A.A. History - General

The Man on the Bed -Stain glass window. New at the Akron Intergroup office.

 1940 AA Preamble
We are gathered here because we are faced with the fact that we are powerless over alcohol and unable to do anything about it without the help of a Power greater than ourselves.......

 Timelines in AA's History -An extensive Flowchart from 1864 to present. -by Archie M.

 A Narrative Timeline Of AA History -Arthur S., Northeast Texas Area Archives has built upon Archie M's original Timeline file and is still growing - 1774 to 2003. Converted to html with Arthur's permission. There is to much information to list here.
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 Flowchart of Events of Interest to Members Of The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous -by Miles M.

 In AA’s First Five Years -Lois W., wife of AA’s co-founder, Bill W., recalls the time in AA when there were few members and no Big Book.
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 103 "MUSTS" In The Book Titled, "Alcoholics Anonymous"
If you go to enough meetings, you'll hear it said that in AA, "there are no MUSTs, only suggestions". Well, like most half-truths in A.A., if you hear them long enough you begin to believe them. But what does the Program have to say about this?

 A Talk by Bob E., A.A. #11
Shortly, before his death, Bob E. shared with some members of the Upstate Group of All Addicts Anonymous, the following recollection of what AA was like when he first joined.

 Alcoholics Anonymous -by Father Edward (Ed) Dowling
This is an article written by Father Ed Dowling in a column he had in The Queen's Work Magazine Dated: June 1945, page 13. Father Dowling had his own cloumn in this magazine.

 Sister Ignatia Gavin and A.A. -Sister Ignatia Gavin, a tiny Irish-American nun, helped initiate medical treatment for alcoholics in Akron, Ohio at Towns Hospital.

 Ruth Hock's recollections -AA's 1st Secretary, letter to Bill W., her recollections of A.A. in the beginning, transcribed from an original document, dated November 10, 1955.
¬Ruth Hock's recollections -A copy of Ruth's type written letter to Bill W. in .pdf format.
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 A Letter From Bill W. on Depression -from the memoirs of Tom P., an early California AA member.
(*Aslo see: The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety, an AA Grapevine Article dated, January 1958, which is strikingly similar to this letter from Bill W. on Depression.")

 Gresham's Law and Alcoholics Anonymous -by Tom P. Jr., ©1993. Due to the file size of this article, it is presented here in four parts. All four parts will be linked together at the bottom of each page by part # & title.

 Bill W.'s letter to Dr. Carl Gustav Jung -Dated January 23, 1961, a well overdue letter, as Bill put it.

 Dr. Carl Jung's Letter To Bill W. -Dated January 30, 1961, In reply to Bill's letter above thats dated January 23, 1961. (Dr. Carl Jung)

 Bill Wilson's Meeting at Henrietta Sieberling's House
....I agreed to speak but felt that it would mean most to them to hear some of her own words, so I called her on the telephone and asked her to tell me about the origins of Alcoholics Anonymous so that I could make sure my remarks were accurate. I made a tape recording of the conversation and played part of it at the .....

 The Wilson - Burwell Letters -For quite a few years, Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Jim B., author of the 2nd and 3rd edition personal story in the Big Book titled: "Vicious Cycle", communicated via written correspondence between 1947 and 1965.

 For Drunks Only—One Man's Reactions to Alcoholics Anonymous -by Richmond W.—author of "Twenty-four Hours a Day." For Drunks Only was originally published in 1945.

 The Impact of Alcoholism -Bill W.'s Testimony before The Special Subcommittee July, 1969. Present: Senators Hughes, Yarborough, Williams, Javits, Dominick, and Bellmon. 
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 Chuck C.'s Testimony Before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee -September 27, 1969. Present: Senators Hughes, (presiding), Dominick, and Saxbe [members of the Subcommittee]. Also present: Senators Cranston and Murphy [both Senators from California].

 The story behind these Four books signed by Chuck C. and Clancy I.-by Ken R. -This was sent to me by Ken R. about when he attended the annual A.A. Gratitude Roundup in Diamondhead, Mississippi on November 28th, 2009. Clancy I. wrote the Preface to Chuck's book, "A New Pair of Glasses," and Ken was thrilled that he would finally go to hear him speak and he being able to speak with him in person.

 Matthew J. R. -"Matt R. is one of my heroes, one who, following his recovery from alcoholism, made a significant contribution to the field of alcoholism." -Nancy O.

 Dr. Paul's Interview -Dr. Paul's story 'Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict' was published in the Third Edition of the Big Book; his remarks on acceptance, which appear on pages 449 and 450, have been helpful to many AA members over the years. This interview was conducted by telephone to Dr. Paul's home in California.

 A Summary: Ask It Bask It - General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous - 1951-1978 (The Ask-It-Basket was a part of the General Service Conference
from 1951 to 1985. Sessions ran from 3 to 6 one hour sessions during the couse of the Conference. The idea behind it was that a person seeking information or opinions on a specific subject could place an unsigned question in the Ask-It-Basket, in the main meeting room.
      The Conference produced a summary of the Ask-It-Basket questions in 1979 and this document is contained in the file 1951-1979.

 A Summary: Ask It Bask It - General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous - 1979-1985

 Dr. Harry M. Tiebout, MD -A strong supporter of A.A. throughout his life, he consistently worked for acceptance of his views concerning alcoholism the medical and psychiatric professions. He served on the Board of Trustees for A.A. from 1957 to 1966, and was chairman of the National Council on Alcoholism in 1950.

 The Story of Irma Livoni -As related by Matt M., a sponsee of Sybil C.and a copy of a letter to Irma Livoni from the Los Angeles AA Group dated, Dec. 6th, 1941, kicking Irma out of A.A. Irma never returned to A.A. and died of alcoholism. A copy of the original letter was sent to me, some time back, by the owner of the original letter about the first women to get kicked out of A.A. The letter is dated December 6th, 1941.

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