Places & Things in A.A.

Many heartfelt thanks go out to Archie M. of Tennessee, who did much research in order to compile this cross reference file of "Places and Things in AA History." has neither been approved or endorsed by and is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or any service entity of A.A.W.S., Inc. The Circle/Triangle logo is no longer in use by A.A.W.S., Inc.


(B) BILL W. by Robert Thomsen
(C) CHILDREN OF THE HEALER by Bob Smith & Sue Smith Windows as told to P. Christine Brewer
(L) LOIS REMEMBERS by Lois Wilson
(N) NOT-GOD by Ernest Kurtz
(W) A.A., THE WAY IT BEGAN by Bill Pittman

(Note: Each snippet is referenced: example (B 147)=Bill W. page 147, (N 283)=Not-God page 283,(P 111)=Pass It On page 111.)

dot 1st psychiatrists recognize A.A.'s effectiveness
Dr. Harry Tiebout (A 2) (E 19) (G 66) (H 369)

dot 1st Trustees
Frank Amos (G 92)

dot 1st 3 Steps
culled Bill's reading James, teaching Dr. Sam Shoemaker & Oxford Group; 1st Step dealt calamity & disaster, 2nd admission defeat 1 could not live strength own resources, 3rd appeal Higher Power help (P 199)

dot 1st 13th step
Lil involved 13th step Victor former Akron mayor (D 97)

dot 1st A.A. archivist
Nell Wing (E 78)

dot 1st A.A. Cleveland group meeting
May 12, 1939 home Abby G. Cleveland Heights Cleveland, 16 members (A 21) (N 78) (S32)

dot 1st A.A. clubhouse 
334 1/2 24th Street, 1940, old Illustrators Club (A viii,12,180) (B 304) (G 86) (H 47,147) (L 127,172)

dot 1st A.A. Cleveland Meeting no Oxford Group connection
May 11, 1939 (D 164,348) (N 78)

dot 1st A.A. effort reach outside married middle-class
December 1939 (D 210)

dot 1st A.A. employed alcoholic specialist by industry
Warren T., Kaiser shipyard (A 89)

dot 1st A.A. French members
Montreal Canada (A 85)

dot 1st A.A. General Service Office overseas
Great Britain & Ireland 1957 (A ix)

dot 1st A.A. German member
Max (E 52)

dot 1st A.A. Grapevine editor
wrote preamble based foreword 1st edition Big Book 1946 (MS 134) (N 254)

dot 1st A.A. group St. Louis
started by Father Ed Dowling (H 365)

dot 1st A.A. historian
Bill W. (S 118)

dot 1st A.A. home meeting Los Angeles
house Kaye M. December 19 1939 (A 92)

dot 1st A.A group Hungary
Ametiszt Group 1988 (E 57)

dot 1st A.A. International Convention
July 1950 Cleveland, 12 Traditions accepted; 96,475 members, 3,527 groups (Aviii,43,212)(E 9,17)(H 113,125)(MS 15)(S 141)

dot 1st A.A. Ireland
Richard P. started (A 83) (E 43)

dot 1st A.A. meeting England
1947 (A 83) (E 41)

dot 1st A.A. meeting Japan
January 1948 English speaking (E 56)

dot 1st A.A. meeting mental hospital
December 1939 Rockland State Hospital New York (A viii)

dot 1st A.A. meeting New Jersey
October 1939 South Orange Community House (L 127)

dot 1st A.A. meeting Philadelphia
Jimmy B. started George S.'s (A 17) (L 198)

dot 1st A.A. meeting San Francisco
in Gordon Oram's flat late 1939 (A 88)

dot 1st A.A. Mexican group
American woman started September 1946 (D 249) (E 48)

dot 1st A.A. national secretary
Ruth Hock (A 16) (H 106)

dot 1st A.A. news bulletin
issued groups 1940, Vesey Street headquarters (G 86)

dot 1st A.A. open speaker meeting Moscow
April 14 1986 (E 54)

dot 1st A.A. organized local service center
Chicago, forerunner Intergroup Associations (A 23)

dot 1st A.A. oriented drying facility 
High Watch Farm Kent Connecticut 1940 (A 181) (G 86)

dot 1st A.A. pamphlet 
A.A., published 1940 (G 86)

dot 1st A.A. prison group
1942 San Quentin California (A viii,89)

dot 1st A.A. Romania
1985, American couple started (E 50)

dot 1st A.A. secretary Australia
Rex (A 86)

dot 1st A.A. use radio carry message
Bruce H., Jacksonville (A 25)

dot 1st airplane land Manchester Airport
December 1929, Bill, Ebby, Ted Burke, drunk, Mrs. Orvis, town band & committee met them (G 58) (L 77)

dot 1st Akron women maintain few months sobriety
Jane S. (D 122)

dot 1st Alcoholic Foundation conference
held New York April 1951; decided rename Alcoholic Foundation to General Service Board; Foundation stood charity, paternalism; proved group conscience should be sole authority (A 218) (B 350-351) (H 164-165) (MS 19)

dot 1st alcoholic patient Deaconess Hospital
end May 1939, bartender 1st alcoholic patient Rosary Hall
Don L. December 15 1952, St Vincent Charity Hospital (S 175)

dot 1st alcoholic Sister Ignatia & Dr. Bob admitted
Walter B., August 16 1939, put in Flower Room (H 374) (S 14,16,122,146)

dot 1st alcoholism ward utilizing Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy
St. Thomas Hospital pioneered Akron 1939 (S 12)

dot 1st alcoholics Alcoholic Foundation
Dr. Bob & a New York member later drank (E 18)

dot 1st anniversary convention outside U.S.
30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada 1965 (G 103)

dot 1st annual Poverello Medal
awarded A.A. 1949, Founders Associates College Steubenville Ohio (S 138)

dot 1st apartment Bill & Lois 
33 7th Avenue New Bedford (B 111)

dot 1st archives workshop International Convention
45th International Convention New Orleans 1980 (G 109)

dot 1st big-name breaking anonymity
Rollie H. nationally famous ballplayer, sobered up Cleveland group (B 299-300) (N 85,95)

dot 1st black A.A. Little Rock Arkansas
Joe McQ. 1962; participated Charlie P. Big Book seminars (G 112)

dot 1st black group
centered around Cleveland women, St. Louis January 24, 1945 (D 247) (N 361)

dot 1st break Oxford Group 
Cleveland (D 161)

dot 1st Catholic clergyman recognize resemblance spiritual exercises
Sister Ignatius, Father Ed Dowling (H 365)

dot 1st Catholic recommendation A.A.
written 1940 Father Ed Dowling (A 253) (H 365)

dot 1st central committee
October 1939 Cleveland, 7 men, 5 women (D 202)

dot 1st Century Christian Fellowship
name Oxford Group early days until 1928 (P 130) (W 120)

dot 1st clergyman recognize A.A.
Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick (A 183) (H 177)

dot 1st company Bill investigated motorcycle trip 1925
General Electric Schenectady New York (B 149)

dot 1st Conference held
1951 (MS 9)

dot 1st draft 3rd Legacy Manual
1951 (MS 7)

dot 1st drink Bill took
party Grinnels New Bedford (W 145)

dot 1st drink brandy Bill took
July 20 1918 board ship Lancashire (B 115)

dot 1st editor Grapevine
Tom Y. (G 88)

dot 1st exposure Bill Wall Street
investigative work United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company 1921 (B 136)

dot 1st female alcoholic stay Bill's house
Florence R. (B 264)

dot 1st friend psychiatric profession
Dr. Harry Tiebout (MS 15)

dot 1st General Service Conference
April 1951, consisted 37 delegates (A ix,217,226) (G 88) (H 129,164,306,325)

dot 1st group read Chapter 5 Big Book
Cecil group Los Angeles around March 1940 (A 93) (H 113)

dot 1st group use A.A. initials
Cleveland group, Clarence S. started May 1939 (G 103)

dot 1st groups Florida west coast
Roy Y. started (D 259)

dot 1st house Bill & Lois
Stepping Stones Bedford Hills New York, after 23 years marriage (B 317) (L 118,133)

dot 1st house party
Summer 1918: Dr. Frank N. D. Buchman saw 1 Kuling China, became Oxford Group technique (W 117)

dot 1st house party Bill attended
December 1935, Richmond Virginia (L 103)

dot 1st Icelandic A.A. group meeting
April 15, 1954 (E 49)

dot 1st international A.A. Grapevine published
October 1958 (H 395)

dot 1st International Convention
15 anniversary 1950 Cleveland, 12 Traditions accepted, Dr. Bob's last talk; termed international cause Canadian members present (A viii,43,212) (C 7) (E 17,20,71) (G13,83,88) (H 113,125) (L 155) (MS 15)

dot 1st Internationalist
Captain Jack (E 32)

dot 1st Internationalist Conference
Akron 1983, Captain Jack attended (E 32)

dot 1st issue A.A. Grapevine
June 1944 (A viii) (L 144)

dot 1st known A.A. prison meeting
1942 San Quentin Prison (A viii,89) (E 62)

dot 1st lady seek A.A. help
Lil, involved 13th step Victor (D 97)

dot 1st Legacy
recovery; embodied Big Book, Steps, person-to-person 12 Step work (L 147) (P 347)

dot 1st mail order group
Little Rock Arkansas, sprung up no personal contact (A 26) (B 295) (H 63) (N 102)

dot 1st major award cited A.A.
Lasker Award 1951 (A ix,4,88,207,301) (H 136,157) (N 112) (S 137-138)

dot 1st man killed on 12 Step call
upstate New York, called on women, husband work, husband shot with shotgun (D 246)

dot 1st marathon meetings
1980 International Convention New Orleans, Thursday midnight-Sunday morning (G 110)

dot 1st members 1st Board
May 1938, Dick Richardson, Frank Amos, Dr. Strong, Dr. Bob, New York A.A. who got drunk (A 152)

dot 1st mental hospital group
Rockland State Hospital, Dr. Russell E. Blaisdell in charge (A 12)

dot 1st military assignment Bill
Fort Rodman Massachusetts (W 145)

dot 1st movie portray middle-class alcoholic
movie Lost Weekend, based novel Charles Jackson middle 1940s, portrayed alcoholic 1st time not Bowery bum but successful middle-class businessperson reduced Bowery bum, helped educate public accurate picture alcoholic (G 8) (L 144) (N 120)

dot 1st National Clergy Conference Alcoholism N.C.C.A.
1949 (S 197)

dot 1st New York hospital set aside alcoholic ward
Knickerbocker Hospital set aside ward just alcoholics, under A.A. sponsorship (G 87)

dot 1st non-American branch A.A.
formed Sydney Australia October 1944 (N 346)

dot 1st nonalcoholic members Alcoholic Foundation
Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood (E 18)

dot 1st official A.A. reception
probably given by Major Houde Montreal (A 85)

dot 1st overnight A.A. Smiths guest
Bill W., June 1935 (S 114)

dot 1st paid job subscription department Grapevine
Bill's half-sister Helen (L 139)

dot 1st permanent haven treatment
St. Thomas Hospital April 19, 1944 (A 7,9) (S 102)

dot 1st person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help
Eddie R., failed underlying mental illness (C 5)

dot 1st person split Akron meeting
Clarence S. (G 103)

dot 1st person tell Bill alcoholism illness
Dr. Silkworth (C 4) (L 85)

dot 1st professional intervention
1941 Charity Hospital, Dr. Harry Nash complied with junior assistant Dr. Victor D. Ippolito operating room not operate (S 163)

dot 1st recognize program gays
1980 International Convention New Orleans (G 110)

dot 1st regional Trustees elected General Service Board
replaced Area Trustee 1963 (A x)

dot 1st rehabilitation home for alcoholics
Joy Farm April 21, 1940 (L 122,198)

dot 1st religious institution officially adopt permanent policy recognized rights alcoholics receive hospital treatment
St. Thomas Hospital (A 7,9) (B 346) (H 203,360,376) (S 87,110)

dot 1st religious leaders endorse A.A.
Father Edward Dowling S.J. & Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick 1940 (G 86)

dot 1st rotation duties
October 1939 Cleveland, central committee (D 202) (N 88)

dot 1st Scotland alcoholic find sobriety through A.A.
Glasgow 1946 (E 51)

dot 1st Scotland alcoholic achieve sobriety
1947 (E 51)

dot 1st secretary Bill
Ruth Hock 1936 (G 111)

dot 1st slipper
Ernie G. A.A. #4, 1st young person (D 96)

dot 1st Spanish-speaking A.A. 
Dick P. Cleveland (D 249)

dot 1st Texan get & stay sober
Roy Y. (D 259)

dot 1st time Bill drinking escape & block mind remembering
middle May 1932 (B 184)

dot 1st time film Bill's Own Story shown
30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada 1965 (G 104)

dot 1st time Sister Ignatia Dr. Bob met
1928 (S 9)

dot 1st time world knew full identity co-founder A.A.
January 26 1971, New York Times front-page picture, obituary Bill, hundreds newspapers around world followed suit (G 3)

dot 1st time 12 Traditions put on paper
1946 (A 96,203,210) (H 154) (N 113,346)

dot 1st Toledo A.A. hospitalization
Mr. B obstetric ward Women's & Children's Hospital, only place take him (D 257)

dot 1st Toledo A.A. meeting
September 1, 1940 (D 255)

dot 1st Toledo group treasurer
Katie P. (D 256)

dot 1st triannual A.A. membership survey
1960's (G 90)

dot 1st true marathon meeting
45 anniversary 1980 New Orleans (E 76)

dot 1st Trustee's Archives Committee
October 24 1973; members George G. chairman professor communications Hofstra University, Reverend Lee Belford, Dr. Milton Maxwell nonalcoholic trustee, later chairman board (G 127)

dot 1st use retreat houses
Sister Ignatia used fortify spiritual recovery (S 225)

dot 1st visit abroad Wilson's
1950 (G 13)

dot 1st woman A.A. Los Angeles
Sybil C. (G 112)

dot 1st women alcoholics
didn't fare well fellowship, felt alienated & rejected, men didn't support, wives harshly judged; many didn't make it, those did through application A.A. principle not fellowship; double standards men & women (S 123-124)

dot 1st women respond Plain Dealer articles
Warren C., thrown out A.A. by wives (D 241)

dot 1st World Service Meeting
1967 brainchild Bill, held every 2 years start October 9-11 1969, 14 countries (A xi) (E 40) (H 341)

dot 1st World Service Office
Vesey Street New York February 1940 (A viii)

dot 1st written experience A.A. 
Big Book (H 20)

dot 1st young person A.A.
Ernie G. A.A. #4, 1st slipper (D 96)

dot 2 nights Bill didn't come home when married
locked up Manhattan West Side jail drunkenness, stayed Naomi Hotel Harlem early 30's (L75)

dot 2nd A.A. group
New York fall 1935 (A 10)

dot 2nd A.A. International Convention
20th anniversary St. Louis 1955; Hank G. structured & programmed; Bill turns A.A. to members, Dennis Manders prophesied Bill's final stepping down leadership take few years; Dr. Bob's daughter, husband A.A. #4 there; some speakers Father Edward Dowling S.J., Reverend Samuel Shoemaker, Dr. W.W. Bauer, Bernard Smith, Dr. Harry Tiebout; A.A. groups confirmed permanent charter General Service Conference; 5,000 attended; President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent telegram; 2nd edition Big Book
introduced; 5,000 attended (A 235) (C 7,12) (E 71-72) (G 9,76,97) (TC 1)

dot 2nd company Bill investigated motorcycle trip 1925
Giant Portland Cement Egypt Pennsylvania (B 152) (L 45,63)

dot 2nd largest A.A. selling book
12 & 12, editor Tom P. (G 14,16) (L 156)

dot 2nd Legacy
unity; insure unity Bill wrote 12 Traditions (A 213) (L 147,155) (P 347)

dot 2nd man recover Towns Hospital
Fitz M. (A 162)

dot 2nd Ocean Roundup [Cruise Without Booze]
Miami Bahamas back 1977, Al S. planned, executed (G 137)

dot 2nd person Bill & Dr. Bob tried help
Bill D., succeeded, met June 28, 1935 (C 5) (L 97) (N 37)

dot 3 Talks Medical Societies Bill W.
pamphlet printed talk Bill gave 1944 Medical Society New York 1944 annual meeting/1949 American Psychiatric Association annual meeting Montreal (A 204-205) (MS 15-16)

dot 3rd Legacy
service; anything whatever helps us reach fellow suffer (A 140) (H 137) (L 155) (P 347)

dot 3rd Legacy Manual World Service
explains A.A. structure, became A.A. Service Manual (G 26) (MS 35)

dot 3rd Legacy plan
Conference plan originally set up 1950 Bill & Dr. Bob, confirmed 1955 St. Louis 2nd International Convention (H 113) (MS 23)

dot 3rd Legacy procedure
special type electoral procedure election delegates (MS 41)

dot 5 C's
confidence, confession, conviction, conversion, continuance (N 48) (S 116)

dot 5 day hospital stay
day 1) reception, day 2) realization, day 3) moral inventory, day 4) resolution, day 5) plan future (S 106-108)

dot 5 Procedures Oxford Group
(1) surrender God (2) listen Gods guidance (3) check guidance others members (4) make restitution those harmed (5) careful self-examination, confess defects others (A 58,62) (C3) (L 92) (N 49)

dot 6 Tenets
rumored basis 12 Steps came from Oxford Group, no evidence (P 197,206)

dot 12 Concepts World Service
represents best Bill's thoughts, written 1962, comprehensive description A.A. authority, responsibility, leadership interrelationship groups, trustees, conference, General Service Office, A.A. Grapevine Inc; adopted 12 Annual General Service Conference Alcoholics Anonymous April 26 1962, published 1962; short form prepared General Service Board 1974 (A x) (G 26-27) (L 158) (N 304) (TC i-ii)

dot 12 Lectures on Alcoholics Anonymous
pioneer A.A. conceived idea starting group by radio, came up with 12 Lectures on Alcoholics Anonymous to do it, modest results (A 130)

dot 12 Points Assure Our Future
A.A. experience codified, prior name 12 Traditions, 1st published April 1946 Grapevine (A96,203,210) (G 20) (H 21,68,154) (L 147) (MS 15) (P 306,324) (TC iii)

dot 12 Steps
foundation stone of fellowship (B 284)

dot 12 Traditions
1st put on paper 1946, published Grapevine May 1946; 1st presented Fellowship in Grapevine, approved July 1950 A.A.'s 1st International Convention Cleveland; called 12 Points Tradition, 12 Suggested Points Assure Our Future, Suggested Code Traditions A.A. General Headquarters (A viii,43,96,203,210) (E 17,30,71) (H 68,113,125,154) (MS 15) (N113,346) (S 141)

dot 12 & 12
written 1951-1952 during Bill's depression, Bill decided combine 12 Traditions written Grapevine essays hard-cover & new series Step essays applied living sober 1952, published January 1953, 25,000 October shipped, A.A.'s 2nd largest selling book, editor Tom P. (A ix,219) (E 26,30) (G 14,16,42) (L 156) (P 295,352,354)

dot 17 William Street Newark
Hank P.'s office 1936 (A 159) (G 82)

dot 24 Hours-a-Day book
Richmond Walker wrote, used God Calling outline, offered book Bill & A.A. 1950, General Service Conference refused, Pat Butler Hazelden Foundation Center City Minnesota acquired rights publish (W 177-178)

dot 30th Anniversary Convention
1965 Toronto Canada, 1st held outside U.S.; film Bill's Own Story shown 1st time (G 103-104)

dot 66th C.A.C.
Bill's army unit (B 112-113)

dot A.A.
largest user hotel rooms any world organization (G 95)

dot A.A. Everywhere-Anywhere
published 1995 (E 4)

dot A.A. God philosophy 
God as you understand Him (S 110)

dot A.A. Grapevine
A.A. monthly magazine, meeting in print, mirror A.A. thought action, collective voice A.A., A.A.'s magic carpet; published June 1944, not 1st A.A. bulletin or magazine but caught on nationally; cost $.15, featured article nonalcoholic research team Dr. Howard Haggard & Dr. E.M. Jellinek, editorial Bill; 6 volunteers, 8 page bulletin, get A.A. news armed forces members; groups voted 1945 national A.A. magazine, 1st international issue December 1945; original group publishing Grapevine Marty, Priscilla, Lois K., Abbot, Maeve, Kay, helped by Grace O. & husband (A 201-202,324) (E 28) (H xiii,xv,387,395) (L 144) (MS134) (P 304)

dot A.A. Preamble
based forward 1st edition Big Book, written 1st Grapevine editor 1946, originally appeared June 1947 (E 30) (MS 134) (N 254)

dot A.A. Publishing Inc
earlier name A.A. World Services Inc (G 88)

dot A.A. Service Manual
explained A.A. structure before 3rd Legacy Manual (G 26)

dot A.A. Way Life
abridged letters Bill wrote, published 1967 (B 356)

dot A.A. way living
term Canada church practice putting into action faith & power Alcoholics Anonymous help recovery other alcoholics (E 34)

dot A.A. World Services Inc
earlier A.A. Publishing Inc (G 89)

dot A.A.'s 3 Legacies
1st recovery, 2nd unity, 3rd service (A xiii,49,139,226) (B 348,352) (G 26) (H 304) (MS30,35) (S 147)

dot Adirondack Light & Power steam plant
on Mohawk River, G.E. experimental station, Bill visited 1925 motorcycle trip (L 43)

dot Advisory committee
created same time Alcoholic Foundation August 11 1938, 8 members majority alcoholics, Bill on (P 188)

dot Akron Rubber Mold & Machine Company
founded 1909, reorganized 1928 National Rubber Machinery Company (P 134)

dot Alcoholic Foundation
set up trust A.A. board directors August 11 1938 New York; 5 members, 3 nonalcoholics Willard Richardson, Frank Amos, John Wood; membership increased 7 January 1939, nonalcoholics still majority; became General Service Board 1st session
(A vii,ix,151,218) (E 18,20) (G 51) (H 126,143,168) (MS 106) (N 67) (P 188)

dot Alcoholic Squadron
Oxford Group meetings held Wednesday night T.Henry Williams house, Catholic's not permitted by priest (G 31) (N 55)

dot Alcoholics & God
article Liberty magazine Morris Markey September 1939 (A 17,177-178) (G 5) (H62,145,180) (MS 11) (N 90)

dot Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age
Bill wrote, Tom P. editor, panorama everything happened A.A. from birth-St. Louis 1955 International Convention (G 27)

dot Alcoholism Manifestation Allergy
Dr. Silkworth's article 1937 Medical Record (P 102,407)

dot Alger books
children books (P 29)

dot Allergy theory
Dr. Silkworth's believe, alcoholism obsession mind coupled increasing physical sensitivity (W 156)

dot Alpha alcoholic
alcoholic from 1st drink (S 246)

dot Alumni Magazine
Dartmouth College magazine (D 22)

dot A.M.A.
American Medical Association (A 70) (B 240) (N 32)

dot Aeolians
band Bill played fiddle high school dances, special events (B 90)

dot Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age
published 1957 (A iv)

dot America
July 1965 magazine Robert J. Roth's article William James & Alcoholics Anonymous based discussions, sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

dot American Journal Psychiatry
printed paper Bill read annual meeting Montreal (MS 16)

dot American Medical Association Convention
convention Atlantic City, Dr. Bob attended event 20 years, began 1st week June, attended last 1 June 1935, got drunk (A 70) (B 240) (D 72) (N 32) (P 147)

dot American Public Health Association
presented A.A. Lasker Award (A ix,4,88,207,301) (B 350) (H 136,157) (N 112)

dot American Psychiatric Association
recognizes A.A. 1949 (A viii)

dot American Writing Paper Company
Frank Shaw interested, Bill investigated during motorcycle trip, pleased
with report put Bill on payroll (L 63,65)

dot Annual Bill's Birthday Dinners
New York, 1960's (G 20) (L 142)

dot Arlington High School
Bill went school year 1913-1914 Arlington Massachusetts prepare examinations Massachusetts Institute Technology (P 40)

dot As Bill Sees It
Bill wrote, Nell Wing Ed B., Janet G. assisted, collection quotations, excerpts Big Book, 12 & 12, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Age, 12 Concerts World Service, Grapevine articles, letters (G 27)

dot Atlantic City
site 1934 American Medical Association Convention (A 70) (D 77) (N 32)

dot Aunt Jenny
radio soap opera involving alcoholic family member middle 1940's (G 8)

dot Awards Bill turned down
Poderello Award Steubenvile College given A.A. 1949, listing Who's Who 1951, Lasker Award 1951, Doctorate Laws Yale University 1954, cover story Time Magazine, state Vermont 1960, posthumously Doctorate Humanities Norwich University (H 205) (L157,162) (S 138)

dot Basis 12 Steps
Oxford Group's self-surrender, conversion, honesty, restoration, witnessing, sharing, daily practice, essential principle A.A., fellowship meetings share common experience positive change directly Oxford Group; William James & Dr. Silkworth
(A 39,58,62,160) (G 20-21) (L 89,92)

dot Baylis & Company
stockbroker firm Bill associated with (P 82)

dot Bedford name
coincidences; Bill stationed New Bedford, bought house Bedford Hills, stayed Bedford Hotel, friends named Bedford
(P 324)

dot Bedtime story
name Bill's story of how A.A. began (G 17) (P 8,270,348)

dot Belladonna treatment
Towns-Lambert Treatment; hourly dosage mixture belladonna, hyoscyamus, xanthoxylum 50 hours, about 3 hours vigorous catharsis 
C.C. pills & blue mass, end treatment abundant bilious stools castor oil given thoroughly clean intestinal tract (W 164)

dot Big Book
1st written record A.A. experience; fall 1937 Dr. Bob & Bill thought of book, started March or April 1938, Bill dictated Hank P.'s secretary, as chapters completed copied passed along for comments; September 1938 Frank Amos suggested show friend Gene Exman editor religious book Harper & Brothers; Bill & Hank P. edited stories New York members nickname book Alcoholics Anonymous; priced $3.50 1939 compensate price printed thick paper convince purchaser getting money's worth, bulky thus nickname; Ruth Hock thought easier person with shakes read no fine printing, pages; 1st edition 1st printing, cover red cloth, dust cover red & yellow called circus dust cover; final chapter 1st edition, 1st printing Lone Endeavor; 1st edition contained 400 pages, Tom Uzzel edited down from 800 pages; A.A.'s text book; published April 1939; available 30 languages, Braille, video American Sign Language; 2nd edition published 1955, 3rd edition published 1976 (A144,153,159,170) (B 277-279,285) (E 16,26) (H 20) (L 104) (MS 11) (P 205-206) (N 76) (W 179,181)

dot Big Book proposed titles
100 Men, Empty Glass, Haven, Comes Dawn, Dry Life, Dry Frontiers, Dry Way, Way Out, B.W. Movement, William Wilson Movement, Alcoholics Anonymous proposed former New Yorker Magazine writer; Akron favored Alcoholics Anonymous, New York favored Way Out; more 100 titles considered (A 165-166) (B 285) (D 151) (E 25) (H 13,107) (L 114) (N74,333) (P 202) (W 160,180)

dot Big Book stories 1st edition
16 Akron A.A.'s, 12 New York A.A.'s (P 200)

dot Bil-Lo's Break
working title Wilson's new house New Bedford New York (L 134) (P 264)

dot Bill & Lois Home Improvement Fund
fund help Wilson's, voted Hank's & Kathleen house, gave Wilson's additional $20 monthly (A 173) (L 125) (P 217)

dot Bill W. [book]
by Robert Thomsen 1975 (B iv)

dot Bill's burial
May 8 1971 small group family friends, East Dorset Vermont (G 3)

dot Bill's early remedy doctoring drunks
sauerkraut, stewed tomatoes, supportive conversation (S 20)

dot Bill's head stone markings
William G. Wilson, 1895-1971: Vermont, 2D LT BRY C66 ARTY CAC, WORLD WAR I. Nov. 26, 1895-Jan. 24, 1971; no mention A.A.
(P 406)

dot Bill's Own Story
film shown 1st time 30th Anniversary Convention Toronto Canada 1965 (G 104)

dot Bill's paternal grandfather
had serious drinking problem until found religion (P 15)

dot Birds Feather
airline pilots nickname (G 93)

dot Black coffee & fruit juices laced vitamin B-enriched (S 11)

dot Bleeding deacon
remains convinced group cannot get along without him, constantly connives for re-election to office, continues consumed with self-pity (A 122)

dot Book Avec Les Alcooliques
Joseph Kessel stimulated A.A. growth France & Germany (A ix)

dot Book of James
favorite Bill,Dr. Bob, Anne (H 356)

dot Book Sister Ignatia
written Mary C. Darrah, 1992 (S iv)

dot Borton Group
1st all A.A. group formed Cleveland November 1939, named after T.E. Borton, wealthy Cleveland Heights nonalcoholic (A 21) (D 169,209)

dot Brave New World
Aldous Huxley book (G 75)

dot Breeze Spirit
book describes Bill & beginnings A.A., Irving Harris (G 70)

dot Bronx cocktail
usually concocted gin dry, sweet vermouth & orange juice, Bill's 1st drink age 22 (B 106) (N 13) (P 56) (W 146)

dot Brotherhood
term homeless men housed Calvary Episcopal Mission 23rd Street New York; Dr. Sam Shoemaker Calvary Church operated; between 1926-1936 more 200,000 men visited (P116-117)

dot Buick Roadmaster convertible
Dr. Bob's dream car (C 147)

dot Busto's
speakeasy (P 96)

dot Calvary Episcopal Church
headquarters Oxford Group, 4th Avenue renamed Park Avenue South, Bill, Lois, Shep Cornell, Ebby went Oxford Group meetings, ran mission 23rd Street (B 214) (L 91) (N 18)

dot Cantilever bridge
type bridge Bill identified when young (L 19) (P 19)

dot Care Alcoholics - St.Thomas Hospital & A.A. Started Movement Which Swept Country article October 1951 in Hospital Progress journal Catholic Hospital Association Sister Ignatia wrote (S 145)

dot Catholic Committee Publications New York Archdiocese 
reviewed advance copy Big Book, approved, asked word [heaven] changed Utopia (A 168-169) (B 286) (N 75) (P 210)

dot Catholic Cannon Law
forbade Catholics joining other religious law, part reason A.A.'s broke Oxford Group (W174)

dot Cavalcade America
DuPont program created lot interest A.A., Al S. involved (G 89)

dot Cedar Avenue
1st black group Cleveland (D 247)

dot Cecil Hotel
where Mort J. hired meeting place Los Angeles (A 93)

dot Chapter 5 Big Book grudge list
variation game truth taught members Oxford Group (W 181)

dot Chapter 10 Big Book
believed Hank P. wrote it (P 200)

dot Chicago group founder
Earl T. (G 20)

dot Chinese job
position director fund-raising American Bureau Medical Aid China Bill applied for, didn't get (P 259,274)

dot Christian Science Founder
Mary Baker Eddy (G 25)

dot Church Street School
school Bill attended as child (P 20)

dot Circus dust cover
cover 1st edition, 1st printing Big Book, red & yellow (W 179)

dot Class A member
nonalcoholics on advisory committee (G 51)

dot Class B member
alcoholics on advisory committee (G 51)

dot Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland paper did A.A. series (A 134,178) (H 62,180,373) (N 83) (P 224)

dot Closed meetings
started 1st A.A. clubhouse 334 1/2 West 24th Street, originally aimed instruction newcomers which attended only admitted alcoholics (B 305)

dot Coast Artillery
branch Army Bill served WWI (P 54)

dot Code traditions
early idea Bill had statement principles (B 324)

dot Come Back Little Sheba
A.A. played major part making film (P 343)

dot Common denominators religious or conversions experiences
described William James calamity, admission defeat, appeal Higher Power (P 124)

dot Common items co-founders
tall Vermonters, political conservatives, drawn spiritism, extrasensory phenomena, interested medical matters, difficulty completing formal education, devised nicknames others, disliked pretense & phoniness, intelligent (P 156)

dot Conference Charter
substance informal agreement which made between A.A. groups Trustees
1955 (TC 61)

dot Conference plan
3rd Legacy plan originally set up 1950 Bill & Dr. Bob, confirmed 1955 St. Louis 2nd International Convention (H 113) (MS 23)

dot Cookie
word used Dr. Bob referring patient (D 146)

dot Cooking up soggy
Bill's slang not feeling good (G 120) (P 156)

dot Cornwall Press
printed 1st edition 1st printing Big Book, firm Cornwall New York (A 156) (B 286-287) (H145) (L 115) (P 194)

dot Custom introducing self first name, last initial
Bill probably picked custom Oxford Group meetings, Frank Buchman referred self Frank B. (L 92) (P 219)

dot Dark Kayo Syrup
what Sister Ignatia nursed alcoholic patents, thought quiet nerves (S 11,274)

dot Days Wine & Roses
full-length TV production 1958, film 1963, A.A. played major part making (A ix) (P 343)

dot Deaconess Hospital Cleveland
took alcoholic single rooms 1940 (D 202) (G 24)

dot Deep Freeze Talk
Al S. introduced Bill, 1960 International Convention Long Beach California, Bill's longest talk, record cold, those on stage could not hear talk public address system bad (G 89,102)

dot Democracy America
Bill developed ideas structure A.A., written de Tocqueville (G 21)

dot Derail
antifreeze strained through rye bread (D 198)

dot Directory Mayflower Hotel lobby
listed Akron's Ohio major churches & their ministers (H 355) (N 26-27) (P 136)

dot Double winners
A.A.'s who join Al-Anon (L 192)

dot Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers
1st printing 1980 (A xi) (D 4)

dot Dr. Bob's favorite books
Varieties Religious Experiences [William James], Tertium Organum, Confessions St. Augustine, The Robe [Lloyd C. Douglas, Akron minister 1930's], For Sinners Only [Oxford Group], Basic Teachings Confucius, Teach Us to Pray [Charles & Cora Fillmore], Prayer Can Change Your Life, The Art Selfishness [David Seabury], Greatest Thing in World [Drummond] (D 310)

dot Dr. Bob's last appearance
1st International Convention Cleveland 1950 (C 7) (E 71)

dot Dr. Bob's memorial Grapevine issue
January 1951 (G 88)

dot Dr. Bob's tattoos
a big compass along with a dragon on his arm (C 21)

dot Dr. Nash Formula
early gave alcoholics castor oil & egg soup (S 164)

dot D.T.'s
delirium tremens (S 33)

dot Duchess
Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192)

dot Dutch
Bill & Hank P. nickname Ruth Hock (P 192)

dot Early A.A.'s
predominantly white middle-class males (D 239)

dot Early women who joined Akron group
had impressive social credentials (D 241) (P 192)

dot East Orange New Jersey
location Thomas Edison's laboratories (P 65)

dot Eberlin's
gentlemen's bar (P 94)

dot Ectopic pregnancy
egg develops outside uterus; happened Lois 3 times (L 34) (P 67)

dot Edison's test
contained 286 or 300 questions (B 136) (P 65)

dot Ego Factors Surrender Alcoholism
Dr. Tiebout paper 1954 (A 319)

dot Elder statesmen
sees wisdom group's decision, holds no resentment over reduced status, of sound judgment fortified by considerable experience, willing sit quietly on side lines awaiting developments (A 122)

dot Energy Conversion Laboratories
formed Stan Ovshinsky, market idea converting heat directly electricity, speculative company; 1977 Wall Street Journal article on it, existed 1984, Standard Oil Ohio invested heavily (P 381)

dot Exercises St. Ignatius
spiritual discipline Father Edward Dowling's Jesuit order (N 98) (P 242)

dot Fair Oaks Villa
hospital or sanitarium Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot Fairbanks Morse
Dr. Bob worked young man 1902-1904 (D 24)

dot Faith magazine
Dr. Bob wrote article August 1939 (D 175)

dot Fan Williamson
Chris' mother took Lois cruise April 20 1941, sister Moore of Moore-McCormack Steamship Line, Bill called her Ironsides
(L 134)

dot Fin
5 dollar bill (D 297)

dot Fierce Error
name Dr. Bob's car, 2nd hand Pierce Arrow (C 118)

dot Financial Chronicle
only Britain paper 1937 publish A.A. advertisement, others thought it fraud (A 83)

dot Fisk Tire Company
Boston company Bill almost got board position (L 107) (P 175)

dot Fortune magazine
February 1951 published article Uniquely American Phenomenon, helped A.A. grow (H135)

dot Fylers Incorporated
barnstormer flyers, Albany New York airport (P 83)

dot Founders' Day
celebration Akron marking A.A.'s birthday (G 83)

dot Founders Day
2 week gathering Minnesota 1943-1947, attendance invitation only, usually those considered founders Midwest groups (D 299)

dot Frail
Dr. Bob's slang for wife (D 111)

dot Frogskin
dollar bill (D 255)

dot From Outside Looking In
Grapevine article Jessica Bove wrote, nonalcoholic secretary New York A.A. (G 41)

dot Fundamental plank A.A. program
power greater then self (S 24)

dot General Service Board (Committee)
A.A.'s board trustees established 1938, Alcoholic Foundation, permanent successor to founders, custodians national A.A. funds
(A 151,218) (B 353) (D 126) (H 143,168) (E 20) (N 67)

dot General Service Conference
created 1951 Dr. Bob & Bill, permanent successor founders A.A., guardian A.A.'s Traditions, perpetuators world services A.A., voice group conscience entire Fellowship, consisted 37 delegates (A 217,226) (G 90) (H 31,113,129,306,325) (MS 30,35)

dot General Service Charter
adopted 1955 body principles, relationships through which A.A. functions (MS 25) (TC 1)

dot General Service offices
44th Street, 305 East 45 Street, 468 Park Avenue South, 475 Riverside Drive (MS 16)

dot Giant Portland Cement
Frank Shaw's firm bought shares based Bill's reports & made money, impressed with Bill (L 46) (P 74)

dot Gifford Lecture series
William James's developed detailed analysis wide number religious or conversion experiences 1901-1902 event Edinburgh (P 124)

dot Goof Balls
slang term sedatives (P 150)

dot Grateful To Have Been There
1st printing 1992 (G ii)

dot Great Neck estate
Joe Hirshhorn's home (P 95)

dot Greatest Thing in World [by Henry Drummond]
popular book 1930's (D 151)

dot Green Cross
hospital or sanitarium Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot Greenshields & Co.
brokerage firm Montreal (P 86)

dot Greybeards
nickname oldtimers (H 203)

dot Grogshop
place buy booze (P 92)

dot Group conscience
reference Bill working Charlie Towns, no (A 100-101,115) (B 260) (L 107,197) (N 63-64)

dot Guggenheim Foundation
Bill tried get grant Dr. Bob fall 1939; organization supporting arts, granted money original research creative works arts
(D 172,174) (G 80) (P 221-222)

dot Guidance
Oxford Group term, God's direction 1's life (N 28)

dot Harper & Brothers
publishing company, Eugene Exman religious editor, offered publish Big Book before finished (B 279) (E 23) (H 143) (L 111) (N 68) (P 193)

dot Hazing incident
Norwich University February 1916, Bill onlooker, Bill & sophomore class suspended (B 96) (L 18)

dot Heading border
Bill teased Nell Wing going Texas (G 14)

dot Heidi books
children books (P 29)

dot High Watch Farm
owned, operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut Sister Francis, early New York, Connecticut A.A.'s took over, drying-out place 1940's, renamed High Watch Farm near Kent Connecticut (A 181) (G 23) (L 122,199)

dot High & low bottoms
meaning originally denote times alcoholic drank excess, person drank feeling emotionally low "low bottom" drunk, when high "high bottom" drunk; meaning now associate consequences of drinking (B 293) (S 33)

dot High Points
incomplete tape, manuscript, outline Bill made wanting set record straight A.A. history (B356,362)

dot Hold fast
1 Bill's favorite expressions, stay with it, hang in there (G 1,120)

dot Home group
group members accept responsibilities & try sustain friendships, strongest hold A.A. member & Fellowship (MS 49)

dot Homers
homebound folks (E 33)

dot Honor Dealers
organization Hank P. tried put together, cooperative buying organization gasoline dealers (L 101) (P 191)

dot Hot Flash
what Bill W. called his spiritual experience at Towns Hospital 2nd or 3rd night in hospital (W 153,169)

dot House & Garden
magazine Lois sold article about veneers (P 264)

dot House parties
Oxford Group activities attended cross between convention, retreat, people came far & near be with 1 another, worship, meditate, ask God's guidance, gain strength doing together, usually 2 or 3 well-known persons lead meetings inspiring rest 
(L 103) (P 169)

dot Houston Press
published 6 A.A. articles; Larry J. from Cleveland help start Texas A.A. (D 259)

dot I am responsible pledge
Al S. composed 30th Anniversary Conventions Toronto Convention 1965 (G 89,104)

dot I Stand By the Door
book written by Helen Shoemaker, Sam Shoemakers wife (H 380)
I.L.Y. I.L.Y.-Billy

dot Bill's signature letters Lois, early romance (B 89)
Ignatia Hospital

dot due Sister Ignatia's reputation, A.A.'s New York office received inquiries addressed Ignatia Hospital (S 136)

dot Illustrators Club
became 1st A.A. club house 334 1/2 West 23rd Street 1940 (A 12) (B 304) (L 122,172)

dot Imitation of Christ
Sister Ignatia gave patients upon release hospital personalized copy [by Thomas A Kempis] (S 109)

dot In All Our Affairs
book Bill wanted write summarizing experience, didn't, health (G 28)

dot Individual sponsorship
developed Cleveland (B 321) (H 204) (N 89)

dot International Convention
held every 5 years over 4 day July 4th weekend (G 95)

dot International journal Alcoholics Anonymous 
AA Grapevine (H xiii)

dot Internationalists Seamen Group
A.A.'s on high seas correspond each other through designated staff member New York office, Captain Jack S. organized 1949, has special bulletin (G 10,11)

dot Ironsides
nickname Bill gave Chris' mother (L 134)

dot J.K.Rice Jr. & Company
Frank Shaw's stockbroker firm specializing speculative situations (P 74,77)

dot James Club
name suggested for A.A., taken from the Book of James in the Bible (P 147)

dot Jersey lighting
New Jersey apple jack (A 56) (P 91)

dot Jobs Bill after discharge Army
clerk insurance department New York Central Railroad working brother-in-law Cy Jones, driving spikes in planks after carpenters sawed off & laid down, decoded cablegrams concern 42nd Street, investigator Wall Street firms (A 54) (B 127,132,136) (L 27) (P 63-64)

dot John D Rockefeller Jr. A.A. dinner
February 8 1940, Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick spoke for religion, Dr. Foster Kennedy spoke for medicine, Dr. Bob & Bill spoke for A.A.; Mr. Rockefeller sick son Nelson chaired, menu squab on toast; press not allowed (A viii,87,182,183-184) (B 295) (E 15) (G 86) (H62,145) (L 128,198) (MS 11) (N 93) (P 233)

dot Journal American Medical Association
October 14 1939 published unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)

dot Journal Nervous & Mental Diseases
September 1940 published most unsympathetic review Big Book (N 92)

dot Joy Farm
owned, operated Joy Farm Kent Connecticut Sister Francis early New York, Connecticut A.A.'S took over, drying-out place 1940's, renamed High Watch Farm (A 181) (G 23) (L122,198-199)

dot Knickerbocker plan
what Grapevine called procedures used Knickerbocker Hospital treating alcoholics (S 148)

dot Lake Shore Group
wouldn't let black women come back (D 247)

dot Lancashire
ship Bill from Boston overseas England July 1918, 1st drink brandy on board, last night between midnight 4am Bill on watch, loud noise, Bill stops panicked soldiers going top side (B 115-116)

dot Lasker Award
1st major award cited A.A. 1951; established 1946 Albert & Mary Lasker Foundation, administered American Public Health Association honored exceptional achievement field medical research, public heath administration; bronze Winged Victory, presented A.A. recommendation 12,000 physicians American Public Health Association (Aix,4,88,207,301) (B 350) (H 136,157) (N 112) (P 350) (S 137-138)

dot Lear jet
transported Bill January 24 1971 Bedford Hills New York-Miami Heart Clinic, on board wife, Ed B. doctor, Lois, Neil Wing executive secretary, assistant (G 1)

dot Liberty Magazine
published A.A. article September 30 1939 Alcoholics & God brought 800 pieces mail (A17,87,177-178) (B 291) (D 175) (H 62,145,373) (MS 11) (N 90,102)

dot Living Sober booklet
published 1975, 2nd book since Bill's death, author Barry L. (A xi) (N 352)

dot Lone Endeavor
final story 1st printing, 1st edition Big Book, dealt alcoholic out west sobering up after reading pre-publication multilith, no one else around, deleted 2nd printing lost contact with young man, Ruth Hock wrote chapter (W 181)

dot Lone wolves
prospects that traveling salesmen sent see (D 258)

dot Loners-Internationalists meetings (E 31)

dot Lois Remembers
Lois's autobiography (G 37)

dot LSD
synthetic chemical lysergic acid diethylamide (G 54) (P 369)

dot Macy's Department Store
Bill's wife worked 1930's (P 90)

dot Main Events
incomplete tape, manuscript, outline Bill made wanting set record straight A.A. history (B356,362)

dot Man & Reality
article Aldous Huxley souvenir book A.A. 1960 International Convention Long Beach (G 75)

dot Man on the bed Bill D. A.A. #3 
(E 64) (H 358,361) (L 97)

dot Manchester Journal Manchester Vermont 
mentioned Bill few times articles concerning school activities (P 34)

dot Manhattan Group
roots Wilson's house 1935, Al S. help re-form (G 87)

dot Markings on Journey
prepared initiative Mike R. chairman Trustees' Archives Committee 1979, unveiled 45th International Convention New Orleans 1980; tells story 1st 15 years A.A. history & highlight later (G 131) (N 296)

dot Mater
what Dr. Bob called his mother (D 318)

dot May Ball
annual event given St. Thomas Hospital Guild (D 63)

dot Maximum
Oxford Group term define expected degree group commitment objectives (P 174)

dot Middle Way
early Greek philosophy similar Bill's view humility (G 44)

dot Ministry High Watch
Sister Francis name High Watch Farm, A.A. drying out place 1940 (G 23)

dot Modern Man Search Soul
book written Dr. Carl Jung (B 364)

dot Moody's Manuals
financial reference books (P 69)

dot Moral psychology
Dr. Silkworth's term characterize fellowship work (P 201)

dot Moral Rearmament
Oxford Group named 1938 (L 92) (N 48) (P 130)

dot Mortgage moratorium
declared 1933 President Roosevelt, allowed people stay houses even couldn't make payments (C 114)

dot Mother A.A.
Bill called Dr. Bob's wife (C 29,132)

dot Motorcycle trip
started April 1925, Bill drunk 3 or 4 times (B 148) (L 37,61)

dot Mount Aeolus
mountain behind East Dorset Vermont, named wind-god Greek mythology (P 18)

dot M.R.A.
Moral Rearmament (P 138)

dot Mr & Miss Anonymous
proposed name movie large motion-picture producer wanted to make, portrayed A.A. lopsided, changed name, A.A. thought of suing, didn't (A 126)

dot Multilith
copy original manuscript Big Book (G 131)

dot Murderers' Row
neighborhood Bill & Lois lived in, named because so many doctors every block (L 119)

dot Nameless bunch alcoholics
New Yorkers referred themselves since Oxford Group break (B 285)

dot National Committee Education Alcoholism
Marty M. connected with (H 100) (P 310)

dot National Rubber Machinery Company
builder rubber presses & other equipment used tire manufacturing; Bill involved due proxy fight led him Akron; founded 1909 Akron Rubber Mold & Machine Company reorganized 1928 combined 3 other companies (P 134)

dot National Theta Phi Alpha's St. Catherine Siena Award
awarded Sister Ignatia 1954 (S 185,240)

dot N.C.E.A.
National Committee Education on Alcoholism founded Marty M. October 2, 1944 became National Council Alcoholism; Grapevine, Dr. Bob, Bill endorsed (G 12) (H 100) (P 320)

dot N.R.M.
National Rubber Machinery Company (P 158)

dot National Committee Education Alcoholism
Marty M. founded, later National Council Alcoholism, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot National Council Alcoholism
from National Committee Education Alcoholism later National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance
formerly National Council Alcoholism Marty M. founded, National Council Alcoholism & Drug Dependance (G 12) (H 100)

dot New undertaking Nell's
Bill's nickname Nell's A.A. Archives activities (G 16)

dot New York Times
carried Bill's death front page; gave Big Book good review 1939 (A 173) (B 369) (L 116) (MS 11)

dot Niacin
vitamin B-3 (G 54)

dot Noah
nickname Dr. Bob due old Cadillac coupe called Ark (C 118)

dot Not-God
published 1979 (N ii)

dot Open Switch
sherry & rubbing alcohol (D 198)

dot Orthodox Group
Henrietta Seiberling others 1950 against Bill's conference idea (G 51)

dot Oslo Norway group
founded Norwegian coffee shop owner Greenwich Connecticut; found A.A. himself 1947 (A27-28) (B 349) (H 123)

dot Oxford Group 
origin A.A. traced Oxford Group; begun First Century Christian Fellowship 1908, popular religious movement U.S., Europe; Frank Buchman Pennsylvanian Lutheran minister, started nondenominational, theologically conservative, evangelical movement streamline modern world 1921 after spiritual experience traveling Scotland; became Oxford Group 1928 from 1st Century Christian Fellowship, reamed Moral Rearmament [M.R.A.] 1938; wanted restore 1st century Christianity, wanted change world changing people; used early Christian methods; 5 procedures (1) surrender God (2) listen Gods guidance (3) check guidance others members (4) make restitution those harmed (5) careful self-examination confess defects others; appeal fellowship, home meetings; encouraged members still attend individual churches; Catholics prohibited engaging groups open confession; among 1st converts Dr. Sam Shoemaker & Sherry Day; responsible Bill's early sobriety; Dr. Bob attended meetings 2 1/2
years; considered drinking moral issue; too authoritarian for alkies (A 58,62,75) (B233,262) (C 3) (D 56) (G 48,68) (H 196) (L 92) (N 9,48-49) (P 127-128,130)

dot Oxford Group 4 absolutes
absolute honesty, absolute purity, absolute unselfishness, absolute love (A 74,160) (B229) (H 196,198,200) (L 92) (N 25,28,44,51) (P 114,127) (S 144)

dot Oxford Group principles
self-examination, acknowledgement faults, restitution wrongs done, constant work others (A 58,62) (B 228-229) (L 89,92)

dot Oxford Group split
2 reasons Frank Buchman comments praising Adolf Hitler & visits with Himmler, Catholic Cannon Law forbade Catholics joining other religious groups (W 174)

dot Oxford Squad
alcoholics meeting separate Oxford Group but joining others in opening, closing Oxford Group meeting; new person asked if they surrendered, if so taken apart by Dr. Bob or couple others in private do so (G 81-82)

dot Panel 1
delegates elected 2 year term odd years start 1951 (A 215) (H 163) (MS 18)

dot Panel 2
delegates elected 2 years term even years start 1952 (A 215) (H 163) (MS 18)

dot Pass it on
Bill's response people thanked him (G 120)

dot Passing hat 
custom started 1940 (G 86)

dot Pathe Laboratories
developed new photographic process (L 83) (P 91)

dot Paulson & Weber
company Bill worked for selling wire rope (L 130)

dot Penick & Ford 
corn products company (stock "XYZ") (P 85)

dot People's Hospital 
became Akron General Medical Center, Dr. Bob used (D 177)

dot Philip Wylie Jabs a Little Needle Into Complacency
article Philip Wylie wrote, said he alcoholic quit solo (H 97)

dot Pictures Jack Alexander March 1 1941 Saturday Evening Post article Bill, Horace C., Helen P., Tom M., Tom B., Ruth Hock, Dick S., Ray W., Lois, Gordon M., Bob F. (P 247)

dot Pierce Arrow
Dr. Bob's car (D 95)

dot Pierce Governor Company
Anderson Indiana manufacturer automotive parts, Bill director (P 175)

dot Pigeon
word probably coined Dr. Bob referring newcomer or prospect (B 293) (D 146) (N 39)

dot Politico
individual who forever trying get people what they want (H 288)

dot Poverello Medal
honors St. Francis Assisi patron College Steubenville (S 138)

dot Prince of the 12 Steppers
Dr. Bob (G 78)

dot Prohibition
began January 17, 1920 ended December 5, 1933 (P 122)

dot Promises written Bill family Bible
quit drinking; October 20, 1928, January 1929, September 3, 1930 (P 81,86)

dot Quaw & Foley
company Bill worked for January 1937-end year (L 107)

dot Queen's Work
Sodality's magazine Catholic publication editor Father Edward Dowling Jesuit priest from St. Louis (A 37) (H 365) (P 242)

dot Readers Digest
magazine Bill & Hank P. approached publishing A.A. story, didn't (A 157-158) (H 144) (L112) (MS 10-11) (P 195)

dot Rescue
Canadian term church practice putting into action faith & power Alcoholics Anonymous use help recovery other alcoholics (E 34)

dot Road Back
Irish A.A. magazine (E 44)

dot Roger
Dr. Bob's dog, pit bull (C 23)

dot Role Psychiatry Field Alcoholism
Dr. Tiebout paper 1951 (A 319)

dot Romantic Stories
magazine Lois tried sell article, didn't (P 264)

dot Rule 62
don't take yourself too damned seriously (A 104) (G 117-118) (N 107)

dot Rum hound from New York
what Bill called himself when called Henrietta Seiberling (P 142)

dot Sacred Heart medallion
Sister Ignatia gave newly released St. Thomas patients alcoholic ward small religious token, sealed agreement patient agree return before 1st drink (D 195) (S 109,121,239)

dot Sadoz
Swiss pharmaceutical company, manufactured LSD (P 369)

dot Sandusky Ohio
home Annabelle's, Wally G's wife early Akron A.A., uncle helped 25 or 30 men (D119,177)

dot Saturday Evening Post 
magazine published 2 A.A. articles written Jack Alexander March 1, 1941, April 1, 1950; charted A.A. on map; national consciousness America's #1 family magazine; estimated 6,000 A.A.'s owe start sobriety article, retained prominence until 1950's suspended publication during 1960's later revived, never regained former reputation, circulation
(A viii,134,191) (D 348) (E 16-17) (H 1,63,148,181) (L 132) (MS 13) (N 101) (P244,249,257) (S 140)

dot Search Ecstasy
article May 1958 Grapevine, Gerald Heard defined A.A. ad hoc church (G 75)

dot Serenity Prayer
origins obscure, may date Boethius philosopher lived about 500 A.D., Christians martyred before death imprisoned long time, wrote [Consolation Philosophy]; prayer usually credited Reinhold Niebuhr 20th-century theologian credited 18th-century theologian Friedrich Oetinger; Jack C. brought Serenity Prayer Vesey Street office June 1941; Horace C. suggested printing Serenity Prayer on cards, paid 1st printing (A 196) (P 252,258)

dot Sermon Mound [Emmet Fox]
required reading (D 151)

dot Set-up meetings
held Monday's prepare Wednesday meetings T. Henry Williams house (D 137)

dot Sharing Inc
fall 1936 Bill & Hank formed small company raise money Honor Dealers project (L 101)

dot Significant investigations Bill's motorcycle tour 
Aluminum Company America, American Cyanamid, U.S. Cast Iron Pipe, Southern Power Company, Florida real estate situation (P 74)

dot Sister Ignatia & Dr. Bob things common
mending broken lives, knew personal importance recovery, grasped necessity invoking Higher Power effect & maintain wellness, humility kept committing daily journal successes(S 17)

dot Sister Ignatia's preadmission data
demonstration need for help & drinking long after known they had enough, drinking controlled their lives socially, economically, morally, powerless over alcohol any quantity or circumstances, wanting program (S 89)

dot Sister Ignatia's treatment model
blend basic science with simple spiritually effect lasting recovery, don't overprofessionalize treatment with psychological method & interpretation or alcoholic be distracted goal sobriety; essential ingredients treatment strategy 1) total abstinence alcohol & other drugs 2) dependence Higher Power 3) commitment Alcoholics Anonymous 4) frequent outreach those still suffering (S 5)

dot Slacker
1 managed avoid active military service (P 52)

dot Slogans
First Things First, East Does It, Live Let Live probable use originated Bill brought from Vermont (P 220)

dot Snifters
men who stood door sniffing men entering see been drinking (D 239)

female wing of the Coast Guard that Nell Wing was in (G 6)

dot Speakeasies
saloons (P 96)

dot Spence-Chapin child-adoption agency
Bill & Lois tried adopt baby through, Bill's drinking reason turned down (L 35)

dot Spiritual retreats
patterned after Oxford Group house parties (W 130)

dot Spiritus
alcohol Latin, same word used highest religious experience, most depraving poison; Dr. Carl Jung wrote this Bill (B 363) (H 281) (P 384)

dot Sponsor your doctor
1 favorite expressions Dr. John L. Norris (E 67)

dot Spooning
necking (L 11)

dot S.S. Powhatan
March 1919 Bill boarded ship Bordeaux brought Bill New York harbor (B 121-122) (L 27)

dot St. Ignatius
spiritual discipline Jesuit Order (B 308)

dot St. Francis Prayer
Bill's favorite (P 404)

dot St. Johnsbury scales manufacturing company
Dr. Bob worked young man 1902-1904 (D 24)

dot St. Thomas Cocktail
mixture alcohol & sedative [paraldehyde] (S 96,104)

dot St. Thomas Hospital Guild
hosted annual May Ball (D 63)

dot St. Vincent's Charity Hospital 
became home Rosary Hall, took alcoholic patients single rooms, Sister Victorine established ward there (A 8) (G 24) (H 204)

dot Stan Hywet Hall
Welsh name meaning "Rock found here", name Frank Seiberling's madison (P 138)

dot Statesman
individual who discriminate when & when not get people what they want, recognizes large majorities can be dead wrong (H 288)

dot Steam Club 
speakeasy (P 96)

dot Stepping Stones
name Wilson's house New Bedford New York, location Bill's studio; name acquired house Wilson's saw (C 8) (G 11) (P 260)

dot Suggested Code Traditions A.A. General Headquarters
memo Bill sent Alcoholic Foundation trustees, proposal change makeup General Service Office (P 326)

dot Surrender Versus Compliance Therapy
Dr. Tiebout paper 1953 (A 319)

dot Susie
rubber doll Bill had when child, tried to cut head off (L 74)

dot Taking a tunk
Vermont expression for taking a walk (P 136)

dot Taylor Bates & Company
Gardner Swentzel firm; husband Lois Wilson's younger sister Kitty (P 90)

dot Teaneck New Jersey
home Hank & Kathleen P. (P 162)

dot Term treatment
Sister Ignatia's constant reinforcement alcoholism treated not cured began custom referring hospitalization portion recovery process "treatment", used to dispel myth of cure cause it said treatment (S 91-92)

dot The Ark
Dr. Bob's car The Pierce Arrow (D 99)

dot This Believing World
book Bill valued, Lewis Browne (G 22)

dot Tobey & Kirk
stockbroker firm Bill associated with (P 82)

dot Towns-Lambert Treatment
belladonna treatment; hourly dosage mixture belladonna, hyoscyamus, xanthoxylum 50 hours, about 3 hours vigorous catharsis C.C. pills & blue mass, end treatment abundant bilious stools castor oil given thoroughly clean intestinal tract (W 164)

dot Trustees
no body authority, act general service committee, guardians A.A. funds, custodians A.A. Traditions & general policy, mediators, represent collective A.A. conscience (H 388)

dot Tugboat Annie
movie, Wallace Berry hid bottles booze stocking tops (D 42)

dot Twelve Suggested Points for A.A. Tradition
Fellowship's accumulated experience, now long form Twelve Traditions (H 2) (N 113)

dot United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company
Bill worked 1919 (P 64)

dot Uniquely American Phenomenon
Fortune magazine article published February 1951, helped A.A. grow (H 135)

dot Upper Room
meditation book (D 151)

dot Upper Siberia
2nd story room farm house belonging Bob & Bag V. Bog Hollow Monsey New York; so cold called Upper Siberia (A 11) (L 122) (P 218)

dot Uriah Heep
Bill expression humility, wearing cloak false humility called force feeding humble pie (G44)

dot Vagrant types
Charlie Towns believed lack occupation greatest destroyer men, called them vagrant types (W 163)

dot Varieties Religious Experience
book written William James, published 1902; not popular Akron A.A.'s, Dr.s Bob's favorite (A 64) (D 306) (H 197,279,298) (N 20,23,33-34) (P 124) (W 172)

dot Vox populi
voice of people (P 321)

dot Washington Society
started Baltimore, organization flourished 1840's, helped alcoholics, quickly failed due lose singleness purpose (A 124) (L 158) (P 366)

dot What's on your mind
briefing session given April 1951 delegates (MS 18)

dot We The People
popular radio program 1939 (P 208)

dot Welcome Guest
poem written Emily Wilson while pregnant with Bill (P 13)

dot West Hill group
Oxford Group, Dr. Bob & Anne regular attenders, Thursday nights (D 56)

dot Westchester Country Airport White Plains New York
Bill departed to Miami January 24, 1971 (G 2)

dot Westchester hospital
Bill was before going Miami Heart Clinic January 24 1971 (G 2)

dot When pupil ready teacher appears
saying Bill latched on to after leaving Towns Hospital last time (B 226)

dot William James & Alcoholics Anonymous 
Robert J. Roth wrote based discussions & sharing 30th University Convention Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Canada 1965 (G 21)

dot Wit's End
small cement-block studio near Stepping Stones, Bill spent lot time writing (P 304)

dot Works Publishing Inc
A.A.'s 1st publishing company; Bill & Hank P. formed early 1939 publish Big Book, incorporated June 30 1940; dispute naming, some say for Akronites' favorite quotation James [Faith without works dead], others say favorite slogan fellowship [It works!]; 600 shares, par value $25, 49 subscribers, 1/3 Bill, 1/3 Hank P.; major condition turning interest Alcoholic Foundation 1940 Dr. Bob & wife receive royalties Big Book life retroactive 1940;, became A.A. Publishing, Inc 1953 (A 157) (E 18) (G 70-71,79) (H 144) (L 129,198) (MS 10) (N 68) (P 194-195) (W 160)

dot Yale School Alcohol Studies
Dr. Haggard & Dr. Jellinek organized 1943 (H 188)

dot Ye Old Illegal Bar 
speakeasy (P 96)

dot X factor
what Dr. Foster Kennedy referred to what is inside alcoholics that make them quit drinking, what we call God (A 45)