth name Sister Ignatia (S 1)

Dot Delphine Weber -friend Henrietta Seiberling, Oxford Group member, late 1932 called Henrietta Seiberling reference Dr. Bob's drinking (D 57) (N 31)

Dot Dennis Manders -long time non-alcoholic controller General Service Office; co-worker Nell Wing; prophesied at St. Louis Convention Bill's final stepping down A.A. leadership take years; charge taping April 1970 Conference where Bill couldn't finish speech (G 50, 60, 76, 96) (P 373, 399)

Dot Devoe B. -Husband Lucille B.; meditation group met his house Chappaqua; Friday meeting once help Bill cope isolation A.A., there Bill, Lois Nell Wing, Devoe B., Gerald Heard, Aldous Huxley, Dave D. David & Lucille Kahn, Edgar Cayce (G 75-76)

Dot Dick Johnson -Bill's Canadian friend, offered Bill job with his firm, Greenshields & Co. brokerage firm Montreal (B 169) (L 81) (P 86)

Dot Dick P. -perhaps 1st Spanish-speaking A.A., joined Cleveland A.A. early 1940, achieved citizenship 1963, manager Cleveland Central Office, translated Big Book into Spanish, finished 1946, (Alcoholics Comes of Age says Frank M. translated) gave Bill the book, tried start A.A. Mexico, no luck (A 200) (D 249)

Dot Dick R. -1st convert Earl T., Chicago A.A. (A 22) (D 177)

Dot Dick Richardson -Reverend William S. Richardson (A 114) (H 59)

Dot Dick S. -Paul S.'s brother, Dick tried get Paul in A.A. February 1937; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; liked Twelve Steps way 1st written; early Board member (A 162, 186) (D 111) (P 247)

Dot Doc -Bill's nickname Dr. Bob (G 80)

Dot Doc H. -Portland Oregon chiropractor (A 95)

Dot Doherty S. -responsible starting more groups Indiana than anybody (D 258)

Dot Don L. -1st alcoholic patient Rosary Hall St. Vincent Charity Hospital December 15, 1952 (S 175)

Dot Don V. -had good mortgage business, asked Bill investigate 2 companies, last job before giving A.A. full self, offered finance Stepping Stones (L 131, 133)

Dot Dora Strobel -daughter-in-law Bill's father-in-law Dr. Charles Strobel (L 53)

Dot Dorothy Brewster Wilson -Bill's younger sister, called Dot, married Dr. Leonard Strong Jr., paid Bill's hospitalization (B vi, 11, 188) (L 13, 86) (N 10) (P15,35) (W 139)

Dot Dorothy O. -wife Jud O. (D 233)

Dot Dorothy S. M. -wife Clarence S., 1st husband (A 19) (C 131) (D 115) (N 84)

Dot Dorothy Strong -Bill's sister, married Dr. Leonard Strong (G 98) (N 14)

Dot Dorothy W. -wife Cliff W. Los Angeles A.A. (A 94)

Dot Dorothy Williams -daughter Clarace & T. Henry Williams (P 145)

Dot Dot -early New York A.A., Wilson's stayed with (P 214)

Dot Dr. A. Wiese Hammer -wife Helen; Philadelphian, told friend Judge Curtis Bok owner publisher Saturday Evening Post about A.A. & have Jack Alexander do story; opened his house A.A. meetings, secured Philadelphia Group 1st meeting rooms, introduced Dr. Stouffer chief psychiatrist Philadelphia General Hospital A.A., secured treatment & visiting privileges Philadelphia General Hospital, attended with wife A.A. meetings for years, gave free medical & surgical aid every A.A. wanted it, visited other cities with A.A. members to talk A.A. up & paid their expenses, offered buy club house (turned down) (A 18, 190) (H 362-363) (P 244)

Dot Dr. Abram Hoffer -Bill met trough Gerald Heard, English psychiatrist working alcoholics & schizophrenics Canadian mental hospital Saskatoon Saskatchewan, involved research schizophrenics, tested 100s hospitalized alcoholics, gave them simple vitamin therapy B3 niacin; trying various methods break patients resistance, help through chemical means LSD 1954, worked with Dr. Humphry Osmond; thought vitamin B-3 helpful treating alcoholics; asked Bill work with them, did 6 years (B 358-359) (G 54) (L 159) (N 137) (P 368-369, 388)

Dot Dr. Anton Carlson -1937 with group scientists formed subsidiary body Research Council Problems Alcohol (H 187)

Dot Dr. Armstrong -name used preserve Dr. Bob's anonymity March 1 1941 Jack Alexander Saturday Evening Post article (D 171) (SM 13) (P 248)

Dot Dr. Bob (Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith) -co-founder A.A.; Robert Holbrook Smith, born August 8 1879 St. Johnsbury Vermont; only child prominent judge & mother over protective; entered Dartmouth 1898 graduated 1902, started drinking Dartmouth College, entered University Michigan pre-medical student 1905 age 26, forced leave drinking 1907, finished M.D. Rush Medical School Chicago 1910 age 31; 2 year internship Akron City Hospital, surgeon proctologist May 1929, opened office downtown Akron; married Anne Ripley after 17 year courtship 1915, son Bob 1918 & adopted Sue, opposed Ernie A.A. #4 seeing daughter, did not attend daughter's wedding; drank 17 years; wife got him into Oxford Group; hallmarks character simplicity, devotion, steadfastness, loyalty, loved tease, tell stories, giving nicknames; started attending Oxford Group 1933, regularly attended Wednesday night Oxford Group; nickname Noah due old Cadillac coupe called Ark; interested psychic phenomena; met Bill 1st time May 12 1935 Henrietta Seiberling's library talked 6 hours; last drink beer June 10?, 1935 before operation; co-founder Alcoholics Anonymous; said never 2 day period didn't crave alcohol; 15 years older Bill; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; attended & spoke John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940 for A.A.; expressed uneasiness admitting women A.A.; prince 12 Steppers, personally & medically treated 5,000 alcoholics no charge; avoided A.A. power & position; met Sister Ignatia 1st time 1928, teamed with her treat alcoholics, both opened doors 1st religious institution welcome A.A.'s; occasionally operated St. Thomas, appointed staff 1934, rarely came hospital without visiting Admitting Office; common with Sister Ignatia mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes; confessed drinking problem Oxford Group before meeting Bill 1939; ostracized from local church due Oxford Group affiliation; early alcoholic women enigmas, sometimes housed them basement, treated different men; received 10% royalty Big Book; last advise, keep it simple; 1st operation 1947, diagnosed terminal cancer 1948; last appearance, talk 1st International Convention Cleveland 1950; died November 16 1950 cancer (A vii, ix, 1, 6, 7, 9-10, 43, 66, 68-71, 87, 136, 148, 183-184, 206, 209, 212) (B 237-239, 242-243, 274, 295, 345-346) (C 2-3, 7, 12, 29, 40, 61, 105, 118, 124, 157) (D 9, 344) (E12-14, 20, 64, 71) (G 3, 13, 55, 77-78, 83, 88) (H 59, 62, 66, 113, 122, 142-143, 199, 357, 359) (L 95-96, 145-155) (SM 9, 11, 16, 109) (N 28-33, 38-41, 65, 79, 119, 316, 346) (P 139-140, 143, 232-233, 233, 316, 334, 342, 407) (S ix, 8-9, 17-18, 32, 114, 123, 140, 144, 186) (W 156)

Dot Dr. Bob's maternal grandfather -medical doctor, Dr. Bob wanted be doctor like him (D 24)

Dot Dr. Brown -Evanston Indiana, introduced exposed several patients Earl T. (A22)

Dot Dr. C. Dudley Saul -Philadelphian, told friend, Judge Curtis Bok, owner, publisher Saturday Evening Post, about A.A. (A 18) (P 244)

Dot Dr. Carl Jung -Switzerland psychiatrist, psychoanalyst; 1 founders modern psychology; treated & helped Rowland Hazard find sobriety 1930, patient over 1 year Zurich, opinion only thing help spiritual awakening, believe God not enough, suggested ally himself religious movement; Bill felt Jung top list responsible A.A.'s creation, 1 of A.A.'s founders; wrote Modern Man Search Soul; Bill wrote early 1960's; died June 6, 1961 (A 64) (B 231, 362) (H 266, 276-277, 282) (N8, 21, 33-35) (P 114, 381, 385-386) (W 154, 155, 172-173)

Dot Dr. Clarence P. -A.A. member chaired 20th Anniversary Convention's Medical Panel (A 235)

Dot Dr. Charles Strobel -Bill's mother's 2nd husband, cancer specialist Memorial Hospital New York, died June 1936 (B 154) (L 53, 106) (P 75)

Dot Dr. Clark Burnham -Lois's father, gynecologist & surgeon, Brooklyn, married Matilda Spelman who died Christmas 1932; remarried May 1933 Joan Jones ex-wife former minister, moved out 132 Clinton Street early 1933; died September 1936 (B 47, 79-80, 177) (L 1-2, 84, 106) (N 14, 25) (P 175)

Dot Dr. Dilworth Lupton -Unitarian minister Cleveland's 1st Unitarian Church, helped rapid growth A.A. Cleveland, preached sermon there room all creeds in A.A.; tried sober up Clarence S.; gave sermon November 26 1939 reprinted pamphlet form (A 20) (D 142, 162, 205) (N 84-85)

Dot Dr. E. M. Jellinek, Ph.D -Bill's good friend; nickname Bunky; world famous scientific, medical authority alcoholism, confounded National Committee Education Alcoholism, founded National Committee Education Alcoholism, founded 1943 Yale Center Alcohol Studies moved Rutgers University New Jersey 1962, author Disease Concept Alcoholism, developed famous Jellinek Chart [curve showing progression illness & subsequent recovery; invited Bill speak Yale Center early 1940's, after death Bill awarded 1st Jellinek Award; with Dr. Haggard began publish Quarterly Journal Studies Alcohol 1940; died 1972 (G 67-68) (H 100, 188) (L 145)

Dot Dr. Earl M. -learned A.A. from butcher; psychiatrist; A.A., close friend Bill's; co-chairman 20th Anniversary Convention's Medical Panel (A 4, 237) (P301)

Dot Dr. Ed Boyle -Miami Heart Institute, with Bill May & June 1970 trying get him ready convention July; Bill's doctor, on Lear jet January 24 1971 Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic; arranged Bill's body kept Miami until New England ground thawed Bill's burial (B 368) (G 1, 3) (L 160)

Dot Dr. Emily Griffith Wilson -Bill's mother, born 1870; divorced Bill's father left Bill age 11; went osteopathic school Boston after divorce; helped pay Bill's hospitalization; refused nomination inclusion Who's Who America; eccentric, kept no books, guest 1955 Intentional Convention St. Louis; Bill's nickname Hetty after famous Hetty Green, early part century amassed large fortune & wielded equally large political power died wealthy May 15 1961 nursing home Dobbs Ferry New York age 91, buried East Dorset cemetery Griffin family plot, 2nd husband died June 1936 (B 12, 41, 188) (G 37,39) (L 13, 106) (N 10) (P 13, 27, 350, 380, 387) (W 139)

Dot Dr. Esther L. Richards -John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, suggested having Number 1 physician wide knowledge alcoholic's medical & social problems write introduction Big Book, Dr. Silkworth 9 days later wrote it (N 332) (P 201)

Dot Dr. Forrist H. -early Los Angeles A.A. helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M., became marathon 12 Stepper around Los Angeles; wife Merle (A 92) (P 287)

Dot Dr. Foster Kennedy -world-renowned neurologist; attended & spoke John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940, represented medical profession; with Dr. Harry Tiebout & Dr. Kirby Collier responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies; defended A.A. in A.M.A.; endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society New York annual meeting; used term X factor explain what we call God(A 14, 45, 183-184, 204) (B 295) (G 67) (H 62, 145) (L 128) (SM 11, 15) (N 93) (P 232-233)

Dot Dr. Frances Weekes -psychiatrist Bill saw Friday's (P 335)

Dot Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman -born June 4 1878; reared deeply religious Lutheran home, Pennsylvania Dutch, baptized infancy, confirmed Lutheran Church Pennsburg Pennsylvania; student Muhlenberg College, Mount Airy Seminary; established hospice Philadelphia young men, had differences official board resigned; visited England 1908, visited Keswick Convention heard speaker, changed life, wrote letters apology 6 trustees Philadelphia hospice, seed Oxford Group principle restitution; founder, leader Oxford Group 1921 after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; strongly advocated 1 on 1 relationship helping others; principle sharing after conversion with son in house he guest; became YMCA secretary Pennsylvania State College, spent 7 years direct personal evangelism; 1st house party Calling China, became Oxford Group technique, guided make restitution & confession; met Samuel M. Shoemaker Peking January 1918; died 1961 (C 3) (D 55) (G 68) (H 196) (L 92) (N 48-49) (P130,386) (W 113-118)

Dot Dr. G. A. Ferguson -foremost Ohio eye specialist, took Dr. Bob home times when drunk (D 129)

Dot Dr. George Ferguson -friend Smiths, operated Dr. Bob's wife cataract, most prominent eye doctor Akron (C 145)

Dot Dr. Gordon Johnson -leading psychiatrist Oslo Norway helped, start A.A. Norway; good friend Wilson's (A 29) (G 72)

Dot Dr. Grinell -treated Bill around 1915, Bill enrolled Norwich University (P 45)

Dot Dr. (Reverend) Harry Emerson Fosdick -special friend Bill's; highly respected minister Riverside Church New York; completely satisfied Big Book, wrote good reviews June 30 1939 reprinted religious publications; spoke for religion Rockefeller's February 8, 1940 dinner; 1st clergyman recognize A.A. (Aviii, 14, 168, 173, 183-184) (B 286-287, 295) (G 73, 86) (H 62, 145, 177) (L 116, 198) (N 75, 93) (SM 11) (P 201, 223, 232-233)

Dot Dr. Harry N. -early Cleveland A.A. (D 201)

Dot Dr. Harry Nash -complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate Charity Hospital, 1st professional intervention 1941, received treatment; treated so many alcoholics called patron saint Cleveland A.A.; early treated alcoholics castor oil & egg soup called Dr. Nash's Formula (S163-164)

Dot Dr. Harry Tiebout -1st friend psychiatric profession; suggested to many you & must words in Big Book; endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society annual meeting; chief psychiatrist, medical director Blythewood Sanitarium Connecticut; Bill saw depression; began 1939 lifelong absorption thorough scientific investigation techniques and principles A.A.; long & close relationship, came firm friend Bill's; Bill started seeing series regular sessions for self summer 1944 ; 1 1st psychiatrists recognize A.A.'s effectiveness, see A.A. significant approach treatment alcoholics; supported A.A.; patients Marty M., Grennie C.; with Dr. Kirby Collier & Dr. Foster Kennedy & Dwight Anderson responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies; authored professional papers why A.A. worked so well, referred Bill Mr. X. in papers when quoting him; Class A trustee General Service Board 1957-1966; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; wrote Role Psychiatry Field Alcoholism 1951, Surrender Versus Compliance Therapy 1953, Ego Factors Surrender Alcoholism 1954; died 1966 (A xii, 2-3, 18, 167, 204, 235, 245, 319) (B 25, 303, 334) (E 19, 72) (G 66-67, 92, 97) (H 369) (SM 15) (N 126) (P 211, 295-297, 358)

Dot Dr. Howard -psychiatrist Montclair New Jersey; suggested too many [you musts], suggested remove all forms coercion, put [we ought] basis instead [you must] (A 167) (N 75) (P 204)

Dot Dr. Howard S. -general practitioner Cuyahoga Falls, A.A., helped by Dr. Bob, others (D 129)

Dot Dr. Howard W. Haggard -founded Yale Summer Studies programs with Elvin M. Jellinek; wrote article 1st Grapevine; with Dr. Haggard began publish Quarterly Journal Studies Alcohol 1940; transferred New Jersey became Rutgers School Alcohol Studies 1962 (E 28) (H 187, 188) (P 325)

Dot Dr. Humphry Osmond -English psychiatrist involved research, working schizophrenics & alcoholics Canadian hospital experimenting LSD; tested 100's hospitalized alcoholics, gave them simple vitamin therapy B3 niacin; Bill met trough Gerald Heard; working with alcoholics schizophrenics mental hospital Saskatoon Saskatchewan, trying various methods break patients resistance, help them through chemical means LSD 1954; worked Dr. Abram Hoffer, asked Bill work with them, did 6 years; thought vitamin B-3 helpful treating alcoholics(B 358-359) (G 54) (L 159) (N 137) (P 368-369, 388)

Dot Dr. J. B. Rhine -Duke University; Bill corresponded reference extrasensory perception (G 57)

Dot Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer -nickname Oppie; physicist, Bill met Trunk Bay Caribbean vacationing, asked Bill join him Institute Advanced Study Princeton, wanted Bill oversee & evaluate chemical composition neuroses, mostly depression, Bill didn't (B 357-358) (P 381)

Dot Dr. Jack -nickname Dr. John L. Norris (E 67) (P 268)

Dot Dr. Jim S. -physician originator 1st black group; Jim's story 2nd & 3rd editions Big Book; spoke A.A. 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 37) (P 317)

Dot Dr. John (Jack) L. Norris -nicknamed Dr. Jack; medical director Eastman Kodak Rochester New York; chairman board; nonalcoholic, helped change membership alcoholic majority, served A.A. 27 years trustee; early as 1948 investigated A.A. resource available help alcoholic employees; chairman Emeriti with Dr. Milton Maxwell International Convention Montreal 1985; spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California; Bill asked him try LSD, didn't; 1 favorite expressions Sponsor your doctor; gave Bill's eulogy; died January 1989 (A 5, 208) (E 67, 72) (G 29, 52, 72, 112) (H 194, 334-335, 339) (N 259) (P 268, 358, 371)

Dot Dr. Kaiser -doctor Toledo state asylum, let Chet M. sign out patients take Toledo A.A. meetings (D 256)

Dot Dr. Keith Ditman -research psychiatrist University California (P 375)

Dot Dr. Kirby Collier -psychiatrist, with Dr. Harry Tiebout & Dr. Foster Kennedy responsible Bill speaking 2 medical societies, endorsed paper Bill read 1944 Medical Society New York annual meeting, early advocate A.A. (A 2, 204, 244) (G 67) (H 370) (SM 15)

Dot Dr. Kitterer -ordained minister, trained institutional administrator, charge Deaconess Hospital Cleveland, helped set up alcoholic ward, got visiting privileges Dr. Bob & Dr. N. (A 20) (D 201)

Dot Dr. Leonard V. Strong Jr. -Bill's brother-in-law, husband Bill's sister Dorothy; osteopath; stuck by Bill lowest times, most deserted; Bill's doctor confidant, gave Bill physical examination 1928, confronted Bill drinking; arranged Bill's admission Towns Hospital 1933 & paid bill; set up appointment Bill & Willard Richardson, great friend John D. Rockefeller; essential link A.A. people around John D. Rockefeller Jr.; 1 trustees 1st board Alcoholic Foundation April 1938; 1954 resigned board due question more alcoholics then nonalcoholics on board, to involved with issue, served Board Trustees secretary died April 24 1989 (A 6, 14, 147, 151-152) (B vi, 188, 273, 277, 355) (D 142) (E18) (G 97-98) (H 59, 142-143, 192, 195) (L 34, 86, 108, 197) (SM 9) (N 14, 65) (P 99) (W 148, 159)

Dot Dr. M. -1 of 1st, if not 1st drunk Bill & Dr. Bob tried help, nothing came it, disappeared A.A. history (P 144)

Dot Dr. Meyer Texon -associate Dr. Silkworth Knickerbocker Hospital, filled in Dr. Silkworth 15th Anniversary, theme gratitude (H 117)

Dot Dr. Miles N. -1 1st A.A.'s doctor-members, prodigious A.A. worker & national authority chemistry drunks (A 95)

Dot Dr. Milton Maxwell -chairman Emeriti with Dr. John (Jack) L. Norris International Convention Montreal 1985; member 1st Trustees' Archives Committee; nonalcoholics trustee, chairman board; died 1988 (G 112, 127) (N273)

Dot Dr. O. Arnold Kilpatrick -psychiatrist in charge New York State mental institution, nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 6) (P 358)

Dot Dr. Oscar Olsen -close friend & enthusiastic A.A. since 1947; attended Seattle Convention 1990 (G 73)

Dot Dr. P. -early Sacramento A.A. (A 88)

Dot Dr. Percy Poliak -San Francisco psychiatrist was with Bellevue Hospital New York then San Francisco Country Hospital, impressed with A.A., gave A.A. group full support (A 88)

Dot Dr. Philip P. Thompson -Dr. Bob's Dartmouth junior year roommate (D 19)

Dot Dr. R. H. S. -Dr. Bob's nickname City Hospital, 2 other Smiths there (D 46)

Dot Dr. Regnikoff -New York Hospital doctor involved Lois's heart attack (P 361)

Dot Dr. Richards -Johns Hopkins; July 18 1939 letter implies Bill this time using Alcoholics Anonymous working title Big Book & name fellowship (P 202)

Dot Dr. Russell E. Blaisdell -head Rockland State Hospital Monsey New York, Bob V. started meetings there December 1939; let bus loads committed alcoholics go meetings South Orange New Jersey & New York City; asked Bill speak December 1939; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940 (A viii, 12, 183) (B 291) (G 73) (H 62) (P 218, 232-233)

Dot Dr. Sam Lambert -alone with Charlie Towns founded Towns Hospital, developed belladonna treatment used Towns Hospital (B 257) (P 101)

Dot Dr. Reverend Samuel Shoemaker -wife Helen; rector Calvary Episcopal Church; leading figure & leader Oxford Group during 1920's-1930's; met Dr. Frank Buchman China January 1918, inception ministry that meeting he decided let go self allow God guide him; converted by Dr. Buchman; became 1 Bill's closet personal friends; opened doors & made Bill see belief Higher Power not only change thinking feeling but become living force in world; Bill said from him observed most principles embodied 12 Steps; nonalcoholic spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; gave Bill & Dr. Bob all principles & foundation stones for program, Bill credited him for 12 Steps; died 1963 (A xii, 2, 38-39, 253, 261) (B 226, 261) (E 10,72) (G 97) (H 177, 277, 298, 379) (L 92, 103) (N 9, 24) (P 127, 358) (W 118, 175)

Dot Dr. Sidney Cohen -psychiatrist Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital, present guiding Bill taking LSD August 29 1956 (P 370-371)

Dot Dr. Thomas P. Scuderi -young emergency room intern St. Thomas Hospital, worked with Sister Ignatia on alcoholics, treated alcoholics until retirement (D51) (S 9, 144)

Dot Dr. Travis Dancey -Canadian, worked with Dave B. help spread A.A. Canada, 1st Canadian trustee General Service Board (E 36) (G 112)

Dot Dr. Victor D. Ippolito -junior assistant Dr. Harry Nash operating room Charity Hospital, told Dr. Nash not operate, 1st professional intervention 1941 (S 163)

Dot Dr. W. W. Bauer -psychiatrist, American Medical Association, nonalcoholic spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A x ii, 4, 235) (G 97) (P 358)

Dot Dr. William Duncan Silkworth -little doctor loved drunks; ran Towns Hospital; graduate Princeton, medical degree New York University-Bellevue Medical School, not psychiatrist, specialist neurology, domain sometimes overlaps psychiatry; lost life savings 1929, arrived Towns hospital 1930, resident physician Towns Hospital; theory alcoholism combination mysterious physical allergy & compulsion drink, defined alcoholism obsession & allergy, illness whole man body, mind, spirit, holistic approach physical, mental disorders; influenced attitudes fields medicine & social sciences; adopted A.A.; estimated treated over 50,000 alcoholics; met Bill 2nd hospitalization Towns hospital, profound influence on Bill; gave Bill information needed understand alcoholism, 1st person tell Bill alcoholism illness; told Bill wasn't crazy after spiritual experience, he had tremendous psychic upheaval; convinced Bill alcoholism obsession mind coupled increased physical sensitivity; April 1935 told Bill quit preaching at drunks instead talk about illness, tell them physical sensitivity & obsession, religion usually fills them guilt or rebellion; called Bill say had prospects 1937, 1st Fitz M. & 2nd Hank P.; wrote introduction Big Book; suggested to many you & must words in Big Book; wrote 3 articles alcoholism Medical Record; used term moral psychology characterize word fellowship; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8, 1940 (A vii-viii, 13, 38, 52, 63, 67, 143, 148, 167, 183, 206) (B 191, 224, 227, 233-234, 274) (C 4) (E 11-12) (G 97) (H59, 62, 156, 175-176, 197, 199-200, 243, 247, 278, 283, 297, 373) (L 85, 145) (SM 9) (N 14-15, 19-21, 65) (P 99, 101-102, 125, 133, 191, 201, 232-233) (W153, 156)

Dot Duke P. -early A.A., Toledo salesman, wife Katie P., 12 stepped by Charles ("C.J.") K. & Eddie B., admitted City Hospital acute gastritis, did 12 Step 36 hours sobriety Youngstown (D 150, 253-254)

Dot Dutch -Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192, 250)

Dot Dwight Anderson -with Dr. Kirby Collier persuaded Medical Society New York State 1944 later Psychiatric Association 1949 let Bill read papers about A.A. annual gatherings (A 2, 204-205) (H 370)

Dot Dwight D. Eisenhower -sent telegram good wishes A.A.'s 2nd International Convention (A 36)

Dot Dynamite Man -nickname Icky, explosive expert, commissioned blow up pier Houston Harbor, blew up wrong one (A 80)

Dot E. B. Watson -1902 class president Dartmouth, Dr. Bob's class (D 19)

Dot Earl T. -early Chicago A.A. founder Chicago group; suggested Bill codify A.A. experience late 1945, became 12 Points Assure Our Future then 12 Traditions; suggested reduce 12 Points Assure Our Future & Traditions shortened 1949 (A22, 203, 213) (D 179) (G 20) (H 154) (L 147) (P 225, 334)

Dot Ebby Thatcher -Bill's sponsor; Bill's childhood friend Burr & Burton school days, played ball with Bill, Manchester class mate 1 season Burr & Burton; family prominent Albany 3 generations kept summer home Manchester Vermont; sold insurance, worked investment broker, helped brother Major Albany New York; drinking made him problem there; 1929 he, Bill, pilot flew into Manchester airfield drunk, 1st people land there; drove drunk into house into kitchen, asked cup coffee; had alcoholic problem but visited Bill sober & brought program sobriety learned Oxford Group, came see Bill November 1934 sober, came back with Shep Cornell; asked Bill visit Calvary Church 23rd Street Oxford Group U.S. headquarters led by Reverend Sam Shoemaker; visited Bill Towns Hospital brought book Varieties Religious Experience [William James], brought Oxford Group message Bill; met Stewart's cafeteria after Oxford Group meetings; slipped 1936 after 2 years & 7 months, drank heavily afterward, longest sober period 6 years, got drunk taught Bill have faith in message not always messenger; got Bill going New York Oxford Group meetings; came live Wilson's November 18 1936, drunk May 1937 visitor 415 Lexington A.A. office during 1940's; Bill requested he receive monthly check life, did $200; guest Stepping Stones; died sober March 21, 1966 (A vii, 46, 58, 62, 64, 140) (B 202-204, 207, 211, 229-230, 263, 273) (C 4) (E 11) (G 9, 92, 98-99) (H196-199, 244-245, 277-279, 283-284, 298, 313, 367-368) (L 93-94, 118, 139, 197) (N 7-9, 16-21, 33-35) (P 34, 83, 177, 336, 393) (W 151, 154, 157)

Dot Ed -salesman Larry J. helped Texas (A 24)

Dot Ed A. -early Ohio A.A. (G 25)

Dot Ed B. -member office staff, Nell Wing 1954 write & research team Bill thought up; relative famous American painter, been successful writer & editor, alcohol ruined career; discharged Rockland State Hospital; laryngectomy unable speak; editorially helped Bill 2nd edition Big Book (G 15, 121) (P 354)

Dot Ed B. -early Akron A.A., wife Annie (D 148, 274)

Dot Ed B. Dr. -director Miami Heart Institute, A.A., friend Bill's (P 399-400)

Dot Ed E. -offer Bill & Lois use Connecticut farmhouse "Dun Nibblin", refused offer (L 125)

Dot Ed G. -early St. Johnsbury Vermont A.A., Fellowship Group member (D 300)

Dot Ed M. -early Akron A.A., had meat market West Exchange Street, Dr. Bob would stop in & chat (D 271, 277)

Dot Ed V. -Bill bought car old Stutz from him, rumor he took money went drinking (L 134)

Dot Ed W. -former sales manager, Bill took home try to sober up (B 233)

Dot Eddie B. -12 stepped Duke P., Toledo-based salesman with Charles ("C.J.") K., both he & Charles, state insane asylum Toledo voluntary commitments, summer 1939, read Big Book manuscript, got out (D 253)

Dot Eddie F. -U.S. A.A., sobered up Boston, founder A.A. El Salvador 1954, called there Mr. Eddie (E 47)

Dot Eddie R. -sent by J.C. Wright, 1st person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help, hoped A.A. #3, failed underlying mental illness manic depressive, atheist, wife beater, reason limitation 9th Step; prominent Youngstown family; wife university professor, wife Ruth surrendered in Oxford Group; he & her 2 children lived Dr. Bob & Annie; caused lot problems, threatened Annie with butcher knife; example ineffectiveness wet-nursing (A 72) (B 249) (C 5, 41-42) (D 77-78, 80, 99) (L 97) (P 151-52)

Dot Eddie Rickenbacker -pilot, plane crashed Pacific, Bill used analogy group survival (A 97) (H 36)

Dot Edgar Cayce -famous psychic (G 75)

Dot Edith Klein -professional librarian helped, Nell Wing archives (G 126)

Dot Edith M. -friend Wilson's (P 214)

Dot Edith M. -Bob M.'s sister (D 257)

Dot Edna McD. -wife early Cleveland A.A., county visiting nurse, helped get beds alcoholics Cleveland's Deaconess Hospital (A 20) (D 201)

Dot Edward Blackwell -president Cornwall Press, Cornwall New York (A 156, 169-170) (B 287) (H 145) (P 194)

Dot Eleanor E. -heard Dr. Bob & Bill speak 1946, didn't know who they were until 1966 (D 300)

Dot Elgie R. -joined A.A. April 1939, John R.'s wife, made address books, 12 stepped Ether & Rollo M.; Oxford member (C 50) (D 80, 128, 146, 243)

Dot Elinor R. -wife Frank R. Los Angeles A.A. (P 288)

Dot Elise Shaw -Frank Shaw's wife, matron honor Lois's wedding, Lois oldest, closest friend (B 111, 137) (L 11, 22, 74) (P 175)

Dot Elizabeth D. -wife Herb D., Americans carried A.A. Brazil (E 47)

Dot Ella Brock -Bill's grandmother, married Gardner Fayette Griffith, died 1921(N 10) (P 28, 70)

Dot Ella Goldfoot -owned farm Bill & Lois worked on during 1925 motorcycle trip (L 44)

Dot Ella Griffith -Bill's mothers mother, raised Bill since age 10 & sister Dorothy (P 25) (W 139)

Dot Elrick B. Davis -newspaper writer, probated from nuthouse, wrote 5 part series A.A articles Cleveland Plain Dealer, set off unprecedented wave A.A. growth Cleveland (A 20, 134) (D 203-204) (H 62, 180, 248) (N 83, 85) (P 224) (S 155-156)

Dot Elvin M. Jellinek -founded Yale Summer Studies programs with Dr. Howard W. Haggard; 1962 transferred New Jersey became Rutgers School Alcohol Studies; wrote article 1st Grapevine (E 28) (P 325)

Dot Emily S. -her & husband Harold S. constantly opened Flatbush home A.A. meetings (L 127) (P 217)

Dot Emma -cared Dr. Bob last days (C 61)

Dot Emmy Grinnell -member rich family New Bedford Massachusetts, husband gone WWI, entertained soldiers (P 55)

Dot Emma K. -A.A., cared along with husband Lavelle K. Dr. Bob & Annie last years 855 Ardmore Avenue Akron (D 17, 30) (N 336)

Dot Ernest Kurtz -historian, wrote Not-God (P 394)

Dot Ernest M. -attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (L 102) (P 162)

Dot Ernie G. -Dr. Bob & Bill found him, latched on immediately, early Akron A.A., wife Ruth, helped several groups get started western Ohio & southern Michigan (B 248) (D 141, 258) (L 97)

Dot Ernie W. Galbraith -A.A. #4; 1st young person 30 years old, 1st slipper, salesman, considered almost too young; drank 7 months after year sober; story [7 Month Slip] 1st edition Big Book, not 2nd due drinking; met Dr. Bob's daughter 1935, 14 years older, married September 1941, married 24 years divorced 1965; quit drinking 1946 (A 6, 73) (C 11-13, 48, 51-53) (D 92-93, 96) (P154, 225)

Dot Esther E. -started group Dallas Texas (L 144)

Dot Ethel M. -1st A.A. women stay sober any time, joined A.A. May 1941, credited having longest uninterrupted sobriety any women; husband Roscoe; weighed 300 pounds, Rollo M.'s wife, little guy, also A.A., 12 stepped by John & Elgie; died 1963 (D 223, 242-243) (S 124)

Dot Eugene (Gene) Exman -religious editor Harper & Brothers publishing company; encouraged publication Big Book after reading 1st 2 chapters, offered $1,500 advance turned down (A 153) (B 279) (E 23) (G 74) (H 143) (L 111) (SM10) (N 68) (P 193)

Dot Evans Dick -Oxford Group member got Bill job 1936 collecting proxies behalf investment trust Harrisburg Pennsylvania (L 105)

Dot Eve M. -former staff member, helped revive interest 12 Concepts (G 27)

Dot Evelyn H. -Bill wrote her about slips, possibly her husband Bern slipped (P252, 254)

Dot Everett -husband Dr. Bob's office girl Lillian (C 124)

Dot Father Dunlea -associated Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney with Australian psychiatrist S.J. Minogue (A 85)

Dot Father Ed -nickname Father Edward Dowling, S.J. (B 307)

Dot Father Edward Dowling, S.J. (Father Ed) -nickname Puggy; visited Cincinnati 1940 read Big Book, gotinterested A.A. studying 12 Steps which found parallels Exercises St. Ignatius spiritual discipline Jesuit Order; reason went Akron see Dr. Bob & members Alcoholic Squadron Oxford Group, no results Protestants there never heard St. Ignatius & Spiritual Exercises, referred Bill New York, made pilgrimage meet Bill rainy night 1940 24th Street Clubhouse; Tom M. caretaker 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street called some bum from St. Louis late 1940; Bill took 5th step that night with him had 2nd conversion experience; St. Louis Jesuit priest, editor Queen's Work Catholic Publication; fascinated parallels 12 Steps - Exercises St. Ignatius spiritual discipline his Jesuit order; heard Bill's 5th Step; 1 most Bill's important early friends, most frequently touch with; became Bill's spiritual advisor & close friend next 2 decades; responsible founding A.A. St. Louis; 1 1st religious leaders endorse A.A. 1940; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; tried LSD cause Bill asked; died April 2 1960 (A xii, 2, 37, 195, 253) (B 307-309) (E 15, 72) (G 48, 53, 65-66, 77, 86) (H 179, 364-366) (L 131) (N98) (P 241-242, 358, 371) (S 25-26)

Dot Father J.G. Gallagher -worked with Sister Ignatia (D 221)

Dot Father Nagle -St. Vincent's Charity Hospital, helped Cleveland alcoholics (A20) (H 204)

Dot Father Otis W. -early recovering priest (S 171)

Dot Father Ralph Pfau -1st A.A. Catholic priest join A.A., organized National Clergy Conference, wrote Golden Books, wrote autobiographical account alcoholism [Prodigal Shepherd] (S 197)

Dot Father T. V. Dunlea -October 1944 started A.A. Australia (E 41)

Dot Father Vincent Haas -newly ordained priest, looked into A.A. for Sister Ignatia, heard confessions alcoholic patients St. Francis Hospital because hospital chaplin didn't think alcoholics patients truly repented (D 189-190) (N80)

Dot Fayette Griffith -Bill's grandfather, raised Bill since age 10 & sister Dorothy(N 10, 16) (W 139)

Dot Fitz M. (John Henry Fitzhugh M.) -2nd man recover Towns Hospital fall & early winter 1935; strongly religious; wrote story [Our Southern Friend]; resident Cumberland Maryland, minister's son; devoted friend Wilson's, came Tuesday night meetings Bill's house 1935 about 1937; spring 1937 went home Maryland, trying start A.A. group there; went number Oxford Group meetings & house parties with Wilson's; 1st prospect from Dr. Silkworth 1937; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; led Big Book conservatives wanted more Christian doctrine, insisted Big Book should express Christian doctrine & use Biblical terms & expressions; involved phrase God as we understood Him in Steps; wrote Our Southern Friend Big Book; looked Library Congress number books named Way Out 12, number named Alcoholics Anonymous; loner Washington D.C. area joined by Hardin C. & Bill A. 1940; along with Florence R. helped start Washington Group (A 17, 74, 162, 166) (B 250, 263, 274, 282, 286) (D 108) (E 25) (G 111) (H 13, 107) (L 107) (N 334) (P 161-162, 168, 191, 199, 257)

Dot Florence B. -Freddie B.'s wife, divorced after Freddie sober (L 94)

Dot Florence R. -only female A.A. when names Big Book discussed, objected called 100 Men; her story 1st edition [Feminine Victory); 1st female drunk stay Bill's house, Bill knew her husband Wall Street; Bill & Lois got her out Bellevue; helped Fitz M. start Washington Group; returned drinking died apparent suicide Washington D.C. (A 18) (B 263-264) (E 25) (L 107) (P 202)

Dot Francis H. -young Boston A.A., read Lois's book, offered help her late 1982; came Stepping Stones January 1983, 1st as caretaker, then secretary, stayed Lois's death (G 139)

Dot Francis J. -wife Mort J., Los Angeles A.A. (A 94) (P 288)

Dot Francis Money -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

Dot Frank Amos -advertising man; longtime friend John D. Rockefeller, present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money, went Akron investigate A.A., conducted feasibility study, made good report John D. Rockefeller Jr., recommended $50,000 contribution February 1938; became sold on A.A. & offered services; 1 of 1st nonalcoholic trustees April 1938; close friend Bill's; referred Bill Eugene Exman religious editor Harper's book publishers; died July 1965 (A 6, 15, 148-153) (B 274-275, 277) (D 128) (E 18) (G 92) (H 59, 61, 143, 194) (L 111, 197) (SM 9-10) (N 65-66, 68) (P 184-185, 188) (S 124)

Dot Frank Gulden -former Trustee (A 6, 208) (H 194)

Dot Frank Jacobs -had influence Bill's boyhood (B 42)

Dot Frank M. -Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age says translated Big Book Spanish, Dr. Bob & Good Oldtimers states Dick P. did it (A 200)

Dot Frank M. -A.A. archivist 1982 & administrative assistant General Service Office; secretary Trustees' Archives Committee (G 112, 126)

Dot Frank R. -A.A., read Big Book Arizona, book convert rushed Los Angeles to see if true, wife Elinor (A 93-94) (P 288)

Dot Frank R. -trustee Boston area (P 389)

Dot Frank S. -Los Angeles A.A. (P 288)

Dot Frank Seiberling -entrepreneur, founder 1st president Goodyear Tire & Rubber company, father-in-law Henrietta Seiberling; lived 65-room mansion Portage Path (D 56) (L 95) (P 136-137)

Dot Frank Shaw -wife Elise, husband Lois's best friend; Wall Street big-shot, high up company J.K. Rice Company; Bill did stock market investigations for him; parted official company 1929, tolerant of Bill, remained lifelong friends; died 1950's (B 137) (L 74) (P 69, 74, 175)

Dot Frank Winans -Chicago banker, April 8 1932 formed long-term speculative syndicate him Bill & Arthur Wheeler based on Bill not taking even 1 drink, middle May 1932 Bill drank Jersey Lighting applejack (A 56) (B 180-181) (L 83) (P 90-91)

Dot Fred -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Fred K. -New Jersey A.A. help start A.A. Miami (A 25)

Dot Freddie B. -wife Florence, divorced after sober; chemistry professor; after Bill spoke Oxford Group came talk Bill, became friends; drank off & on 11 years before sober in A.A., attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (L 94, 102) (P 132, 162)

Dot Freddie S. -joined A.A. with wife, Vi S. May 1941 Cleveland (D 245)

Dot Fulton Oursler -editor Liberty Magazine popular national weekly 1939; wrote book [Greatest-Story Ever Told]; Senior Editor Readers Digest; introduced Bill Fulton Sheen; member Board Trustees; good friend Bill's; helped raise money distributing friends 2 chapters Big Book when unpublished (A 17, 87, 172, 176, 208) (G 73) (H 145, 180, 182-183, 194) (SM 11,17) (N 52,90) (P 223, 335)

Dot Gabriel Heatter -friend Morgan R., M.C. We, the People fantastically popular radio show; Hank P. planned have Morgan interviewed on show to sell books April 1939 (A 174-175) (B 288) (L 115) (N 90) (P 207)

Dot Gardner Fayette Griffith -Bill's mother's father, Bill's substitute father; Civil War veteran; married Ella Brock; East Dorset's most prosperous citizen died 1924 (P 25, 27-28, 70)

Dot Gardner Swentzel -Lois's sister Kitty husband, 1930's doing well Taylor, Bates & Company firm closely connected J. P. Morgan's enterprises; liked Bill, introduced him Arthur Wheeler (B 180) (P 90)

Dot Garth M. -new Toledo A.A.; group gave $2 roll nickels buy 40 copies March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post Jack Alexander's article (P 247)

Dot George B. -he & Al S. instrumental persuading Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward just alcoholics under A.A. sponsorship, 1st New York hospital do so (G 87)

Dot Gene C. -Chicago A.A. (D 302)

Dot George D. -early A.A. (D 106)

Dot George F. -Norwegian immigrant, started A.A. Oslo Norway (E 44) (H 123)

Dot George G. -chairman Trustees' Archives Committee, presided official ribbon-cutting ceremonies open archives November 3 1975; professor communications Hofstra University (G 108, 127, 131)

Dot George H. -stayed with Bill & Lois's house; took Jack W. Bellevue to help but they locked him up; killed WWII (L 105, 121)

Dot George H. -pro-conference New York A.A., surveyed groups around country 1948 reference self-government (D 320)

Dot George R. -met alcoholic Scottish nobleman Philip journeyed America look International Christian Leadership Movement, met businesses men interested bringing God into industry by breakfast clubs for prayer & planning, 1st session met George R., sobered up took A.A. home (A 83)

Dot George S. -Philadelphian; sobered after reading article [Alcoholics & God] Liberty magazine September 1939; Jimmy B. visited after, 1st A.A. Philadelphia meeting his house (A 17) (P 245)

Dot Gerald Heard -Bill's friend, writer student Eastern & Western religions, british philosopher, mystery novelist, interested mysticism, psychic phenomena, founded Trabuco College, British radio commentator, anthropologist, metaphysician; Wilson's 1st visited Trabuco campus winter 1943-1944; wrote Search Ecstasy article defined A.A. ad hoc church May 1958 Grapevine; introduced Bill Aldous Huxley, 2 English psychiatrists Dr. Humphrey Osmond & Dr. Abram Hoffer working with schizophrenics an alcoholics Canadian hospital experimenting LSD; Bill late 1950's took LSD under his supervision California August 29 1956; lifelong friend & admirer A.A.; close David & Lucille Kahn (G54, 74-75) (L 143, 159) (N 137) (P 368, 370-371)

Dot Gib K. -Milwaukee pioneer A.A.; gave Bill violin, Bill treasured (G 35)

Dot Gilly -Bill's father's nickname (P 14) (W 137)

Dot Gilman Barrows Wilson -Bill's father, born 1870, called Gilly, deserted family 1905, quarryman heavy drinker not alcoholic, became manager Marblehead Quarries, Canadian Marble Works Ltd., married Christine Bock; died February 14, 1954 penniless (B 9, 12) (L 15, 22) (N 10) (P 14, 24, 43, 362, 380) (W 139)

Dot Ginger G. -El Paso Texas; helped letter Bill wrote, destroyed, ask Bill write another; Bill's letters became talismans [anything whose presence exercises remarkable & powerful influence human feelings & actions] (P 385, 391)

Dot Gladys S. -Madras India, heard A.A. Liberty Magazine, came New York, stayed Stepping Stones, nickname Princess, developed crush on Bill, sober 1 year killed accident (L 138-139)

Dot Goldfoot's -owned farm Bill & Lois worked on motorcycle trip make money (B150) (L 41-42)

Dot Gordon -early New York A.A. (P 215)

Dot Gordon M. -picture appeared Jack Alexander article March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post; October 1939 found room A.A. meetings South Orange Community House New Jersey, 1st New Jersey A.A. meeting here not in house (L 127) (P247)

Dot Gordon Oram -from San Francisco, had boarder Ted whom she got Big Book, opened her flat 1st A.A. meeting late 1939 (A 88)

Dot Governor Stafford -fall 1960, 25th A.A. Vermont anniversary, gave Bill citation behalf A.A. (G 57)

Dot Grace Cultice -Sylvia's, Chicago A.A., nonalcoholic secretary, helped start A.A. there (A 22) (D 181)

Dot Grace G. -wife Abby G. early Cleveland A.A. (A 21)

Dot Grace O. -her & husband helped original group publish Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Grennie C. -patient Dr. Harry Tiebout, Blythewood Sanitarium, friend Marty M. said Grennie we no longer alone; now-famous A.A. statement, summarizes relief felt every isolated alcoholic finally finding Fellowship (A 3) (G 66) (H369) (L 124, 127) (P 213)

Dot Griffith -name Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article gave Bill, anonymity (P 248)

Dot Grinnell family -wealthy & leading socialite family New Bedford Massachusetts, gave party service men, where Bill took 1st drink Bronx cocktail, age 22 (B 104, 106) (N 13) (P 55) (W 145-146)

Dot Guy Kolb -Lois's boss Macy's (L 84)

Dot H. F. Heard -wrote dozens mysteries published under pseudonym H.F. Heard, real name Aldous Huxley (P 368, 376)

Dot Hackensmith -wrestler (P 30)

Dot Hal S. -founder San Diego group, helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M. (A 92)

Dot Hans H. -Scandinavian-American brought Big Book Bergen Norway (A 29)

Dot Hanford Twitchell -nonalcoholic Oxford Group member; well-know professional New York; accompanied Bill Towns Hospital & Calvary Mission talk alcoholics (G 68)

Dot Hank G. -chairman General Service Committed oversee A.A. office 1949; structured & programmed 1955 International Convention St. Louis; supervised 1960 International Convention Long Beach California; manager General Service Office (A 32) (G 9, 101)

Dot Hank (Henry) Parkhurst -salesman, early New York A.A. fall & winter 1935, met Bill Towns Hospital; drinking cost executive position Standard Oil New Jersey; plan organize gasoline dealers northern New Jersey form cooperative buying organization [Honor Dealers] 17 William Street Newark, spring 1937 Bill & he worked out Newark New Jersey office several business propositions, nothing evolved; Ruth Hock secretary, made available Bill help Big Book; wife Kathleen lived Teaneck New Jersey; 1935 about 1937 went number Oxford Group meetings & house parties with Wilson's; 2nd prospect Bill from Dr. Silkworth 1937, 1st drunk New York Bill worked with stayed sober any time; story [Unbeliever] 1st edition Big Book; present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money; co-leader with Jim B. Big Book liberals, less God stuff, strong psychological emphasis, wanted soft-pedal 12 steps; partner Bill formed Works Publishing Company early 1939 publish Big Book; believed wrote chapter 10 Big Book [To Employers]; along with Bill edited New York A.A.'s Big Book stories; Wilson's lived with them after losing 182 Clinton Street April 26 1936; Hank & Kathleen started holding Sunday meetings home Montclair New Jersey soon after Wilson's lost there house; started drinking 1939 after 4 years; wife sued divorce after sober, wanted take Big Book, Ruth Hock secretary away New York, asked Ruth his & Bill's secretary marry him, turned down, didn't attend Rockefeller dinner February 8 1940; couldn't account A.A. money made up stories robbery, got drunk after 4 years April 1940; had little do with A.A. several years due resentment against Bill; started stories Cleveland reference Bill making A.A. a racket; remarried Kathleen after couple bad marriages; died Pennington New Jersey 1954 death ascribed drinking (A 16, 74, 154, 157, 159, 163-164) (B 250, 263, 274, 282, 284-285, 298-299, 301, 321) (D 108) (E 15, 18) (G 79) (H 62, 106, 144, 201) (L 98, 101, 127, 130) (N 75) (P 161-162, 168, 191, 199-200, 213, 228, 235, 243) (W 160)

Dot Happiness Joe -New York radio late-night host, maybe Lillian's R. 1st A.A. contact (G 46)

Dot Hardin C. -joined Fitz M., long A.A. loner Washington D.C. area 1940; well-to-do early A.A. Washington bought Preferred Stock Works Publishing Inc par value $1000 (A 188) (P 257)

Dot Harold G. -early Akron A.A., went Cincinnati bring back Bill J. who slipped (D112, 119)

Dot Harold Hughes -held Senate hearings alcoholism late 1960's, Bill involved (G47)

Dot Harold S. -he & wife Emily S. constantly open Flatbush home A.A. meeting 1939, drove Bill & Lois Green Pond New Jersey (L 125, 127) (P 217)

Dot Harriet -niece Carry Wilson's cook-housekeeper Stepping Stones (G 37) (L157)

Dot Harriet G. -Nell Wing's secretary & general assistant; died May 1986 (G 126)

Dot Harrison Trice -1958 nonalcoholic trustee (G 51) (P 394)

Dot Harry R. -12 stepped Dick P., perhaps 1st Spanish-speaking A.A. (D 249)

Dot Harvey Firestone -Dr. Tunk his minister; brought 60 Oxford Group people Akron 10 days gratitude helping son quit drinking 1/2 year (N 27) (S 19)

Dot Hazel R. -Dennis Manders staff secretary (G 101)

Dot Helen B. -A.A., senior office staff, recommended Nell Wing work Bill directly help Bill put together booklet Third Legacy (A 215) (G 14) (SM 17) (P 347)

Dot Helen Griffith -acquaintance newcomer Bill helped; woman on means, interested building new houses & fixing up old ones; built house Wilson's got April 11, 1941; build for friend to small; husband died alcoholism, best friend retrieved by Jersey group; worked out plan Wilson's could afford with friend Joan; Wilson's saw it 1st January 4 1941; Bill & Lois move into Bedford Hills 23 years after marriage 1st house, called Stepping Stones; paid construction house 2 times, paid 1st time alcoholic do job ran off with money (B 316-317) (L 133, 136) (P 259-260)

Dot Helen Hammer -wife Dr. A. Wiese Hammer, went A.A. meetings with him for years (H 363)

Dot Helen P. -picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article (P 247)

Dot Helen Shoemaker -wife Dr. Sam Shoemaker, wrote book I Stand By the Door (H 379)

Dot Helen W. -early New York female A.A., committed suicide (P 219)

Dot Helen Wilson -Bill's 1/2 sister born 1916, lived with Wilson's awhile Bedford Hills; married Ralph R. alcoholic, got 1st paid job subscription department Grapevine (G 36) (L 139, 176) (P 80, 263, 321, 330)

Dot Helga H. -husband Leonard, let Wilson's use apartment few months 72nd Street & Riverside Drive Manhattan; Leonard nonalcoholic trustee; died alcoholism (L 127) (P 216)

Dot Henk Krauweel -important social worker Holland; good friend Wilson's; lot do translating 12 Steps Dutch, helped A.A. in Holland; leading authority alcoholism Europe (A 26) (G 72)

Dot Henri -Dr. Bob's nickname Henrietta Seiberling (C 36) (D 59)

Dot Henrietta D. -wife Bill D. A.A. #3; met Dr. Bob's wife June 28 1935; served 22 years matron Akron City Workhouse & helped carry message confined female alcoholics (A 6, 72) (C 42) (D 83, 89) (H 362) (P 153, 159) (S 117)

Dot Henrietta Seiberling -Frank Seiberling's, Goodyear Tire, daughter-in-law, graduate Vassar College, housewife, lived gate house, separated husband, 3 young children; friend Anne Smith; nickname Henri; nonalcoholic, member Oxford Group, went Oxford Group meetings 1932, West Hill group, introduced Dr. Bob & Anne Oxford Group; prayed about Dr. Bob's drinking problem, received guidance have special Oxford group meeting Dr. Bob's drinking; last name list Reverend Walter Tunks gave Bill when called from Mayflower Hotel May 1935, arranged Bill & Dr. Bob meet Mother's Day May 12 1935 her residence; came Smiths house share spiritual nourishment, she & Anne taught Bill & Dr. Bob start day quiet tim, prayer, reflection; unsympathetic to Bill about conference, drummed opposition, believed Bill finally succumbed madness, along others called themselves Orthodox Group (A 19, 66, 73) (B 236-237) (C2-3, 36) (D 56) (E 12) (G 51, 69) (H 355) (L 95) (N 27, 31, 35) (P 137) (S 18, 114) (W 156)

Dot Henry Ford -asked head man A.A. come Detroit help friend, Bill went (L 121)

Dot Henry G. -part-time manager 141 East 44th Street office (H 157)

Dot Henry K. -early A.A. (P 217)

Dot Henry Mielcarek -corporate personnel expert; engaged Allis-Chalmers look after alcoholic problem; nonalcoholic, spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955 (A 5) (P 358)

Dot Henry P. -early A.A. (D 106)

Dot Henry W. -heard Dr. Bob, Bill, Bill D., Sister Ignatia meeting Akron 1949, got drunk, sober 1950 (D 277)

Dot Herb D. -attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house with wife Margaret from New Jersey (L 102) (P 162)

Dot Herb D. -husband Elizabeth D., Americans carried A.A. Brazil (E 47)

Dot Herb M. -trustee 1956-1960, General Service Office general manager 1960-1968, chairman trustees' General Service Committee; he & wife bought 600 shares British Columbia oil lands due Bill's advice, didn't do good, Bill made good helping recoup losses; critical Bill's ideas & timing; assisted committee members being majority alcoholic (G 20, 53, 101) (P 367, 380, 395)

Dot Herb Wallace -friend Bill's before A.A. started; had Bill take public speaking course (L 130) (P 173)

Dot Hetty -Bill's mother nickname Hetty after famous Hetty Green (G 99)

Dot Hetty Green -richest woman Wall Street turn century, famous miserliness, early part century amassed large fortune & wielded equally large political power (G 99) (P 289)

Dot Horace C. -early A.A., dry 3 months after Bill wrote steps called upon Bill with newcomer & objected frequent use word God & asking on knees have shortcomings removed; got Bill job selling wire rope 1940; Wilson's stayed his Green Pond bungalow New Jersey spring 1939; along Bert T. discovered, guaranteed rent 1st A.A. clubhouse 24th Street Clubhouse February 1940; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article, suggested printing Serenity Prayer on cards, paid 1st printing; named daughter for Lois; got drunk; nephew Moore, Moore-McCormack Lines; trustees early 1940's sent Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington to sound out groups & get support groups supporting A.A. headquarters (A 180, 196) (B 290, 319) (H 64-65, 108) (L 125) (P 199, 222, 247, 252, 255, 263)

Dot Horace "Popsie" M. -took Marty M. 1st A.A. meeting (P 211)

Dot Howard -Bill's 2nd cousin, found him dead drunk New York hotel brought Stepping Stones, stayed 5 years (L 139)

Dot Howard A. -1 of 1st hear Twelve Steps just after written, said tone down, boon companion of Bill early A.A. days; early member Board; after Saturday Evening Post article went out to A.A. groups get contributions office expenses (A 161, 186, 192)

Dot Howard Tompkins -of Beer & Company, friend Bill's, Bill got involved proxy fight control small machine tool company led him Akron; impressed Bill's recovery & sent glowing letter encouragement December 1934 (L 94) (P 133)

Dot Humphry Osmond -introduced Bill Stan Ovshinsky Detroit inventor (P 380)

Dot Ian M. -started A.A. New Zealand 1946 (E 42)

Dot Ig -Dr. Bob's nickname Sister Ignatia (C 128) (D 46)

Dot Irvin M. -super salesman Venetian blinds, early Cleveland A.A., weighed 250 pounds, sold venetian blinds, others hesitated give him list prospects, early 1940's spread A.A. message South, started many & stimulated many new groups (A 25) (B 290, 319) (D 259) (L 141)

Dot Ivan Underwood -former Trustee (A 208)

Dot J. Alec -Finnish man (L 88) (N 18) (P 117)

Dot J. Carroll Wright -sent Bill & Dr. Bob prospects, minister Presbyterian Church Smith's attended, asked them not attend, causing friction due alcoholics, due this joined Episcopalian Church, Dr. Tunk's Church (C 127) (D77)

Dot J. H. D. -joined A.A. September 1936, 9 or 10 preceded him, Dr. Bob nicknamed him Abercrombie, 1 of few weren't hospitalized, Southerner, had trouble with spiritual part, left established group, started A.A. group Evansville Indiana (D 111-112, 140, 148)

Dot J. J. Hennessy -Bill wrote letter 1956 describing A.A. structure ideas (G 21)

Dot J.P. Morgan -very rich Wall Street man, Bill's hero (P 81)

Dot Jack Alexander -Judge Curtis Bok asked do A.A. story Saturday Evening Post winter 1940-1941; short time before did story New Jersey rackets; cynical hard-nose reputation reporter; article Saturday Evening Post March 1, 1941; wrote 2nd A.A. articles Saturday Evening Post April 1 1950; Bill sent him 12 & 12 comments during writing; member Board Trustees early 1950's; special friend Bill; trustee 1951-1956 (A 6, 18, 35, 87, 89, 134, 190-191, 208) (B 310-311) (D 171) (E 16-17) (G 73) (H 1, 63, 148, 181-182, 194, 248, 363) (L 131) (SM13, 17) (N 100-101) (P 245-247, 354) (S 18, 114)

Dot Jack C. -brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office June 1941, rented Bill & Lois use big, sporty Lincoln Zephyr (A 173, 196) (L 126) (P 252)

Dot Jack D. -early Cleveland A.A., Bill's pigeon (D 182)

Dot Jack G. -Chicago A.A. (D 177)

Dot Jack M. -editor Grapevine (G 137)

Dot Jack Smith -assistant Dr. Sam Shoemaker, disapproved Bill's work with drunks (L 103) (P 169)

Dot Jack W. -wife Jean W., lived near Bill & Lois, Bill tried to help, didn't sober up (L 121)

Dot Jack W. -helped Richmond A.A.'s realize getting away wives & drinking only beer not orthodox (A 25)

Dot Jake H. -A.A. member, associated U.S. Steel, co-led industrial meeting with Dave M. A.A. 15th anniversary (H 118)

Dot James Brooks -Principal Burr & Burton, Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford pall bearer (P 36)

Dot Jamie Beebe -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

Dot Jane -early A.A. married vice-president large steel company (D 241)

Dot Jane S. -1st woman Akron area maintain few months sobriety (D 122)

Dot Janet G. -she & Bill, edited A.A. Way Life, became As Bill Sees It (G 27) (P360)

Dot Jennie B. -founding mother Boston A.A., daughter Back Bay family, 1st woman A.A. Boston, 1 Paddy K.'s 1st 2 successes (A 96) (P 251, 257-258)

Dot Jessica Bove -nonalcoholic secretary New York A.A.; wrote Grapevine [From Outside Looking In] (G 41)

Dot Jim B. -early New York A.A., salesman, co-leader with Hank P. Big Book liberals, less God stuff, strong psychological emphasis; helped start Philadelphia group; former atheist, involved phrase God as we understood Him in Steps; 1 1st 10 A.A.'s eastern U.S.; donated 1st printing & 1st edition Big Book archives; tried to get bookstore carry Big Book (A 163) (B 282, 295) (G 22, 111, 129) (H201, 363) (N 75)

Dot Jim Beebe -acquaintance Bill's grandparents, couldn't learn drive car (P 46)

Dot Jim Newton -Oxford Group member, supported A.A. (G 69)

Dot Jim S. -former Akron journalist, found by Dr. Bob skid row selling hair oil & panhandling, interviewed & helped all Akron & Cleveland men Big Book (A 164) (D154) (H 359) (L 113) (P 200) (W 180)

Dot Jim W. (James Russell Lowell W.) -confidence man, disappeared A.A. history (L 123)

Dot Jimmy B. -early New York A.A.; salesman; opposed strong reference God, insisted toning down "God" references both steps & Big Book; went Philadelphia found needed fellow alcoholics around stay sober, started group 1940; responsible start A.A. Baltimore; story [Vicious Cycle] 2nd & 3rd editions Big Book (A 17) (L 198) (P 199, 214, 244-245, 258)

Dot Joan C. -best friend Mrs. Griffin who built Stepping Stones Wilson's house, helped work plan Wilson's could afford it (L 133) (P 259-260)

Dot Joan Jones -Lois's fathers 2nd wife (L 84)

Dot Joe -checked Bill's hat & coat at function, former member Al Capone gang (A102) (B 344)

Dot Joe D. -early Akron A.A. Catholic member (D 112) (N 84)

Dot Joe Hirshhorn -millionaire, Wall Street big shot, legend; brilliant financier; wife Olga; employed Bill early 1930's no 1 else would; famous art collector, endowed museum [Hirshhorn] part Smithsonian Institution; hired Bill analyze & evaluate companies early 1930's; parted company, Bill disgraced himself assignment Canada; renewed relationship 1962; met La Guardia Airport Bill said he number 1 drunk America (B 175, 357) (G 71) (L 75-76) (P 93, 379)

Dot Joe M. -New Yorker magazine writer; most believe thought Big Book title Alcoholics Anonymous; sober on & off (P 202) (W 160)

Dot Joe McQ. -1st black A.A. Little Rock Arkansas 1962; participated Charlie P. Big Book seminars (G 112)

Dot Joe P. -joined A.A. 1942, Dr. Bob's fellow Dartmouth College alumnus (D 18, 191)

Dot Joe Reed -friend Bill's from East Dorset (L 52)

Dot Joe T. -tried get Bill job Torpedo Motor Company unsuccessful (L 130)

Dot Joe W. -1 founders popular & sophisticated magazine, 1st literacy light, came from Bowery, made burning issue name Alcoholics Anonymous for Big Book (A166)

Dot John B. -general manager General Service Office 1988 (G 144)

Dot John C. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot John D. Rockefeller Jr. -ardent champion Prohibition, extremely wealthy; helped A.A. steer clear trap professionalism not giving them much money; asked donate $50,000 money A.A., donated $5,000 treasury Riverside Church Bill & Dr. Bob personal use, $3,000 pay off mortgage Dr. Bob's, then both get $30 monthly (A vii) (B 276) (L 109) (SM 9) (P 181)

Dot John Gammeter -neighbor Henrietta Seiberling, asked put Bill up Portage Country Club; self-made man son washer-woman, started B.F. Goodrich Company (P 144)

Dot John Geroldsek -brotherhood member Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York; heavy-set man, house painter, lived outside mission (P 117)

Dot John Jackson -Bill's childhood sweetheart Bertha Bamford pall bearer (P 36)

Dot John R. -joined A.A. April 1939, husband Elgie R., 12 stepped Ethel & Rollo M., barbershop West Exchange Street, Dr. Bob stopped in couple minutes chat mornings & evenings (D 80, 128, 243, 277)

Dot John Ryder -New York advertising executive, active Oxford Group member 1930's; friend Bill's, knew Bill from Calvary Mission days, supported him (G 69) (P 173)

Dot John S. -joined A.A. Akron January 1940 (D 146, 275)

Dot John W. -help group Richmond Virginia realize A.A. was not to get away wives & drinking beer at meetings (B 319)

Dot John E. F. Wood -young attorney recruited legal work establishing A.A. foundation, became Alcoholic Foundation, 1 1st nonalcoholic member Alcoholic Foundation (A 151-152) (E 18) (H 61) (P 188)

Dot Johnny Howe -Kaye M. gave him copy Big Book; Los Angeles Probation Department, with Kaye M. dug up alcoholics who started A.A. West Coast (A 91-92) (P 266)

Dot Johnny P. -Detroit A.A., traveled a lot, inspired many A.A.,s band together, start meetings; started A.A. Kansas City Kansas (A 95) (L 141)

Dot Johnny R. -Oxford member, wife Elgie, joined A.A. March 1, 1939 (C 50)

Dot Jolly -nickname Bill's grandfather, not cause jolly, cause used word colloquially (P 28)

Dot Jud O. -joined A.A. 1939, wife Dorothy O. (D 230, 233)

Dot Judge Benner -former probate judge, 40 years chairman board, City Hospital(D 130)

Dot Judge Cutis Bok -owner & publisher Saturday Evening Post magazine; heard about A.A. 2 Philadelphia friends Drs. A. Wiese Hammer & C. Dudley Saul; asked Jack Alexander do A.A. story (A 18, 190) (H 63, 181, 363) (L 131) (N 100) (P244-245)

Dot Judge Walter Perrin Smith -Dr. Bob's father, on Caledonia Country [Vermont] Probate court, state attorney various times, member state legislature, superintendent St. Johnsbury schools, director Merchants National Bank, president Passumpsic Savings Bank, taught Sunday school 40 years, died 1918, didn't see son attain permanent sobriety (D 9-10)

Dot Kathleen B. -nonalcoholic, Bill R.'s wife (P 162)

Dot Kathleen Parkhurst -1 Hank P.'s wives (L 101) (P 162)

Dot Katie P. -wife Duke P., Toledo-based salesman early A.A., Toledo groups first treasurer (D 150, 256)

Dot Kay -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Kay F -Clint F.'s wife (P 95)

Dot Kay M. -wife early Akron A.A. Ty, took Big Book Los Angeles late fall 1939 (D177)

Dot Kaye M. -nonalcoholic, Ty M.'s Los Angeles A.A. wife; divorced after Ty sobered; attractive 29 year; Bill chewed out baby sitting husband; took Big Book Johnny Howe Los Angeles Probation Department, these 2 dug up alcoholics who started A.A. West Coast (A 91-92) (P 266)

Dot Ken A. -tried with Dick R. & Earl T. start A.A. group Chicago 1937 (A 22)

Dot Ken S. -Kansas City old-timer (G 112)

Dot King -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Kitty Burnham -Lois Burnham's sister, married 17 June 1925, Lois matron honor, married Gardner Swentzel (B 111, 156, 180) (L 60) (P 75)

Dot Kleina Jones -General Service Office conceived flag ceremony international conventions (G 109)

Dot Landons -Bill's next door neighbors East Dorset (W 139)

Dot Larry J. -newspaper man went Houston Texas from Cleveland, wrote 6 article series Houston Press which help start Texas A.A. (A 24) (B 295) (D 259) (L141)

Dot Lavelle K. -A.A., cared, along with wife Emma K. Dr. Bob & Annie last years 855 Ardmore Avenue Akron (C 61) (D 17)

Dot Lawyer Barber -lawyer Bennington Vermont, involved Bill's parents divorce (P25)

Dot Lee -wife Chuck, artist, 1st alcoholic arrive Los Angeles from East (A 92)

Dot Leo F. -Los Angeles Group A.A., instrumental bringing A.A. San Quentin (A89)

Dot Leonard -early New York A.A. (P 214)

Dot Leonard H. -wife Helga H., let Wilson's use apartment few months 72nd Street & Riverside Drive Manhattan; Leonard nonalcoholic trustee (L 127) (P216)

Dot Leonard V. Harrison -director public affairs Community Service Society New York City; nonalcoholic trustee 1941 - April 1965 except 5 year hiatus 1956-1961 chairman; saw A.A. through adolescence; spoke 2nd Intentional Convention St. Louis 1955; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California (A 5, 186, 208, 212) (E 72) (G 74) (H 195) (SM 17) (P 221, 358)

Dot Lewis B. Hershey -director Selective Service 1942; Bill wrote letter concerning alcoholics being allowed serve military (P 273)

Dot Lewis Browne -wrote This Believing World, book Bill valued (G 22)

Dot Lil -1st lady seek A.A. help, involved 1st 13th step Victor, got sober outside A.A. (D 97-98)

Dot Lillian -Dr. Bob's office girl, husband Everett (C 124)

Dot Lillian R. -popular singer went public 1940's, gave small A.A. enormous boost Australia (G 46)

Dot Lily -Dr. Bob's receptionist-nurse (D 40, 50)

Dot Little Angel of A.A.'s -Sister Ignatia (S 186)

Dot Little Sister Alcoholics Anonymous -Sister Ignatia (S 153)

Dot Lloyd T. -early Cleveland A.A., Dorothy S.M. wife Clarence S. called get help Clarence, stayed with Oxford group after A.A. split, Clarence's sponsor (D 143, 218)

Dot Lois Burnham (Wilson) -Bill's wife, met 8 months after Bill's sweetheart Bertha died; vacationing Emerald Lake near East Dorset; attended well-known Pratt Institute Brooklyn, Friends school, graduated Packer Institute Brooklyn 1912, 2 years New York School Fine & Applied Art school; worked Central Branch Young Women's Christian Association Brooklyn, involved Young People's League, taught aunts Marion's school start January 1917 1 year; worked Brooklyn Naval Hospital; studied Braille transcribed several stories Saturday Evening Post; opened tea arbor summer 1915, engaged fall 1915 married January 24 1918, Elise Valentine Shaw matron honor, sisters Barbara, Katharine & 2 schoolmates bridesmaids, brother Roger best man; 4 years older; daughter respected Brooklyn physician, oldest 6 children, Rogers, Barbara, Katharine, Lyman, Matilda; helped Bill out depression caused death Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart; worked Macy's department $22.50 week plus 1% commission while Bill drank, once obtained 3 month leave absence Macy's spend summer Vermont farm Dr. Leonard Strong Jr. & wife her brother; suffered 3 ectopic pregnancies, 3rd 1 1923 led removal ovaries; isolated others due Bill's drinking; attended 3 Oxford Group house parties with Bill June 1936 Stockbridge Massachusetts, Poconos Pennsylvania December 1936, West Point New York January 1937; tried LSD cause Bill asked; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; heart attack watching Living Desert Sutton Theater January 24 1954; on Lear jet January 24 1971, Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic, told death 6:30 a.m., angry until died not told Bill's turn for worse before death; died October 5 1988, 97 years old, buried October 10, 1988 East Dorset Vermont (A 54) (B 82, 84-85, 99, 111, 132, 142-143) (C 4,8) (G 1, 3, 31, 54, 83) (L 1, 4, 12-14, 22, 74, 114, 130, 156) (N41) (P 39-40, 98, 247, 360-361, 371) (W 145-147)

Dot Lois K. -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Lorraine Greim -Ruth Hock's new assistant, nonalcoholic, started work Newark January 1940; Bill nicknamed Sweetie Pie (P 235, 250)

Dot Louis Seltzer -editor Cleveland Press, rounded out industrial meeting 15th A.A. anniversary (H 118)

Dot Luke -early Chicago A.A. Earl T. worked with (A 22)

Dot Lyman Burnham -boyhood acquaintance Bill's (P 47)

Dot M. D. Kuhlke -firm Kuhlke Machine Co. merged National Rubber Machinery Company 1928, instrumental proxy fight brought Bill Akron (P 158)

Dot Mac -early New York A.A., folks didn't think make it, did (P 227)

Dot Madeline V. -early Akron A.A. (D 283)

Dot Maeve -1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Mag V. -wife Bob V.; farm house Wilson's stayed fall 1939 with rooms called Upper & Lower Siberia cause so cold, located Bog Hollow Monsey New York (A11, 179) (B 291) (L 122, 127) (P 218)

Dot Margaret D. -wife Herb D., attended Tuesday night meetings Bill's house (P162)

Dot Margaret M. -ran drying out farm Ballston Spa New York, Ebby Thatcher stayed there, care for by Margaret (L 118)

Dot Marie B. -wife Walter B. Cleveland A.A., 1st officially registered alcoholic patient Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia officially registered St. Thomas August 1939; Akron records state wrote chapter Big Book To Wives; wrote personal account 1st edition Big Book story section (A 164) (D 152) (S 122)

Dot Marion Weaver -non A.A. office worker (P 321)

Dot Mark Whalon -Bill's close childhood friend, met spring or early summer 1908, had influence Bill's boyhood, 10 years older, sort uncle or father, worked summer jobs together, help string 1st telephone lines into East Dorset, hunted & fished together, shared interest Vermont history, drank together; died 1956 (B 42-43) (D 91) (L 32) (N 11, 16) (P 22, 49, 364) (W 141)

Dot Marshall B. -early Los Angeles A.A. helped by Johnny Howe & Kaye M. (A 92)

Dot Marty C. -patient Harry Tiebout; friend Grennie C. (G 66)

Dot Marty Mann -1 1st females sober A.A., 1st A.A. woman achieve lasting sobriety, came meetings Bill & Lois's; A.A. forcibly brought her while patient Blythewood Sanitarium Greenwich Connecticut; age 34; Dr. Harry Tiebout gave Multilith copy Big Book; pioneered group 1939 Greenwich; sponsored Nora W.; 1 of original group publishing Grapevine; personal friend Bill & Dr. Bob, both publicly endorsed National Committee Education Alcoholism, names in letter head, 1946 solicitation letter for funds distributed causing look A.A. & N.C.E.A. together, caused terrible problems, impact 7th Tradition short form; broke anonymity Bill supported; became great pioneer field alcoholism education; 1943 attended 1st session newly founded Yale School Alcohol Studies countries 1st such educational program; founded National Committee Education Alcoholism [N.C.E.A.] October 2 1944, later National Council Alcoholism, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance; Time magazine article committee 1944; introduced Bill Dr. Harry Tiebout chief psychiatrist Blythewood; present 25th Anniversary 1960 Long Beach California (A 3, 18, 181, 201) (B 302-303) (E 72) (G 12-13) (H 100, 189, 369) (L 124, 127, 146) (N 118, 126, 417) (P 210-211, 310, 319) (S ix)

Dot Mary Baker Eddy -Christian Science founder, readings influenced Bill dangers single-person leadership (B 188) (G 25) (P 231)

Dot Mary C. Darrah -author Sister Ignatia, alcoholic, under care Dr. Silkworth Towns Hospital (S iv, ix)

Dot Mary Milotte -had influence Bill's boyhood, his teacher (B 42) (L 19, 33)

Dot Matilda Spelman -Lois's mother (B 80)

Dot Max -A.A.'s 1st German member (E 52)

Dot Maybelle L. -wife Tom L. (D 120)

Dot Mayor Houde -Montreal's major, supported A.A., threw party maybe 1st official reception any A.A. group received (A 85)

Dot McC. -met Stewart's cafeteria after Oxford Group meetings (B 229-230)

Dot Mel B. -Michigan A.A. (P 348)

Dot Merle H. -wife Doctor Forest H., Los Angeles A.A. (P 287-288)

Dot Michael Alexander -junior member Bernard Smith's law firm during designing A.A.'s General Service Conference; upon Smith's death came general counsel A.A.; 1976-1985 A.A. Trustee; 1988 Chairman Board (G 140)

Dot Mickey McP. -wife Margaret; had rest farm Ballston Spa near Schenectady New York; Ebby T. spent last 2 years life (G 99)

Dot Midge M. -Bob H.'s administrative assistant; helped Nell Wing archives; secretary Trustees' Archives Committee (G 126-127)

Dot Millie -Emily Wilson's sister (P 13)

Dot Mike -early Detroit A.A. Archie T. helped, assisted A.A. Detroit growth (A24)

Dot Mike R. -pioneer A.A. Oklahoma; chairman Trustee's Archives Committee; initiated Markings On Journey 1979 (G 109-110, 131)

Dot Monsignor Fulton Sheen -nationally popular man cloth; radio show [Catholic Hour]; then monsignor, later bishop; met with Bill Saturday's better part year explain Catholicism (G 48) (N 52) (P 281)

Dot Morgan R. -Irish Catholic, ex-adman; came A.A. early January 1939 recently released Rockland asylum; had friend on Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese, commissioned deliver mimeograph copy Big Book committee; asked someone Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese review advance copy Big Book, they did & approved asked word [heaven] changed Utopia; spoke popular radio program [We The People] April 25 1939 just released Greystone institution; other A.A.'s kept him under constant surveillance few days prior address, double room Manhattan' Downtown athletic Club; attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940; Wilson's stayed his apartment about 2 months (A 168-169, 174-175, 183) (B 286, 295) (H 62) (L 115, 127) (N 47, 75, 90, 93) (P 201, 208, 215, 232-233)

Dot Morris -Jewish A.A. St. Thomas Hospital alcoholic ward with Sister Ignatia, Irish cop sponsor (D 194)

Dot Morris Markey -writer, Alcoholics & God] article Liberty magazine September 1939 (A 17, 87, 176-177) (H 145, 180) (L 116) (SM 11) (N 90) (P 223)

Dot Mort J. -wife Francis; early A.A., book convert, came Los Angeles March 1940 from Denver & helped faltering group; hired meeting place Cecil Hotel; insisted reading Chapter 5 Big Book start every session (A 93-94) (P 266, 288)

Dot Mother G. -mother 1st Ernie, Oxford Group matron (D 147) (N 55)

Dot Mr. B. -Toledo's 1st A.A. hospitalization, wound obstetric ward Women's & Children's Hospital, only place take him (D 257)

Dot Mr. Books -headmaster Burr & Burton, announced Bertha Banford's death (B60-61) (N 12)

Dot Mr. Cockran -Prohibitionist, lent Bert T. money keep Works Publishing going (L 116)

Dot Mr. Eddie -Eddie F., U.S. A.A., sobered Boston, founder A.A. El Salvador 1954, called there Mr. Eddie (E 47)

Dot Mr. & Mrs. Montjoy -vice-president hotel organization (P 288)

Dot Mr. G. -put up money to help Works Publishing Company due Bert T. putting tailor shop collateral (A 177-178)

Dot Mr. Grassroots -anonymous spokesman, Centerville U.S.A. portraying everybody A.A. 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 41-44)

Dot Mr. Harrington -Dr. Bob's neighbor as youth, had dog Rover (D 14)

Dot Mr. Parent -father Bill's sister girl friend Lillie, killed accident (P 23)

Dot Mr. X. -what Dr. Harry Tiebout called Bill in papers when quoting him; also referred Clarence S. pamphlet Dr. Dilworth Lupton; name liquor trade association wanted to refer their educator in their publicity (A 20, 108, 309) (B335)

Dot Mrs. Brooks -Burr & Burton's headmaster's wife, gave Bill singing lessons (B54)

Dot Mrs. Hall -admissions nurse Akron City Hospital (D 81)

Dot Mrs. M. -wife Alex (D 147)

Dot Mrs. Orvis -owner famous Equinox House, headed delegation Manchester's arrival meet 1st plane landing Manchester Vermont airfield; Bill & Ebby pilot Ted Burke drunk (G 58) (H 367) (L 76) (P 84)

Dot Mrs. Smith -Dr. Bob's mother, lived see him attain permanent sobriety (D10)

Dot Mrs. Wylie -owner Blythewood Sanitarium, let A.A. meeting held there (A 18) (L 127) (P 216)

Dot My friend postman -Mark Whalon (P 22)

Dot N -noted radio commentator, broke anonymity for money raising & publicity (P309)

Dot Nancy -waitress served Dr. Bob City Club (D 293)

Dot Nathan Clark Burnham -Lois' grandfather, practiced law, medicine, minister Swedenborg Church Lancaster, wrote book Discrete Degrees about relation Swedenborg found between spiritual & natural life (L 2)

Dot Ned -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Ned F. -A.A. Washington lawyer, got Bill interested government (L 130)

Dot Ned P. -new alcoholic, present meeting December 1937 Rockefeller raise money (B 274)

Dot Neil K. -early Youngstown Ohio A.A. (D 254)

Dot Nell Wing -nonalcoholic executive secretary, assistant Bill, worked General Service Office March 3 1947-1982, secretary-receptionist, secretary A.A. World Services Inc Board, General Service Conference duties, publications editor, archivist starting 1973 10 years; heard about A.A. attending Keuka College central New York State September 1939 reading article Alcoholics & God Morris Markey Liberty magazine, taught Mexican high school San Antonio, Texas, did secretarial work, joined female wing Coast Guard SPARS 1944, discharged end WWI, nonconformist, met Bill March 4 1947; began archival activity 1957, General office archivist 1971-1982; folks 1960 International Convention thought Nell Bill's Chinese secretary; retired 1982; International Convention Seattle 1990 given 10 millionth copy Big Book; on Lear jet January 24 1971, Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic, (D 81) (E 21) (G ix, 1, 5-7, 90, 93, 101-102, 113, 121) (L 166) (N xii, 252) (P 357) (S 29) (W 182)

Dot Nelson Rockefeller -son John D. Rockefeller Jr. age 31, chaired February 8 1940 dinner for A.A., Manhattan's exclusive Union Club (A 183) (B 295) (E 15) (H 62, 145) (L 128) (SM 11) (N 93, 417) (P 232-233)

Dot Nic N. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Nils Florman -headed proxy fight rival group National Rubber Machinery Company (P 134, 157)

Dot Nona W. -alcoholic, wife Walter W. alcoholic, early A.A.'s, friends Sister Francis who invited her Joy Farm starting A.A.'s contact Sister Francis; 1 1st A.A. women, sponsored by Marty Mann (A 181) (L 122)

Dot Norman Schneider -friend Lois Young People League, young Canadian asked Lois marry him, family owned meat packing firm Kichener Ontario (B 85) (L 16) (P 48)

Dot Norman Sheppard -name Bill got Reverend Walter Tunks from Mayflower Hotel May 11 1935, call find drunk work with, gave Henrietta Seiberling's number (A 66) (C 5, 35-36) (D 64) (L 95) (N 27) (P 136) (S 19)

Dot Norman Vincent Peale -popular minister Collegiate Church New York, radio preacher spoke 1 New York intergroups dinners celebrating Bill's sobriety (L143)

Dot Norman Y. -blind man Youngstown, 12 stepped by Jack D. (D 182)

Dot Old Frank -East Dorset's shoemaker, taught Bill about nature (B 24)

Dot Olga Hirshhorn -wife Joe Hirshhorn (L 76)

Dot Oppie -nickname Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, physicist asked Bill work with him, Bill didn't (B 357-358)

Dot Ora T. -early New York A.A., Bill & Lois sublet her furnished apartment 42 Barrow Street Greenwich Village (L 130) (P 215)

Dot Oscar V. -from old St. Louis family, stayed Bill's house (B 263)

Dot Oscar W. -Cleveland A.A., age 29, told, when you are new, you should take the cotton from your ears and put it in your mouth, sit down and listen!, wrote resignation & gave Dr. Bob, slipped, back 6 months (D 229)

Dot Paddy K. -founded A.A. Boston, didn't make it died alcoholism; Marty M. took him Blythewood; 1 her 1st 2 successes (A 96) (P 257)

Dot Pam B. -Red Bank New Jersey; met Bill 1968 vacationing Caribbean winter 1968, made mutual pact quit smoking (P 397)

Dot Pat C. -Minneapolis A.A.; tried start A.A. & club same time; Chicago A.A.'s Chan F. & Bill Y. carried him message 1940 (A 95)

Dot Patron Saint Cleveland A.A. -Dr. Harry Nash treated so many alcoholics East Cleveland Clinic given nickname; early gave castor oil & egg soup called Dr. Nash's Formula (S 164)

Dot Paul K. -visited Bill Ruth Hock's 1st day work, Ruth heard fragments drunken misery, miserable wife, being drunk disease, roaring laughter drunken incidents; thought Big Book should be more Christian (A 162) (E 20)

Dot Paul S. -early Akron A.A., met Dr. Bob January 1936, came New York with Dr. Bob meet John D. Rockefeller, attended John D. Rockefeller's A.A. dinner February 8 1940; got Dr. Bob's son job Cleveland; liked Twelve Steps way 1st written (A 162, 183) (C 141) (D 111) (H 59, 62) (L 109) (N 53) (P 184, 232-233)

Dot Peg S. -joined A.A. mid-1940's (D 247)

Dot Peggy -friend Smiths (D 87)

Dot Peggy Beckwith -President Lincoln's great-granddaughter; Lois lunched with during motorcycle trip (L 45) (P 74)

Dot Percy Strobel -son Bill's step-father Dr. Charles Strobel (L 53)

Dot Pete A. -Dr. Bob's son's wife's Betty father, alcoholic; sober after daughter brought him Big Book 1944, started group Clovis New Mexico (C 157) (D 303)

Dot Phil S. -A.A. #5 A.A.'s 1st court case, came late August or early September, 1935, insurance man (D 95-96, 132)

Dot Philip -alcoholic Scottish nobleman, journey America look International Christian Leadership Movement, met businesses men interested bringing God into industry by breakfast clubs for prayer & planning, 1st session met George R., sobered up took A.A. home (A 83)

Dot Philip Wylie -wrote article Philip Wylie Jabs a Little Needle into Complacency, said he alcoholic quit solo (H 97)

Dot Polly F. L. -joined A.A. 1943 Chicago, later worked General Service Office (D246, 300)

Dot Princess -Gladys S. Madras India (L 138)

Dot Priscilla -1 original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)

Dot Professor Watson -wrote letter 1958 A.A. General Service Office about Dr. Bob (D 23)

Dot Puggy -nickname Father Edward Dowling (S 25)

Dot R. H. -Dr. Bob's nickname for self (C 157)

Dot Ralph -worked press room A.A.'s 2nd International Convention St. Louis July 1955 (A 36)

Dot Ralph B. -writer Alcoholic Foundation; frequent visitor Stepping Stones (G145)

Dot Ralph R. -married Bill's 1/2 sister Helen (P 330)

Dot Randolph -West Indian Rosicruican elevator man 38 Livingston Street New York, tried keep Bill sober & when drunk safe, checked neighborhood bar's for him (L 71) (P 81)

Dot Ray H. -early San Francisco A.A. (A 88)

Dot Ray McCarthy -1st administrator Yale School Alcohol Studies (H 189)

Dot Ray W. -early New York A.A., atheist, went San Francisco 1940 business, told those there contacted by mail A.A. great stuff but put God out of it; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article (A 87) (P 247)

Dot Ray Windows -close friend Dr. Bob's daughter age 12, Sue's first beau & 2nd husband, married her December 19 1975, died August 3 1989 (C 11-12,85,95) (D93,106)

Dot Reuben A. Holden -secretary Yale University; coordinator give Bill honorary Doctor Laws degree (H 205-206) (P 311)

Dot Reverend George Little -Toronto minister credited introducing A.A. Canada (A 84) (E 35)

Dot Reverend Lee Belford -member 1st Trustee Archives Committee 1973 (G127)

Dot Reverend Mother Clementine -administrator St. Thomas Hospital when Sister Ignatia there (D 189)

Dot Reverend & Mrs. W. H. Bamford -Bertha parents, Bill's childhood sweetheart, Episcopal minister Manchester Vermont (P 35-36)

Dot Reverend T. Willard Hunter -spent 18 years full-time staff positions Oxford Group & M.R.A.; states never heard 6 Tenets; supported A.A. (P 206)

Dot Reverend Vincent P. Haas -Sister Ignatia ask look into A.A. meeting Kings School, check if A.A. allied Oxford Group (S 86)

Dot Reverend Walter Tunks -Harvey Firestone's minister; Bill called from Mayflower Hotel lobby May 11 1935 get name drunk, Episcopalian minister, long-time Oxford Group enthusiast, gave Bill 10 names call, last 1 Mrs. Seiberling; referred Norman Sheppard; conducted Dr. Bob's funeral services 15 years later (A 66, 73) (B 236) (C 5, 35-36, 63) (D 64,344) (E 12) (L 95) (N 27) (S 19)

Dot Reverend Willard (Dick) S. Richardson -ordained Baptist minister; handled John D. Rockefeller's Jr. private charities, spiritual advisor, great friend; got Bill contact through Dr. Leonard Strong Bill's brother-in-law John D. Rockefeller Jr. & associates; present 1937 meeting John D. Rockefeller's office money raising; became good friend Bill & Lois; referred Dick Richardson; proposed Alcoholic Foundation be formed February 4 1938; Bill requested $50,000 turned down, given $5,000, $3,000 pay Dr. Bob's mortgage rest Bill & Dr. Bob get $30 monthly, became sold on A.A., offered services; called Uncle Dick;, 1 1st Alcoholic Foundation board member (A 14, 147, 148, 151-152) (B274) (E 18) (G 98) (H 59, 62, 142-143, 146, 177, 192, 195) (L 108, 197) (SM 9) (N 65) (P 181, 183, 188, 232) (W 159)

Dot Rex -1 founding members A.A. Sydney Australia Sydney late 1944, Australia's 1st A.A. secretary (A 86) (E 41)

Dot Ricardo -inmate San Quentin, continuously helpful from beginning bringing A.A. San Quentin (A 89)

Dot Richard P. -1st sober A.A. Ireland, Connor F. Philadelphia tavern owner helped (A 83) (E 43)

Dot Richard Peabody -lay therapist treatment alcoholism, author [Common Sense Drinking], recovering alcoholic (P 176)

Dot Robbie (Robert) -11 year old boy Goldfoots were raising, got close with Bill during time worked Goldfoots farm make money during motorcycle trip 1925 (B151) (L 42)

Dot Robert Griffith -cousin Bill's, Brattleboro (P 27)

Dot Robert H. -Bill wrote 1959 about loneliness (G 76)

Dot Robert J. Roth -associate professor philosophy Fordham University; wrote William James & Alcoholics Anonymous, magazine America July 1965 based discussions & sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

Dot Robert Lee Brown -sharecropper trying raise tobacco, very poor, invited Bill & Lois who on road share Christians dinner 1928, turnip greens, sweet potato custard (B 158)

Dot Robert Ripley Smith -Dr. Bob's son born June 5 1918, nickname Smitty, started drinking 16, alcoholic (A 68) (C 2, 99, 120, 154) (D 10)

Dot Robert Shaw -lawyer, friend Willard S. Richardson, early Board member (A186)

Dot Robert Smith -wrote acceptable script about A.A. for Paramount Pictures middle 1940's (G 8)

Dot Robert Thomsen -Bill's biographer, author Bill W. (N 13) (P 379)

Dot Roberto C. -12 stepped by Carlo I., together translated Big Book Italian, gave 1st Italian Big Book Lois 1980 International Convention New Orleans (E 51-52) (G 110)

Dot Roger Burnham -Lois Burnham's brother & friend Bill's, told Lois of Bill, Lois's best man wedding; died December 1970 (B 111) (G 57) (L 74) (P 39, 58)

Dot Roger Perkins -senior class member Burr & Burton, pall bearer Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart (P 36)

Dot Roger Williams -T. Williams direct descendant founder Rhode Island & champion religious freedom colonial America (P 145)

Dot Roland J. -spiritualist Doc Bob talked late 1930's (D 311)

Dot Rollicking Rollie -nickname Rollie Hemsley (D 251) (N 85-86) (P 236)

Dot Rollie Hemsley -nickname Rollicking Rollie, early Cleveland A.A., famous baseball player, catcher Cleveland Indians caught Bob Feller no-hitter May 1940, 1 1st big names go public 1939 revealed been sober in A.A., caused lot publicity, sports reporter really responsible; Rollie; recruiting officer Akron fellowship, stayed awhile Oxford Group A.A. split (A 24) (B 300) (D 167, 204, 218, 251) (L 146) (N 85-86, 95) (P 236)

Dot Rollo M. -joined A.A. May 1941, wife Ethel M., also A.A., 12 stepped by John & Elgie (D 223, 243-244)

Dot Roscoe M. -husband Ethel M., 1st A.A. women stay sober any time, credited having longest uninterrupted sobriety any women (S 124)

Dot Rose Landon -neighbor Bill's while staying with grandparents (P 29)

Dot Rowland Hazard -met Stewart's cafeteria after Oxford Group meetings; drunk through fortune, carried message Ebby; former Rhode Island state senator, investment banker, senior director chemical company, concerned his drinking saw Dr. Carl Jung psychiatrist & psychoanalyst Switzerland 1930, treated about year, drunk again, returned more treatment, Jung told science can't help need spiritual awakening & ally himself religious group, did, Oxford Group 1931 & found sobriety, with Cebra G. interceded judge accepting, responsibility Ebby August 1934, helped Ebby find sobriety; died 1945 (B 229-231) (E 10) (H 276-277, 282) (L 93) (N 8, 9, 21, 33) (P 113-115, 128) (W 154-155)

Dot Roy Y. -1st Texan get sober & stay sober, contacted Larry J. newspaper man from Cleveland who wrote 6 A.A. articles Houston Press, Army sergeant, stationed Tampa started 1st groups Florida west coast (A 24) (D 259)

Dot Rum hound from New York -how Bill described himself to Henrietta Seiberling May 11, 1934 (D 60)

Dot Russ -childhood friend Bill's, communicated with Morse Code Rutland (P 22-23)

Dot Russ R. -once partner Time-Life, atheist, stayed with Wilson's over year (B263) (L 119) (P 164)

Dot Ruth G. -wife Ernie G., the 2nd 1 (D 141)

Dot Ruth Hock Crecelius -nonalcoholic, Hank P.'s Honor Dealers organization secretary, came work Bill & Hank P. 1936 Hanks office 17 William Street Newark; Bill's 1st secretary & office manager 1936-1942; Bill & Hank P.; nicknamed Dutch & Duchess; native Newark, grew up thrifty German family, attended German-speaking church, lived ethnic section city, divorced 24; 1st national A.A. secretary, went without pay for time, became Bill's sectary typed manuscript Big Book Bill dictated, wanted little mention God steps & Big Book; Serenity Prayer brought her 1941; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; given 5 millionth copy Big Book 50th International Convention Montreal 1985, typed original manuscript 1938; died spring 1986 (A 16, 159, 166, 195-196) (B 277, 292) (D 167) (E 18, 20) (G 61, 82, 111-112) (H 106, 144, 152) (L 111, 141) (N 99, 297) (P 191-193, 199, 241, 247) (W160, 179)

Dot Ruth R. -wife Eddie R. 1st person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help, failed underlying mental illness manic depressive, Ruth surrendered in Oxford Group; they 2 children lived Dr. Bob & Annie; caused lot problems, Eddie threatened Annie with butcher knife (B 249) (C 5, 41-42) (D 77-78, 80, 99) (L 97) (P 151-152)

Dot Ruth S. -friend Wilsons, husband Wilbur S., drove them see Stepping Stones(L 133)

Dot Ruth T. -joined A.A. spring 1939, from Toledo, well-to-do woman, hosted A.A. meetings her house (D 242, 256)

Dot S. J. Minogue -Australian psychiatrist associated Rydalmere Mental Hospital Sydney, later 1942 wrote G.S.O. (A 85)

Dot Sadie -patient Dr. Dan Craske Chicago mid 1939 (A 22)

Dot Sam -high-powered Yankee preacher shortly after beginning A.A. Atlanta sparked growth (A 25)

Dot Sam -early Chicago A.A. Earl T. worked with, wife Tee (A 22)

Dot Sam C. -started A.A. meeting, others didn't like (D 271)

Dot Sarah Klein -nonalcoholic friend Archie T., helped start A.A. group Detroit 1939 (A 24) (D 182)

Dot Sarah Martin -name Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article given Marty M. anonymity (P 248)

Dot Scientist -nickname Christian Science's (P 230)

Dot Sheila T. -helped Nell Wing & Harriet G. archives (G 126)

Dot Shep Cornell -Vermont; done considerable drinking with Ebby T.; been conduct Oxford group, tried help Ebby; went Ebby see Bill Ebby's 2nd visit; Bill disliked him, reminded rich Burr & Burton boys; came Tuesday night meetings Bill's house; went Bill & Lois Oxford Group meetings Calvary Episcopal Church 4th Avenue (B 211) (L 91) (N 17-18) (P 113, 116, 162) (W 151)

Dot Shepherd -early New York A.A., folks thought would make it, didn't (P 227)

Dot Sherry Day -clergyman converted by Dr. Frank Buchman (P 127-128)

Dot Sibley D. -Marty M. found her Bellevue Hospital, guest Stepping Stones, talented violinist, didn't stay sober (L 139)

Dot Sidney Lang -foremost bridge expert (D 296)

Dot Silas B. -Bill worked with Towns Hospital, once reporter Kansas City Star, wife Beth; Bill took to hospital after sober, thought he going die (L 102)

Dot Silas Griffith -Gardner Fayette Griffith's cousin, Vermont's 1st millionaire (P 28)

Dot Silky -Dr. Silkworth's nickname (P 126)

Dot Sir William -Dr. Bob's nickname Bill, state occasions (D 46) (G 80)

Dot Sister Francis -devoted & enthusiastic friend Wilson's, A.A., owned & operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut early A.A.'s New York & Connecticut took over drying-out place 1940's renamed High Watch Farm (A 181) (G 23) (L 122, 199)

Dot Sister Mary Ignatia Gavin, C.S.A. -born January 2 1889; spiritual co-founder A.A.; sickly nun pioneered hospital treatment alcoholics; worked with alcoholics Akron 1928-1939; met Dr. Bob 1st time 1928, common with Dr. Bob mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes; called Angel Alcoholics Anonymous, Little Angel of A.A.'s, Little Sister Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Bob's nickname Ig; birth name Bridget Della Mary Gavin; directly helped 15,000 alcoholic, estimated 60,000 coalcoholic family members benefited her healing, teamed Dr. Bob St. Thomas Hospital Akron, together tended over 5,000 alcoholics, both opened doors 1st religious institution welcome A.A.'s; Bill registrar St. Thomas Hospital, charge admissions & bed assignments; pioneered 1st alcoholism ward utilizing Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy Akron 1939; 1st use retreat houses fortify spiritual recovery; talked Dr. Bob's wife almost daily; with Dr. Bob's wife helped Akron's 1st alcoholic women; among 1st address alcoholic's reconciliation with spouse & family; received Poverello Medal behalf A.A. December 7 1949; received admitted Dr. Bob & Anne St. Thomas Hospital 1949; wrote article [Care Alcoholics - St.Thomas Hospital & A.A. Started Movement Which Swept Country] October 1951 in Hospital Progress journal Catholic Hospital Association; last day St. Thomas August 7 1954, 23 years 11 months, went Charity Hospital Cleveland; received 1954 National Theta Phi Alpha's St. Catherine Siena Award; died April 1, 1966 (A viii-ix, 7-8, 67, 143, 206) (B 346) (C 6, 128) (D 45) (E 15, 72) (G 24, 92) (H 156, 204-205, 371-372) (L 145) (N79) (SM 16) (S iii-ix, 1-3, 5-7, 9, 12, 17, 34-36, 42, 122, 128, 145, 149-151, 153, 185-186, 221,225-226, 240, 257, 273)

Dot Sister M. Victorine -contemporary Sister Ignatia, established alcoholic ward St. Vincent's Charity Hospital Cleveland died January 1988 (A 20) (D 202) (G24-25) (H 204)

Dot Sister Merced -looked after 2 bed ward St. John's Hospital Cleveland (H204)

Dot Sisters Charity Saint Augustine -ran admitting office St. Thomas Hospital (D 45)

Dot Sky pilots -Dr. Bob's nickname ministers (C 127)

Dot Slim -name Bill used describe danger giving someone taking drugs alcohol (H104)

Dot Smit -Dr. Bob's nickname son (C 128)

Dot Smithy -Bill's nickname Dr. Bob (D 255) (G 80) (P 331)

Dot Smitty -Dr. Bob's son nickname also Smit, born 1918, wife Betty Smith married 1944, attended 45 anniversary 1980 international convention (C 99, 128) (D 10, 30, 303) (E 14,76)

Dot Some people stayed Bill's house -Ebby, George H., Oscar V., Russell R., Bill C., Florence R. (A 64) (B 263-264) (L 105)

Dot Spoons Costello -brotherhood member, kitchen worker Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York (P 117)

Dot St. Francis Assisi -Bill admired, influenced by, patron saint (A 110-111) (G22) (P 302)

Dot Stan Ovshinsky -Detroit inventor, developed new cheap way converting heat directly electricity; formed company Energy Conversion Laboratories market idea (P 380)

Dot Sugar -nickname few charge nurses Dr. Bob known & respected long time (D48)

Dot Sue (Suzanne) Smith -born February 15 1918, Smith's adopted 1923, married 24 years Ernie W. Galbraith A.A. #4 autumn 1935, divorced 1965, married Ray Windows December 19 1975, age 48 start drink 1966, helped type stories Big Book read it 36 years after published, Dr. Bob's nickname T. after character someone Hortensia Twitchbottom (A 6, 68) (C 2, 11-13, 52, 80-81, 128) (E 14) (L77, 96) (N 316) (P 140) (S 31)

Dot Sweetie Pie -nickname Lorraine Greim Ruth Hock's new nonalcoholic assistant, started work Newark January 1940; Bill nicknamed Sweetie Pie (P235, 250)

Dot Sybil C. -1st woman A.A. Los Angeles (G 112)

Dot Sylvia K. -glamorous divorcee, $700 month alimony, 1 of 2 women Chicago group 1939; early Chicago A.A., Dr. Bob, Henrietta, Clarence & Dorothy S. worked with her (A 22) (D 180)

Dot T. -Dr. Bob's nickname daughter after character someone Hortensia Twitchbottom (C 128)

Dot T. Henry Williams -wife Clarace daughter Dorothy; native Connecticut; came Akron 1915; direct descendant Roger Williams founder Rhode Island & champion religious freedom colonial America; lost job chief engineer National Rubber Machine Company reorganization spring 1935; well-to-do inventor, Oxford Group member held Wednesday night Oxford Group meetings home until 1954; looked like alcoholic; stood by Dr. Bob worst of times (A 19, 75, 141) (C 44, 123) (D 57-58) (H 142, 357) (L 104) (N 40, 55) (P 145) (S 31)

Dot Ted -boarder of Gordon Oram San Francisco late 1939, early A.A. didn't make it (A 88)

Dot Ted Burke -flew Bill & Ebby Manchester Airport 1929, 1st plane to land their, all drunk (G 58)

Dot Ted LeBerthon -prominent Los Angeles columnist, articles helped A.A. grow (A 92)

Dot Teddy -Dr. Silkworth's redheaded nurse Knickerbocker Hospital (A viii, 14, 206) (H 156, 373) (SM 16)

Dot Tee -wife Sam, early A.A.'s Chicago Earl T. worked with (A 22)

Dot Tex Francisco -huge ex-drunk ran Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York, Dr. Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church operated; led meeting Bill went to, going throw Bill & Alex out 1 time (A 59) (B 215) (L 88) (N 18) (P 117) (W 152)

Dot That guy -Dr. Bob's reference Bill letters to Ruth Hock (G 80)

Dot Thomas Thatcher -name on old headstone church yard outside Winchester Cathedral France Bill saw England 1918, familiar name, Bill thought ancestor Ebby T., read epitaph Hampshire Grenadier (B 119) (L 25) (P 60)

Dot Tom B. -wife said contact A.A. or else, wrote letter Capetown South Africa, received reply, started group Capetown II; early A.A.; picture appeared Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article; guaranteed light, heat, telephone A.A. 1st clubhouse 334 1/2 West 24th Street; early Board member (A 180, 186) (G 119) (L 164) (P 241, 247)

Dot Tom K. -early A.A. Board member (A 186) (P 217)

Dot Tom L. -early A.A., wife Maybelle (D 106,120)

Dot Tom M. (Tom C. book Bill W.) -ancient fireman Bill & Lois got out Rockland State, brusque Irishman, coffee maker, general caretaker, janitor 334 1/2 West 24th Street A.A. clubhouse, lived there; told Bill some bum St. Louis to see him Father Ed (A 115-116, 180) (B 304, 307) (H 366) (L 122) (P 241)

Dot Tom P. -lifelong friend Bill's; entered A.A. confirmed atheist, changed mind; worked Bill editing 12 & 12, A.A. Comes Age; present Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital Bill took LSD August 29 1956; editor 12 & 12, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age, 1957 (A 219) (B 356) (G 16, 42) (L 156) (P271, 301, 354, 370-371)

Dot Tom S. -1 earliest Jacksonville Florida A.A.; past trustee (G 124)

Dot Tom Uzzell -member faculty New York University; writer Collier Magazine, edited & cut pre-publication Big Book least 1/3, some say 1/2, 800 to 400 pages (L 115) (P 204) (W 181)

Dot Tom Y. -1st editor Grapevine (G 88)

Dot Ty Cobb -baseball player (P 30)

Dot Ty M. -Milwaukee A.A., came to Akron to get help Dr. Bob, wife Kaye M. divorced after sobered up; wife took Big Book Los Angeles fall 1939 (D 177) (P266)

Dot Uncle Clarence -Bill got violin belonging him, learned play (P 31)

Dot Uncle Dick -nickname Willard Richardson (H 177, 195) (P 232)

Dot Uncle Marley -had influence Bill's boyhood (B 42)

Dot Usko -seaman, sobered U.S., wrote letter buddy Veikko K. Finland (E 45)

Dot Val D. -founder A.A. South Africa 1946, sobered up reading Big Book (A 85) (E 46)

Dot Veikko K. -received letters from buddy Usko reference program, stated A.A. Finland (E 45-46)

Dot Vi S. -joined A.A. with husband, Freddie S. Cleveland 1941, help start women's group, Victor former Akron mayor, involved 1st 13th step with Lil, example ineffectiveness wet-nursing (D 97, 99, 244)

Dot Vic M. -early Sacramento A.A. (A 88)

Dot Virginia Burneson -managing editor Grapevine March 1952, wrote Sister Ignatia for Bill reference errors in Grapevine articles about hospitalization plan called Knickerbocker plan (S 148)

Dot Virginia MacL. -Dorothy S. M. sister, Clarence S. wife, patient Dr. Leonard V. Strong, Bill's brother-in-law (D 142,313)

Dot W. J. (Jim) Estelle Jr -chairperson General Service Board Alcoholics Anonymous (E 7)

Dot W. W. -Yale University proposed initials conveying honorary Doctor Laws degree, protect Bill's anonymity (H 206-207) (P 313)

Dot W.H. Shaw -Seminary faculty Burr & Burton, pall bearer Bertha Bamford Bill's childhood sweetheart (P 36)

Dot Waldo Barrow -Bill's great-uncle, killed 1864 Battle Wilderness (P 54)

Dot Wallace Beery -character `Tugboat Annie', hid bottles stocking tops (D 42)

Dot Wally G. -early Akron A.A., sponsored Ty M. from Milwaukee with Dr. Bob; wife Annabelle G., daughter went King school, checked out to start A.A. meetings Dr. Bob's house to small; helped many alcoholics in home (A 11, 91) (D119, 219) (P 266)

Dot Walter B. -wife Marie; 1st alcoholic Dr. Bob & Sister Ignatia admit St. Thomas Hospital August 16 1939; notorious alcoholic & regular consumer paregoric [over counter] opiate, Sister Ignatia labeled problem acute gastritis; some say this occurred August 18; put in Flower Room; joined A.A. September 1939 (D 106) (H 374) (S 14, 16, 122, 146)

Dot Walter C. -went 12 Step with Bob, brother Edith M., his sister, told 12 Step himself (D 257)

Dot Walter P. -writer Bill contacted Towns Hospital, took home try sober up (B233)

Dot Walter W. -alcoholic, wife Nona W. alcoholic, early A.A.'s, friends Sister Francis who invited Nona Joy Farm starting A.A.'s contact Sister Francis (L122)

Dot Warren C. -joined A.A. July 1939, broke & proud in Cleveland, caused debate because not hospitalized, 12 stepped by Clarence S. July 1939 (D 102, 203) (N236)

Dot Warren T. -wife Alice; early San Francisco A.A., 1st member employed alcoholic specialist by industry, Kaiser shipyard, assisted starting 1st A.A. penitentiary group; worked with wife persuade top management 1 America's leading railroads to help alcoholic employees; died 1957 (A 88-90)

Dot Wendell Willkie -present February 8 1940 Rockefeller's A.A. dinner (A 183) (B 296) (H 62)

Dot Wes P. -chaired host committee 1970 International Convention Miami Beach; raised $10,000 local groups provide complimentary coffee, consumed end 1st day (G 106)

Dot Wes W. -lived Wilson's basement; day before died cancer asked Russ R. bottle Johnnie Walker Scotch Black Label (L 119) (P 165)

Dot West -nonalcoholic friend, accountant of West & Flint & Co, lifelong associate Willard S. Richardson, saw Works Publishing properly incorporated, personally audited it since beginning 1938, turned over then Wilbur S. (A 188)

Dot Widow Wilson -Bill's grandmother, ran Wilson House hotel (P 13)

Dot Wilbur "Bur" S. -outside accountant headquarters office, took over from Mr. West (A 188) (G 140)

Dot Wilbur S. -friend Wilsons, wife Ruth S., drove them see Stepping Stones (L133)

Dot Will -grandfathers nickname Bill (P 29)

Dot Will Griffith -got terms agents Bill's grandfather buy cars sell (P 46)

Dot Willard Hunter -close associate Dr. Frank Buchman (P 130)

Dot William James -author Varieties Religious Experience, theory spiritual experiences have definite objective reality & might totally transform man's life, all had common denominator source pain & utter hopelessness, complete deflation depth; Bill derived idea deflation ego & reaching bottom, articulated 1st step basis of recovery; Harvard professor, founding father American psychology; made detailed analysis wide number religious or conversion experiences Gifford Lecture series Edinburgh 1901, 1902; Bill called him 1 of A.A. founders; gave Bill material understand spiritual experience (A 64) (D 306) (G 21) (H 197, 279-298) (N 20, 23, 33-34) (P 124-125) (W 154, 172)

Dot Willie -Dr. Bob's nickname Bill; Bill's grandmother's name for Bill (B 31, 345) (D 46) (G 80)

Dot Woman -Dr. Bob's nickname student nurses (D 48)

Dot Wright brothers -proved ideas about heavier-than-air flying machines (P 31)