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Grapevine Articles - by/of: Bill W.

Bill W.'s Comments on Philip Wylie's Article -see Phillip Wylie's Article, "Philip Wylie Jabs A Little Needle Into Complacency" (Grapevine publication: September 1944)
Bill W. on Marty M. -(Grapevine publication: October 1944)
Modesty One Plank for Good Public Relations-(Grapevine publication: August 1945)
Those 'Goof Balls'-(Grapevine publication: November 1945)
A Tradition Born of Our Anonymity-(Grapevine publication: January 1946)
Safe Use of Money-(Grapevine publication: May 1946)
Who Is a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous?-(Grapevine publication: August 1946)
Will AA Ever Have a Personal Government?-(Grapevine publication: January 1947)
Dangers in Linking AA To Other Projects-(Grapevine publication: March 1947)
Clubs in AA, Are They With Us to Stay?-(Grapevine publication: April 1947)
Adequate Hospitalization: One Great Need-(Grapevine publication: May 1947)
Bill W. on The 12 Traditions-(Grapevine publication: April 1946, October & December 1947, January thru November 1948)
Anne S-(Grapevine publication: July 1949)
A Fragment of History-(Grapevine publication: July 1953)
Why Alcoholics Anonymous is Anonymous-(Grapevine publication: January 1955)
A Fragment of History and a Tribute-(Grapevine publication: May 1957)
The Psychiatrists- *part of series on Let's Be Friendly with our Friends -(Grapevine publication: July 1957)
The Physicians- *part of series on Let's Be Friendly with our Friends -(Grapevine publication: August 1957)
The Clergy- *part of series on Let's Be Friendly with our Friends -(Grapevine publication: September 1957)
Press, Radio, Television- *part of series on Let's Be Friendly with our Friends -(Grapevine publication: October 1957)
The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety-(Grapevine publication: January 1958)
Problems Other Than Alcohol: What Can Be Done About Them?-(Grapevine publication: February 1958)
Leadership in AA: Ever a Vital Need-(Grapevine publication: April 1959)
Freedom Under God: The Choice is Ours-(Grapevine publication: November 1960)
The Shape of Things to Come-(Grapevine publication: February 1961)
The Dilemma of No Faith-(Grapevine publication: April 1961)
This Matter of Fear-(Grapevine publication: January 1962)
Spiritual Experiences-(Grapevine publication: July 1962)
Bill W.'s letter to Dr. C. G. Jung- letter dated, January 23rd, 1961. (see Dr. Jung's reply) (Grapevine publication: January 1963)
In Remembrance of "Ebby"-In his seventieth year, and on the twenty-first of March, my friend and sponsor "Ebby" passed beyond our sight and hearing. (Grapevine publication: June 1966)
The Legacy of Recovery-Bill's application of AA principles to ever-changing circumstances was another of his remarkable talents. (Grapevine publication: March 1971)

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